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Plot Summary

  • While working with the information retrieved from Michael's medical compound and trying to find a solution to the cellular degeneration of the cloned Dr. Beckett, Jennifer Keller becomes infected with a Wrath virus. Beckett is taken out of stasis and put in charge of finding a solution to the problem by Richard Woolsey who has, to everyone's surprise, replaced Samantha Carter as the base commander. As the virus host, Jennifer is the central being in a growing life form that is literally climbing the walls and spreading. Beckett thinks he has the cure the it will take someone to administer it, a life-threatening situation.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Dr. Carson Beckett is removed from stasis because he's the only one who can find the antidote to a mysterious virus that has incapacitated base personnel, beginning with Dr. Jennifer Keller.

    - Written by MitchellSG-1


While going through Michael's database, Dr Keller thinks she may have found a way of synthesising the chemicals Beckett needs to survive...

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