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Could Have Done With More Innocence
Theo Robertson8 August 2013
Danny is a teenage boy who has discovered a dubious life changing concept - sexual awareness and all the fall out that goes with it This is a short film by Bevan Walsh . From a technical point of view it's more than competent but does suffer from two things

1 ) It has a scene where Danny is masturbating . The scene is tastefully done but at the same time is it really necessary ? I do think you only have to mention " teenage boy " and you know what's being implied

2 ) I'm not entirely sure what the point of Saint Porn was and when I saw my first thought was along the lines " Now then , now then . 'owzat about that then boys and girls ? " and " The Italians are playing their joker " The story is also set before the advent of the internet and by implication teenage boys wouldn't have access to porn like that was some dark age for teenage boys . Believe me it wasn't and anything including any woman in any context was a very good substitute
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