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Zeus: It's not living as such that's important, Theseus. It's living rightly.

Theseus: Stand your ground! Fight for honor! Fight for the man beside you! Fight for those who bore you! Fight for your children! Fight for your future! Fight for your name to survive! Fight! For immortality!

Phaedra: To those whom much is given, much is taken away.

Stavros: Hyperion's legions are gathering at Tartarus. That's where Hellenists will fall.

Phaedra: That future's not set.

Stavros: But likely. It'll be a slaughter.

Phaedra: You have no faith.

Dareios: Heathens.

Stavros: That is true, Dareios. But not always. When I was just a boy, I prayed to the Gods, for a horse. The Gods never answered me. So I stole one, instead.

Dareios: We're surrounded by heathens.

[Falls dead with a knife in his back]

Stavros: Good to see you're still alive. Worried that cow had gotten the best of you.

Theseus: It almost did. She saved my life.

Stavros: Looks like she did more than that.

Phaedra: [Looks down embarrassed]

Theseus: Careful.

Stavros: Just 'cause you have that bow doesn't mean I'm going to treat you any differently.

Theseus: Good. We march to the monastery.

[Turns and starts walking away]

Theseus: We have a war to fight.

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