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A complete waste of time

Author: Vargan
25 October 2008

"Inquisition" feels like a gust of sickly wind from the past come to haunt us and taunt us. It is a standard Flashbacks-episode AKA rubbish-TV, using a trial as the o' so unoriginal vehicle with which to torment the viewer with clips from earlier episodes.

Between these old clips the episode treats us to a flat, boring and stale story. Wholly unimaginitive, this tripe does nothing but antagonize the fans of the show.

It is garbage like this that makes us have to suffer the term "all new"... I really hoped TV-shows had evolved past the use of this shameful type of filler-episode, but apparently I did so in vain.

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Inquisition: A Highlight Reel Masquerading as Original Material

Author: James Schumaker from San Clemente, California
25 October 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am generally a fan of Stargate Atlantis, and am very sorry to hear that it has been canceled. But after watching this episode, the "unlucky thirteenth" in the fifth and final year of SGA, I can understand why the Sci-Fi channel might feel like it is doing the public a service by putting this series out of its misery.

"Inquisition" continues a lamentable tradition that seems to plague the Stargate franchise. You know -- those year-end episodes that string together highlights from previous shows, and masquerade as an all-new production ("Politics" from SG-1's first season comes to mind). I'm assuming that the object is to save money. My advice: don't bother, just make fewer episodes. You only irritate people with abysmal productions like "Inquisition." Only about a third of "Inquisition" is original footage -- the rest is strictly a highlight reel. Fortunately, I recorded this episode on my DVR and fast forwarded through the ads and the stock footage. That left about fifteen minutes of the Atlantis team talking to each other or conversing with their inquisitors -- not particularly inspiring fare.

To the cast and crew: I'm sorry to see you go, but next time, original material only, please.

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Terrible indictment of American legal logic.

Author: eekwibble from United Kingdom
28 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Not only is this episode a flashback-ridden filler with the old-faithful 'trial' scenario that sci-fi series watchers have come to know and hate, this particular script wrenches a rather uncomfortably closed door wide open.

From the outset you know they're guilty of at least one, if not all charges. The horrendous disregard for the Geneva Convention for which the American military is world-renowned is gut-twistingly exhibited in the series 2 episode; Michael. For the crime of using a prisoner as a test subject for gene manipulation the entire expedition should have been halted right then and there.

You just know it will come up in the 'trial', and that it will be glossed over like it was of little or no consequence.

And then, right at the end, when it looks as though they may just get their just desserts; they bring out the bribery. "That's it folks, nothing to see here. All's well that ends well. The right decision has been made... nudge, nudge... wink, wink..." It's sickening. The writers can't even stand up for their own calamitous story lines. It really does show a serious lack of imagination.

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Author: Blueynoes from Netherlands
19 June 2009

Every show has them. Flashback episodes. 5 minutes into Inquisition, I went "oh god, not another trial episode" 30 seconds later, I said "oh god, not a flashback episode!" I skipped forward by 3 minutes 3 times, and saw old footage everywhere. I then turned off my TV.

I don't understand it. Nobody likes flashback episodes. We've seen this before. Either I remember the episode you're showing me, and the footage is pointless, or I don't remember, and it's equally pointless as your 30 second clip will mean nothing to me. If you're out of footage, make the season shorter. Do not put fans of your show through one of these garbage episodes.

It's a shame series resort to episodes like this, and I really hope we'll one day see a good show devoid of flashback episodes. 0.0001/10

Avoid this episode at all costs. It's boring and a complete waste of time.

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Oh, no.

Author: owlaurence from France
17 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To think that we had almost managed to go through the whole series without one of these.

Here is a good old filler episode with barely a pretense of a plot and a ton of archive footage, most of which has already been re-hashed quite a few times in more relevant occasions. The complete uselessness of this trip down memory lane is made all the more painful by the fact that this is one of the very last episodes the series has to offer.

So what about the remaining 15 to 20mns in which new things actually happen? The plot, minimal though it is, makes a very good point: since they arrived in Atlantis, our heroes have arguably caused more chaos than they have solved problems. Of course, their intentions were good, but you know what they say about that. So I find it quite plausible, even interesting that the series should ask whether, ultimately, the Pegasus galaxy would not be better off without Atlantis. However, what really hurts here is that it all comes out of the blue: this is the first time *ever* that we have heard about a coalition of any kind being set up in the galaxy. The first time *ever* that we have heard other planets consistently voice a strong complaint about Atlantis's actions. I might be a bit more lenient to this plot if there had been any kind of build-up to it in previous episodes --or if we ever heard of this coalition again. Nope: it will go back whence it came --nowhere.

As for the resolution, I find it nice that Woolsey should finally get to save the day by doing what he does best. Where Weir might have swayed the jury through the sheer power of her eloquence, Woolsey cleverly deciphers the situation and makes the most of it by literally bribing the most interested juror. That he has to commit Atlantis to a more active role in the future should even make things interesting (at least it might, if there was any follow-up...) On the other hand, this conclusion is as anticlimactic and unheroic as the rest of the episode: Woolseyian in every respect.

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Author: kringdan from United States
10 November 2008

The reason for those episodes that many call "Filler" are not actually filler, they are reminders. Usually they are placed a point in the series right before a large plot change comes about, and it is there to remind us of everything that has happened. These episodes are very useful to viewers who only watch each episode once, but for those fanatics who watch every episode countless times, it can be rather annoying. So to the community that thinks this show is being put out of its misery, I ask you to think long and hard, and consider that perhaps this show is being ended too soon. The writers may have had more in store for the viewers then what we could possibly know. I find it to be a huge error of Sci-Fi to end it's two most popular series' prematurely within two years of each other. Talk about a ratings dip.......

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Stargate: Atlantis: Inquisition

Author: Brain Nasson from Ohio
10 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I liked this episode. It's one of my favorites from the 5th season. Now, granted it's a chip show episode(so roughly 75% of the episode is clips from old shows) but it's a good story.

Over the past five years of Stargate: Atlantis history, they have made lots of mistakes....including a couple big ones. The Replicators and Michale come to mind. I thought it was great to watch the Atlantis folks just have to admit ''yea, we messed up''.

And the ending can't be beat...''once he learns how the game is played''.

I understand that a lot of people don't like clip shows. But I also understand that TV shows need to do 'bottle episodes' to save money. And at least this clip show has a story behind it, just not like they are just sitting on a sofa and saying ''oh remember that time''.

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