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Cain: I'll see you down the road.

DG: Oh, actually, a road is what we're looking for. We're looking for the...

DGGlitch: Brick Route.

DG: That leads to a place called...

DGGlitch: Central City.

DG: Do you know of it?

Cain: Yeah. That's where Zero was headed after... It's where I'm headed now.

DG: Great! We'll go with you.

Cain: I got business. Besides, I don't travel with kids, or convicts.

Glitch: [watching Zero attacking Cain and his family] Even with half a brain, I can tell that we've gotta get out of here.

[DG grabs a stick and runs toward them]

DG: [seeing Glitch hanging from the ceiling] What are you doing...

Glitch: up here? The little ANKLE-BITERS, thought it would be funny to keep me hanging around. Loosen that rope, and I might have the last laugh.

[DG hesitates]

Glitch: Come on doll, if mom and pop really are on the route to central city, then you're falling further and further behind.

DG: You know the way?

Glitch: Sure, though, it's kind of hard to give directions like this. Unless you have a better offer?

DG: I'm DG, by the way. And this is...

Cain: I know, a head-case.

Glitch: I have a proper name, you know. A-And when I remember it, I will tell you.

DG: What's a head-case?

Cain: It's what the state does to re-educate criminals. Rip out their brains, make 'em prisoners of their own minds. Ain't that right, convict?

Glitch: Hey! Whoa, I ain't no convict!


Glitch: And just in case I am, it-it was a bogus charge, a-a frame job, I'm sure of it!

Glitch: My noggin' wasn't always this way you know. In my hay-day, I was government advisor numero one. I was the top dog's... right-hand man.

Red Katt: Will Azkadellia attack from the east?

DG: Who?

Red Katt: The sorceress Azkadellia! The one for whom you spy! From which direction will her men come? Will they walk or will they fly?

DG: Okay, how many times do I have to tell you guys that nothing you've said has made any sense to me?

Glitch: Name's Glitch, on account of sometimes my synapses don't fire right. Sometimes my synapses don't fire right.

DG: You just said that.

Glitch: Did I? There you go, glitching again!

DG: Why would they remove your brain?

Glitch: 'Cause of what I know. Or used to know.

Cain: Look, nothing personal kid, but look at you. First sign of trouble, you're just gonna cut and run.

DG: Nothing personal, but when we found you, you were in a tin box! You don't know me. Come on Glitch, we'll find the way ourselves.

[DG and Glitch walk off]

Cain: The way? The way leads through the fields of the Papay.

Glitch: [Glitch stops] Papay?

DG: [DG walks back] What? I've been tossed into a storm, trussed up by lawn gnomes, chased by mad men on horseback, how bad can Papays be?

Cain: I've seen them gnaw poeple in half in thirty seconds.


Cain: Zipper-head keep your mouth shut, kid you stay behind me.

DG: Why the sudden change of heart?

Cain: Believe me, heart's got nothing to do with it.

DG: Hey, you wanna come closer to the fire? Warm up?

Raw: Shoulda left me to die.

Glitch: Oh great, a basket-case!

Cain: [when Raw makes a scary face] You want that bad attitude dripping out your ears?

Raw: [about Cain] Brave man. Good man. Tin Man.

Glitch: Oh, I mighta known you were a Tin Man, what with that attitude!

DG: What's a Tin Man?

Glitch: It-It's what they call policemen in Central City.


Glitch: At least, I think it is.

Emily: We are, series 1487, nurture units.

DG: [shocked, and confused] Um, 'nurture units'?

Hank: We were programmed with specific protocols to love and protect you like you were our own.

DG: Okay, that's weird. Um, you're robots? Oh, my life is a lie!

Emily: It wasn't a lie to us. We-we feel like your parents, DG. We love you! But-but our deeper purpose was to tell you the stories of our world, stories that would prepare you for your return.

DG: My return?

DG: [reciting] All of life's answers, are found along the Old Road.

Cain: [looking at DG curiously] Did you just say 'Old Road?' That's what the locals call the Brick Road. I thought you said you'd never been here before.

DG: I haven't been here... before. But... I know this place.

DG: You knew my mother.

Glitch: I knew I wasn't an idiot!

[to Cain]

Glitch: Or a convict!

Man in audience: Mystic Man, answer me this: What is the meaning of life?

Mystic Man: The answer to that question is as timeless as the moons. We must serve the forces of the universe in all our humanity, and all our humility.

[Azkadellia's vapors are being sprayed]

Mystic Man: First, we must inhale the magic...

Glitch: This is the man with all the answers? What's wrong with him?

Mystic Man: And hold it!

Glitch: He's out of his mind, literally!

Mystic Man: Hold it! And you know the meaning of life!


Cain: [after being chased by the Papays to the edge of a cliff] Go!

Glitch: The fall might kill us!

Cain: Well, they definitely will!

DG: [at the Northern Island] Dig!

Glitch: Dig?

Cain: What do you mean dig? Wait, wait, wait!

DG: [reciting, while digging with an ax] Daughter of light came upon a glistening white mountain, frozen in time on a sea of ice. Above all else she knew, that this mountain was more than it appeared. It was home!

Cain: [jumping off a cliff] Okay, on the count of three. One...

Glitch: THREE!

Glitch: [happily] Hey, there's that guy who locked up Cain.

[gasps, scared]

Raw: We go now.

Glitch: We've gotta get outta here.

DG: No, I'm not leaving until I get my answers.

Azkadellia: The little bitch has gone to see the wizard.

Lavender Eyes: [in DG's dream] Two little princesses dancing in a row/spinning fast and freely on their little toes/where the light will take you/there's only one way to know/two little princesses dancing in a row.

Mystic Man: You stay with her at all costs.

Cain: I have to take care of Zero.

Mystic Man: You know who she is now! She's the key. Promise me. I want your word as a Tin Man. You will not leave her side at any cost!

Cain: [hesitates] You have my word.

Demilo: What are you gunning for Zero for? That's a short hop to a deep grave.

Glitch: Gotta be careful not to lose your marbles. But ah, since the sorceress made her medicos take mine, well, you flick the abacus.

Glitch: I've been thinkin', if Mystic Man really does have all the answers, then maybe, after he's helped DG find her mom, he could help me refill my noggin. Give Raw here some spine, and maybe do something for you about your lousy attitude!

Cain: Or maybe he could put a zipper where it'll do some good.

Demilo: [shouting] How can you do this to me? I have a wife and children! This is my wagon!

Cain: How do you start this thing?

Demilo: Oh, you gotta pull the knob out, then-then twist the red thing.

Azkadellia: Do you see anything that will stand in my way?

Lylo: Lylo SEES nothing... but...

Azkadellia: 'But... ' What?

Lylo: Lylo feels - a presence. A glimmer of light, in the darkness. Light from the other side.

Azkadellia: The other side...?

[Azkadellia's scrying tank shows Lylo's vision of DG's farmhouse]

Azkadellia: General Lonot, awaken a travel-storm. Take a small company of men, and slip through to the other side. Find this light... and extinguish it.

DG: [serving a piece of apple pie] This isn't my day.

State Trooper: [handing DG a speeding ticket] Sure isn't.

DG: Thank you!

[first lines]

Lavender Eyes: A storm is coming. A storm is coming.

DG: [referring to the tin suit] How long were you trapped in there?

Cain: [nodding to a tree that's about fifty feet tall] Since that was a sapling.

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Twister DancerSecond Twister Dancer: [sung] He's the Man, the Mystic Man/ He'll answer your questions, he always can/ His wisdom is known throughout the land!/ He's got the plan/ the Mystic, the Mystic, the Mystic, THE MYSTIC MAN!

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DG: [trying to talk to the Mystic Man on Vapors] Sir, Sir, Sir, you have some answers.

Mystic Man: Answers?

DG: Yes.

Mystic Man: Sure.

DG: Many years ago, you helped a woman smuggle a child out of the OZ.

Mystic Man: Out of the OZ?

DG: Yes.

Mystic Man: Yes. Yes.

DG: Yes.

Mystic Man: Out of the OZ, yes!

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DG: Elmer Gulch is a menace to the community.

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