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Plot Keywords

king bow
titan zeus
army slave
revenge soldier
village subjective camera
virgin knife held to throat
throat cut eagle
sword held to throat immolation
year 1228 bc part narrated
praying nightmare
begins with a quotation socrates quotation
bas relief sculpture armored warrior
epris bow super weapon
trident shower
tsunami no opening credits
son seeing mother murdered interracial sex
interracial kiss torture
broken leg statue
minotaur immortality
father daughter relationship hawk
supernatural power blood splatter
sliced in two torso cut in half
crushed to death spear throwing
character repeating someone else's dialogue horse
death whipping
hit with a hammer temple
premonition eye gouging
lifted by the throat tidal wave
beast poison
younger version of character flashback
losing virginity female rear nudity
sex scene bare chested male
thief stabbed in the stomach
character's point of view camera shot self sacrifice
greek mythology reflection in eye
hit in the crotch slow motion scene
exploding head severed head
decapitation scarred face
gore spear
throat slitting impalement
stabbed to death stabbed in the head
stabbed in the neck stabbed in the foot
stabbed in the leg stabbed in the throat
stabbed in the back stabbed in the chest
betrayal traitor
severed tongue monk
masked man helmet
mother son relationship child born of rape
olympus burned alive
person on fire murder
subtitled scene bow and arrow
sword battle
3 dimensional title at the end
shapeshifting voice over narration
title spoken by narrator athena
corpse oracle
vision poseidon
reference to god one word title
death of mother

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