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  • Cain and Glitch rescue DG and Raw from the tower, and the group goes in search of the emerald. Meanwhile, Azkadellia plants a spy into their group so that she can use them to find the emerald for herself. Also, the truth behind what happened to DG and Azkadellia when they were younger is revealed, Glitch remembers his life before he lost his brain and the weapon he created, and Cain finds proof that his family may still be alive.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Episode Two begins with a view of Central City, and the camera panning along the landscape to Azkadellia's dark tower. DG is then shown in her room in the royal palace, though she is at her current age, her hair in pigtails and wearing a blue checked gingham dress much like her waitress uniform on 'the other side.' She sees Lavender Eyes watching over her. Lavender Eyes seeks to guide DG through the Light to her suppressed memories, but DG sees herself only as the waitress and part-time student she was back on 'the other side.' Lavender Eyes disappears from DG's side and is suddenly sitting at DG's desk in front of the mirror, brushing her hair. In the next instant she is sitting beside DG on the bed again. She places her hand on DG's and then shows its palm, now marked with the same marking DG was given by Father Vue in Milltown. She then appears sitting by the harp, telling DG again, 'Remember.'

    DG snaps up back to a sitting position. She is back 'home' on the 'other side,' in her room, all of her drawings and sketches on the walls and roof. Going to the patio, she sees her parents, Hank and Emily, setting French Toast down for breakfast and talking about the damage caused to the turbine by the storm last night. As she approaches them, they tell her she had slept like a dead woman for the past 14 hours. Emily apologizes for going through DG's things the previous night; DG is startled to hear it was 'last night.' Hank asks her if she had the same dream again that she'd been experiencing regularly, and DG says it was far more vivid this time. She shares a few of the details of the dream; Hank answers that the one part that did happen was the storm, and a lot of the farm equipment is a big mess that the three of them now have to clean up.

    Emily excuses herself, and Hank turns to DG with an interested look, saying he is a fan of a good story, and is interested in hearing more about the dream, including the part about 'the queen' whispering something about an Emerald in DG's ear. DG starts to talk, but notices the way Hank is looking intently at her... and suddenly realizes that she never specified anything about Lavender Eyes whispering something in her ear. Hank looks forlorn, saying that he 'blew it.'

    DG's surroundings begin to shift and change, revealing that she is in Azkadellia's tower. Azkadellia had Hank and Emily reprogrammed and rewired to be more amicable to her, and she used them in the holographic setting in an attempt to jar DG's memories of the Emerald. DG is disgusted, calling Azkadellia twisted.

    DG demands to know where her real parents are. Azkadellia corrects her in that they are her parents as well, and then says their father abandoned them after DG's death, an act for which Lavender Eyes never forgave him, and she had his name officially banished, making him an outcast throughout the O.Z. As for Lavender Eyes; Azkadellia goes to her scrying tank and turns the wheel so DG can see the extra-dimensional prison in which Lavender Eyes is held. DG stares sternly at her sister, demanding she let Lavender Eyes go.

    Azkadellia says she is more than happy to comply, as soon as DG does something for her... that something being, of course, to search her repressed memories for what Lavender Eyes whispered to her about the location of the Emerald. DG insists she doesn't remember. Zero offers to pry the memories from her subconscious; through torture if necessary, but Azkadellia protests, in a remarkably soft voice, saying DG is her sister and she doesn't want to harm her anymore. Azkadellia asks DG to come with her to see something.

    Azkadellia takes DG up to the high observation balcony of the tower, an arm around DG's shoulders as she recites the poem DG heard the young Azkadellia speak in Raw's vision. Azkadellia says it's an old nursery rhyme, which she took literally in the naivete she had as the young girl she was in the vision... but now she is grown and realizes that prophecies mean nothing compared to what they can make of their own future; she and DG together as sisters. She tells DG that when they were younger, they were the closest of friends as well as sisters, and Azkadellia hopes they can be again. She smiles pleasantly for the first time as she reminisces how she and DG explored the woods, gathering apples, skipping stones across the lake, and generally making mischief that filled Lavender Eyes with worry.

    DG shakes her head, saying she isn't buying any of it, and Azkadellia's face pinches with anger again, though DG doesn't see it as Azkadellia's back is to her. Turning to face DG again, Azkadellia again speaks softly; looks at DG compassionately. She pleads for DG to understand that they have a chance to make their own destiny. But when DG again insists she doesn't know where the Emerald is, Azkadellia finally loses her patience, grimly telling DG she's given the wrong answer. She calls Zero and his men to take DG and 'do it his way.' As Zero seizes DG to lead her away, Azkadellia menacingly warns her that next time she snuffs DG's life out, nobody will be there to save her.

    Back at Ice Mountain, Glitch comes to at the foyer of the royal palace, where Azkadellia's soldiers had left him. He finds his way back to DG's room and sees Cain's hat and gun, discarded by Zero after he had shot Cain. Peering through the hole in the wall when Cain was driven through it after being shot, Glitch gazes down to the surface and sees the hole Cain made when he fell through the ice. He barely makes out Cain lying just outside the hole; the frigid waters jolted Cain awake, and he managed to crawl out of the water onto the ice before falling unconscious.

    Raynz is seen casting Raw into the prison cell where Lylo and his son Kalm (Cainan Wiebe) are held. Coming to, Raw recognizes Lylo, and Lylo tells Kalm not to approach Raw, saying that Raw is no longer one of them.

    Cain comes to in DeMilo's truck, where Glitch brought him to recuperate. Glitch sadly tells Cain that Azkadellia has DG, and he doesn't know where Raw is. He shows Cain the small toy horse carving Cain had carried in his bandolier; it stopped the bullet Zero shot at him, and saved Cain's life.

    Azkadellia has DG and Lylo hooked up to the scrying tank, where Raynz mercilessly shocks Lylo with the electric prod again and again to force him to concentrate harder on trying to see through the shroud of DG's repressed memories. DG's frantic pleas for them to stop harming Lylo fall on deaf ears as Azkadellia menacingly orders Lylo to focus. Finally Lylo feels something-- the Gray Gale. The Emerald is located there. But Lylo cannot see where-- or even what-- the Gray Gale is. As hard as Azkadellia and Raynz push, Lylo cannot see more. He says that DG's repressed memories are shrouded and cloaked in powerful magic that he is not strong enough to pierce. Lylo finally passes out as Azkadellia glares at DG, saying she doesn't have to guess who is responsible for that.

    Azkadellia goes again to Lavender Eyes in her prison, confronting her on the spell she used to cloak DG's memories. She tells Lavender Eyes the spell was too powerful, as even DG cannot unravel it. She also reveals that she's learned about the Gray Gale, much to the surprise of Lavender Eyes. Azkadellia tries to appeal to Lavender Eyes as daughter to mother, much the way she did with DG as sister to sister. She even promises to restore Lavender Eyes to her throne and kneel before her as a loyal subject. But Lavender Eyes is far too smart to fall for the ploy. She vows to hide the Emerald from Azkadellia unto her dying breath.

    In Azkadellia's dungeon, Raw is trying to comfort Lylo, apologizing for running away. Lylo weakly tells Raw they need to be strong for Kalm's sake. He desperately wants to spare Kalm from what Raynz is putting Lylo himself through. But at that very moment, Raynz comes to seize Kalm to use on DG. He shocks Raw with the prod when Raw tries to stop him, daring him to try again. Raw can only scream in anguish as the cell door is closed again.

    DG can hear Raw's roar, even as she is carted through the dungeon hallways to be placed into her own cell. She finds that Mystic Man is in a cell right near her, and says she has so much to tell him, but Mystic Man quickly shushes her, pointing out that the two of them talking is exactly what Azkadellia wants... she has means of eavesdropping. The two start to communicate covertly by silently mouthing words, interspersed with useless recounting of their previous travels. A reverberating sound that DG can feel, is explained by Mystic Man as a machine Azkadellia is testing to destroy the O.Z.

    DG mouths out the words Gray Gale to Mystic Man, and he begins to speak aloud about it being a myth; an old legend told by ancients to amuse their children at bedtime. As he prattles on about this, Azkadellia is seen in her throne room listening in, and she sighs in exasperation, saying it is time for a change of tactics. She goes to see another prisoner in the dungeon, a haggard, aging man who was a Tutor of magic in his prime (Blu Mankuma). She offers him his freedom in return for his help.

    Cain and Glitch are outside Azkadellia's tower, watching for an opening in the security patrols. As Cain observes, Glitch prattles about having been a skilled dancer and how he still has natural rhythm. Cain realizes that a 'dance--' the kind done with punches and kicks-- is what will have to be used to create an opening in the tower's security. They sneak down and ambush a small group of longcoats, Glitch proving a formidable hand-to-hand combatant. They take out the longcoats and don their uniforms to infiltrate the tower.

    Meanwhile, Mystic Man is disclosing a few bits of advice to DG that he feels he can tell her despite Azkadellia's eavesdropping. He tells her that her memories are cloaked in magic, which is why she cannot remember them now-- but despite her beliefs to the contrary, she has the power to unlock and retrieve them; she merely needs to let her inner Light illuminate the dark recesses of her mind. She will find a message about her past and future, to the south. Unfortunately for DG, that is all the help she receives from Mystic Man, as Azkadellia arrives and kills him by feeding on his life force. DG can only watch in fear.

    But as Mystic Man's body is taken away, DG gets an idea. Spying a rat scrounging around the outside of her cell, looking for food, she goes to a bowl on the floor of her cell, filled with a sloppy gruel that serves as the only food she's been given. Tossing some of the gruel, she lures the rat to jump onto the release lever for her cell. Unfortunately the lever only releases the door for the block, and at that moment a dog appears and chases the rat away. DG chastises the dog, but then watches as it jumps up to a girder just above the lever and turns it the right way to open DG's cell. Delighted if a bit incredulous, DG thanks the dog and makes her way to where Raw is held, freeing him. The two spot an approaching longcoat patrol and hide behind a corner, Raw preparing an ambush. He knocks one of the longcoats on the head-- and finds that they are no longcoats, but Cain and Glitch in disguise. The four of them reunited, they make their escape from the tower through its exhaust pipes, led by the little dog that freed DG.

    Having made it to the forest, DG is happy with the dog, but she recoils in surprise as he suddenly changes into a man-- the Tutor. Quickly trying to reassure them, he tells them that he is a friend sent by Lavender Eyes, and they need to continue on-- they have an Emerald to find.

    DG looks back at Azkadellia's tower, telling her friends about the machine that the Mystic Man told her about. Her eyes turn sad and remorseful as she must inform Cain about the Mystic Man's death at Azkadellia's hands. Looking to explain all she's learned, she tells her friends that Azkadellia needs the Emerald to make the machine work. Tutor says there will be time to learn all this, but now they all need to keep moving.

    But Cain doesn't trust the man, telling him that they are parting way at that point-- with the longcoats on the ground and the mobats in the air, Cain still doesn't know where Tutor comes into the picture. Glitch tries to defend Tutor, only to be surprised on seeing that he knows all of their names without being told. Tutor produces a wanted poster for the four of them, showing there is a substantial reward for their capture, dead or alive. DG thinks there's something familiar about Tutor even though she feels she doesn't know him. He produces a wooden carved doll of a young princess in a green dress, which DG realizes was hers when she was a child. He releases the doll and it begins to spin in mid-air; DG slowly holds her hand out and the doll begins to spin toward her until it is hovering just above her palm. Speaking patiently and encouragingly, Tutor assures her that she did that-- guided the doll to her hand. She is gifted with great magic, and only has to trust it. As he tells her to concentrate, DG begins to recall a memory: she is a young girl, and Tutor is giving her magic lessons-- he was, literally, her Tutor. He is giving her lessons as Lavender Eyes watches; her task is to make the doll float in mid-air. She tries to focus, but can't seem to make it work. Seeing this, young Azkadellia comes up behind DG, gently placing one hand on her sister's shoulder, and taking DG's left hand in her own. Azkadellia offers to help, gently encouraging DG to concentrate, and she will work with her. The two sisters focus together and the doll begins to float in mid-air, spinning rapidly as it does.

    As DG returns to the 'here and now,' she remembers everything about Tutor, including the term of endearment she used to call him, Toto. Tutor tells DG that she remembers so little about her life growing up in the OZ because of the spell Lavender Eyes placed on her to cloak her memories; this was for her protection in case she was discovered and seized before it was time for her to return. Now that she is back, Tutor has found her in order to help release her memories from Lavender Eyes' magic so she can find the Gray Gale, and recover the Emerald of the Eclipse before Azkadellia can. DG remembers that Lavender Eyes is imprisoned by Azkadellia-- how then would she be able to send Tutor to DG? Tutor explains that Lavender Eyes came to him in a dream, but she is growing weaker with each day. This is another reason why they need to hurry-- Lavender Eyes needs them. DG remembers that Mystic Man told her that she needs to journey southward-- which Cain knows, will lead them back through the fields of the Papay. As everyone begins walking, Tutor, bringing up the rear, takes a glittering coin-like disc out of his coat and drops it at his feet, leaving it there.

    At Azkadellia's tower, Zero is walking purposefully through the halls. Finding Vy-Sor, Zero grabs the adviser and says he should kill him there. Zero has heard through his sources that Wyatt Cain is still alive and well; which he knows will displease Azkadellia. And as he finds out, Azkadellia already knows about Cain's escape; warning Zero that Cain is not the only person with 'nine lives,' as Zero puts it.

    Zora, most trusted of Azkadellia's mobats, arrives at that moment. It hands Azkadellia the glittering disc that Tutor dropped. Taking it to her scrying tank, Azkadellia sees that DG and party are headed south. Zero says he will take a squad in pursuit, but Azkadellia tells him he will do no such thing-- she directs him to continue watching the vision in the tank, and Zero sees that Azkadellia planted a spy in the group-- Tutor. Azkadellia tells Zero that he is to follow the group from a distance, but not to get close.

    Walking through the fields of the Papay, DG is sad at how all the trees are dead. Cain says they weren't always that way-- the fields were some of the most fertile orchards in all of the O.Z. Fifteen years ago, that changed... and DG realizes she doesn't need to guess who is responsible. Before their crops died out, bringing widespread famine, the Papay were in fact a very peaceful species skilled at farming; turning to carnivorous man-eaters to keep their race from extinction.

    At that moment Cain hears signal noises from runner scouts; but it is too late, Papay hunters are closing in and it appears that the group are all about to become the next meal for the Papay. Cain pulls his gun but finds it empty. The Papay hunters continue to close in.

    Tutor leans over and tells DG that she has the power to save both the Papay and her friends; she just needs to center herself and focus. Scared and uncertain as to how to do what Tutor is telling her, she closes her eyes and tries to follow his direction. The eye symbol on her palm begins to glow, but the Papay hunters still are closing in. Scared for her life, DG backs against a tree in fear, her hands touching the trunk. All at once the Papay stop in their tracks-- and bow their heads down. Raw realizes that this is a gesture of profound gratitude from the Papay.

    Looking up, everyone sees that the tree DG had touched has come back to life, and is beginning to blossom full of leaves and fruit. They see that the whole of the orchard will soon awaken from its slumber and end the long period of famine that had turned the Papay into man-eaters. DG and company are able to leave the fields, as the Papay begin to reach for the blossomed fruit.

    As they walk onward, Zora is seen flying overhead, and Tutor drops another disc for Zora to bring back to Azkadellia.

    Azkadellia is asleep in her private bedchamber. As she slumbers, another vision is shown: young DG running toward a gazebo, sobbing inconsolably. Lavender Eyes is sitting under the shade of the gazebo, reading. DG runs to her mother and climbs up into her lap, shaking and crying. Lavender Eyes tries to comfort her daughter as best she can. Through her tears, DG says that she let go of Azkadellia, and she fell down. Turning her head, Lavender Eyes spots young Azkadellia approaching and shows DG that her sister is well.

    Azkadellia awakens from the dream, sitting up in her bed, looking troubled. Touching her face lightly, she rises and crosses to a wall mirror, looking at her reflection; her face etched with anxiety. As she looks back at herself, the reflection in the mirror suddenly-- and briefly-- changes into a horribly hideous countenance that sharply hisses back at Azkadellia.

    DG suddenly sits up, awakening from what her friends can see was a bad dream of her own... Raw can see that she was dreaming of Azkadellia. DG tells everyone that she didn't originally believe Azkadellia's story that they were once the closest of friends when they were young, but now she isn't so sure of herself anymore. Tutor knows that the dream is trying to tell DG something.

    Rising to her feet, DG explains the dream in more detail. She realizes that the place where she had climbed into her mother's lap was 'a special place;' a beautiful place by a lake. Cain says there are about a hundred lakes to the south. Raw tells DG that she knows which of them will be the correct one. Glitch points out that she was there before, and asks her to try and recall the lake, and what it was like. Concentrating again, letting herself get lost in her memories, DG remembers skipping a stone across the lake and running through a hedge maze. As they all prepare to head out again, Cain says that when they get to lake country, they will have to cross a massive gorge that stretches clear across the O.Z.; and crossing it will be difficult.

    Sitting in her private chambers, Azkadellia appears to be speaking to herself, or to some unseen entity; her face lost in thought. Zora flies into the chamber, dropping a blossom from the Papay fields, and the disc Tutor dropped there, into Azkadellia's hands.

    Azkadellia brings the blossom to Lavender Eyes, who is pleased with it; knowing what it means. She hints that perhaps DG isn't the only one who needs to unlock her memories. Azkadellia looks troubled-- and worried-- as she glances away, saying she is only concerned with the future. Lavender Eyes shows that she understands something far deeper than anyone else is aware of, as she hands Azkadellia the blossom, taking her hand in both of her own, asking why Azkadellia has kept her, and her hope, alive, for so many years... what does Azkadellia truly want? Azkadellia's face flickers with uncertainty before finally focusing into a hard, cold look as she says she wants to see the look on Lavender Eyes' face, the day that hope finally dies.

    DG is continuing on her way through the forest. Everyone is tired, but Tutor says there is no time to rest; they must reach a place that Tutor calls, 'Finaqua.' Glitch notices a few fallen apples on the ground and eagerly picks one up, only to find it is long spoiled and unsuitable for eating. DG notices and walks over, picking another spoiled apple up. She remembers Azkadellia telling her that the two of them used to gather apples from the woods when they were young.

    Concentrating, she unlocks another memory: she and Azkadellia with their aprons full of apples when they were young. They had coaxed a tree into throwing the apples at them, and are on their way back home when they are confronted by a bear out looking for food. Dropping all of the gathered fruit, backpedaling away in fear, the two sisters seem about to run, when Azkadellia grabs DG's hand, telling her that they have to stand their ground and hold on to each other's hand... nothing can harm them when they are together. Though both sisters are near-terrified of the approaching bear, they stay close and grip each other's hand tightly. Their hands glow and sparkle where they are clasped, and the bear is soothed, turning and walking away from them. Azkadellia smiles at DG as the bear leaves.

    As the vision ends, DG stands in the forest, holding the spoiled apple. She realizes that Azkadellia had been telling the truth all along. She and DG were very close as sisters, and were very good friends. She can only wonder what happened to turn Azkadellia to darkness.

    They arrive at the massive gorge that divides the O.Z. Longcoat stations are all throughout the area. Cain knows that they cannot cross without help. Raw notices a cabin in the distance, with smoke drifting from the chimney. Cain realizes the smoke has a blue hue to it, and urges his party toward the cabin.

    As they approach the cabin, the group is confronted by a middle aged man (Andrew Wheeler) and woman (Marilyn Norry) armed with shotguns. Cain parleys with the man, and the exchanged words prove to be a careful series of pass-codes and counter-passcodes, identifying them to each other as mutual members of the Resistance against Azkadellia; the blue smoke being another subtle code identifying the cabin as a Resistance abode. The man invites them all into the cabin.

    The man, Ralph Bedose, welcomes his guests, but his wife, Lorraine, is unwilling to accept anyone she has yet to meet, as friends. Understanding her fear, Cain offers no objections to her insistence that he place his gun on the table. He says they only need shelter until it is safe to cross the chasm. Ralph says it is never safe to cross, but the cover of night will help. Until then, he will offer what shelter and resources he has available, to share with Cain and the others. Despite Lorraine's objections, he calls his children, Ella and Wills, out of hiding, and offers to share a meal. Lorraine is clearly opposed to feeding her guests, but she gives in to Ralph's gentle plea to show some trust. None of the party lacks any compassion for the Bedose family, who have lived in fear for so long.

    At the dinner table, Cain shares all the news he has available on the Resistance movement with Ralph and Lorraine. In return, they tell him about a mine in the Black mountains; Azkadellia had been pushing the miners and metalworkers until they dropped. Glitch identifies the mine as a source of a metal ore known as Moritanium, which is prized for an ability to conduct magical energy. Questioned by DG about this metal, Glitch suddenly recalls a name; a name of an object that he believes was constructed from the Moritanium... a Sunseeder. Glitch then says he believes he invented the Sunseeder. When he cannot remember anything further, DG says that they have no time; they need to know everything. She asks Raw to use his Viewer abilities to see what Glitch has forgotten.

    Everyone watches as Glitch sits in a chair and Raw steps behind him, placing his hands on Glitch's shoulders, linking with him to see into the past. He places a hand on the mirror above the fireplace and everyone sees a vision of the moment when Azkadellia seized her mother's throne. They see Glitch, dressed in noble attire and carrying himself with a noble air, approaching Lavender Eyes and kneeling beside her. He grimly tells her that General Lonot, their most loyal peacekeeping leader, has defected, and the Force Brigade he leads now follows Azkadellia. She has seized control of Central City. Azkadellia tried to seize the plans for the Sunseeder, but Glitch, or Ambrose as Lavender Eyes calls him-- his true name as his former self as her chief adviser-- was able to destroy the blueprints. Lavender Eyes is quickly worried for Ambrose's safety, knowing Azkadellia will come directly after him. Lavender Eyes can do nothing to stop Azkadellia directly-- she was once the most powerful being in the O.Z., but she has lost all command of magic, when she breathed her own life essence into young DG to revive her from death.

    Azkadellia arrives at that moment with soldiers to seize both Lavender Eyes and Ambrose. She has completed her coup and now has total control over the O.Z. Azkadellia turns Ambrose over to Raynz. The last portions of Raw's vision shows that Ambrose's brain was removed, making him into who they know now as Glitch, in order to access his knowledge of the Sunseeder and how to build and operate it for Azkadellia's purposes.

    Glitch and Raw emerge from the dual trance, and Glitch notices the way everyone is looking at him. DG gratefully hugs him as Cain explains that while they don't know much more about the Sunseeder yet, they all understand just how much Glitch, as Ambrose, sacrificed to try and stop Azkadellia... a sacrifice they all admire him for.

    Night has fallen, and Tutor says they need to get moving again. Cain comforts DG, who is remorseful that Lavender Eyes saving her life was what allowed Azkadellia to take control of the throne. As everyone prepares to leave, Cain notices a small toy carving on one of the tables. It is a perfect copy of the toy horse carving he has been carrying. Urgently questioning Ralph, he learns it was made for Wills by a Resistance fighter and his mother, who passed through a number of months ago. Cain realizes that those Resistance members could only be two people-- his wife, Adora, and son Jeb. They are, as Zero hinted, alive.

    Ralph leads everyone through the forest, saying he has the means to help Cain and party cross the chasm. Hidden among some trees is a zip line that can be used to cross over. The zip line is almost impossible to spot due to its concealment, especially during the cover of night. Ralph tells Cain that his family crossed the same line, headed toward a cabin three spans on the other side, tucked behind a giant white elm tree- the only such tree in the area. With a final farewell to Ralph, Cain follows behind the others in crossing the chasm on the zip-line.

    Walking through a series of wetlands, Cain quickly locates the white elm and rushes toward it. He finds the cabin nearby, elatedly calling to his family. But Cain's joy is cut short as he finds a metal suit, like the one he'd been imprisoned in, in front of the cabin. The suit is empty, but Cain is sure that his son, Jeb, was imprisoned inside it for some time. Looking in the direction the view port in the suit is facing, he finds a grave... and the plain wooden grave marker bears the name of Cain's beloved wife... Adora Cain. DG can offer little comfort as Cain must bid his wife an emotional farewell; leaving his Tin Man star on top of her grave.

    Azkadellia and Vy-Sor are at her scrying tank, watching a vision of DG and party crossing the gorge. Azkadellia is puzzled at this briefly until she realizes what is on the other side of the gorge... Finaqua. Vy-sor remembers that this was the very first place Azkadellia searched for the Emerald of the Eclipse. Vy-Sor says that Zero is standing by, awaiting orders. Azkadellia tells Vy-Sor to instruct Zero to once again, stay well behind, out of sight.

    At the side of a stream, DG, Glitch and Tutor are refreshing themselves. Raw sees Cain sitting further away, mourning his loss. Raw can feel that Jeb is still alive, and lives on to honor his father... but Cain cannot be consoled. He curtly tells Raw to gather the rest of the group to continue onward.

    Azkadellia again goes to see Lavender Eyes, looking to learn why Lavender Eyes sent DG to Finaqua. Lavender Eyes only says cryptically, but very confidently, that DG needs to know what she is up against.

    DG arrives at a fork in the road. Both ways lead south, but nobody can determine which is the correct way. As Zora arrives unnoticed, perching on a tree, Tutor tells DG that her memories will guide her, if she will let them. DG focuses inward and recalls more memories. She starts walking down one path, and Glitch begins to follow-- but as he passes ahead of her, DG suddenly changes direction and heads down the other pathway, Glitch not noticing. As Cain and Raw follow DG, Tutor drops another glittering disc for Zora. But then Raw notices that Glitch is still heading down the wrong path and hurries to retrieve him. As he begins following Raw, Glitch happens to look down and notices the disc that Tutor dropped. As he bends to pick it up, Zora swoops down, knowing she cannot let Glitch have it. Cain spots Zora and quickly kills her with a well-placed gunshot.

    No sooner does Zora fall when Azkadellia feels the intense agony from deep in her breast. Vy-Sor has to catch her before she falls over and slumps to the floor in her tower. She weakly cries for water and Vy-Sor hurries to get some.

    Cain is looking down at Zora's body. Tutor suggests the party all continue on as if nothing had happened, since the mobat is now dead. But Cain knows that soon as Azkadellia realizes that the dead mobat is missing, there will be longcoats swarming all over. Cain realizes Tutor is sweating nervously, but Tutor insists he is fine, and he just needs to get on the road again. DG looks at Zora's body and has a memory of mobats in a dark cave, and hurries off. Everyone begins to follow, allowing Tutor the chance to kick some dirt over the disc to obscure it, out of sight.

    DG emerges from the treeline to find the hedge-bush maze she remembered. Calling excitedly to her friends, she begins to run through it. DG smiles joyfully as she recalls her childhood memories, letting them guide her through the maze. The rest of the group has to run to keep her in earshot, and manage to pick their way through to find her beyond the exit, amidst... another forest, hundreds of closely-packed trees. DG is sitting on a swing... the same one from her memories. Except this swing is now in the forest they are in, instead of the gazebo by the beautiful lake.

    Glitch tells DG that she was right about the magical waters, as 'magical water' is what the word Finaqua means in the ancient language of the O.Z. It used to be paradise, but it was one of the first places scorched by Azkadellia when she took control. DG begins to hear the sound of voices, and begins to head toward it. Tutor quickly stops the others from following, telling them to let her do what she needs to do, alone.

    Guided by the sound of singing; the 'Two Little Princesses' song-- DG begins to recall another memory. She and Azkadellia were by the lake, building a small pile of rocks, when young DG hears the sound of voices. Azkadellia doesn't want to investigate, remembering that Lavender Eyes told them not to wander off. But DG is feeling mischievous and knows that if she always did what her mother wanted, she would never have any fun or adventure. As she begins to walk toward the voices to investigate, young Azkadellia admonishes her that DG's adventures have a way of getting Azkadellia into trouble.

    In the present, DG navigates her way through the trees and finds a cave. Her memories continue: she and Azkadellia, as young children, found their way to this cave as the source of the voices young DG had heard. DG enters the cave against her sister's admonishment; Azkadellia again protesting that she often gets into trouble from DG's adventures. Finding a lantern and using her magic to light it, Azkadellia catches up to DG to find a whole series of pictographs around the walls and ceiling of the cave. Azkadellia recognizes it as the picture-language of the O.Z.'s ancients, and is able to read only some of it. What she recognizes, tells of a great ancient battle between forces of light and darkness at the dawn of time. Light triumphed over the darkness and sealed it away. She also is able to note 'something about an evil witch.'

    They arrive at what appears to be a dead end. Satisfied that they have had their fun, Azkadellia prepares to leave the cave, but DG stays put. Azkadellia turns back around, her lantern illuminating a dire, imposing site... a statue of a humanoid face carved into the wall. It appears to be a tomb. Azkadellia gets a very bad feeling and tries to pull DG out with her, but DG hears the sound of a young girl crying fearfully. She goes to the carving, and suddenly her arm is grabbed by an unseen force, pulled into the opening between the statue's lips. Azkadellia pulls her away and both girls cringe back in terror as the cave begins to shake and the carving's eyes begin to shine with light. The lower part of the statue's mouth falls away. The carving was a seal imprisoning something behind it, and DG has now broken that seal.

    Hearing the sound of crying again, DG presses forward, walking into the opening and finding another chamber behind the carving. Mobats flitter around the ceiling and walls, and a young girl is huddled against a wall, her back to the sisters; crying in fear and misery.

    But when DG calls out to the girl, she turns around to reveal she is no innocent... she is the witch (Karin Konoval) spoken of in the pictographs in the cave's antechamber. Azkadellia grabs DG's hand, urging her to hold on-- Azkadellia senses the witch is serious trouble, and she and DG have to stay together. The witch closes in, but cannot move closer beyond a point. She sees the glowing sparkle where the young sisters are holding hands, sensing the strong magic. But she also sees something else... the look of cold, naked terror in young DG's eyes. Focusing and playing on this fear, the witch frightens DG badly enough to let go of her sister and run.

    The witch wastes no time soon as the opening is made. She grabs Azkadellia, now alone and defenseless, and spews vile words. DG turns around, screaming in terror, and sees the witch and the mobats dematerialize and flow into Azkadellia's body. Both Azkadellia and witch seem to vanish.

    Young DG makes her way back to her mother, jumping into her lap, crying miserably as Lavender Eyes tries to comfort her. This time the memory shows beyond Lavender Eyes assuring young DG that Azkadellia was right behind her. As young Azkadellia approaches, a pictographic tattoo now decorates her upper back... and Lavender Eyes can tell, with one look at her elder daughter's face, that something is seriously and dreadfully wrong.

    Back in the present, Cain, Glitch, Raw and Tutor catch up to DG in the cave, near the spot where the Witch was set free. DG weeps with inconsolable grief and misery, tearfully begging Azkadellia to forgive her. Everything that has transpired in the O.Z. over the past fifteen years... Azkadellia's rise to power, seizing the throne from Lavender Eyes, all the horrors done to the land and people under the new reign of terror... it was not Azkadellia's doing; but rather the dark witch that has possessed her... and as DG realizes... all of it is her fault. She is responsible for letting the witch loose, when she let go of her sister's hand.

    Episode Two closes with Vy-Sor hurrying to see Azkadellia, asking if she would like him to instruct Zero to pick up the trail, in the absence of Zora's reports. Azkadellia coldly tells Vy-Sor she will do it herself. The twin suns of the O.Z. are seen very close to the moon as Azkadellia steps onto the observation balcony of her tower and opens her bodice, loosing her mobats to fly out and seek DG.

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