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A brutish satire which gives inspiration that even the most dull and pathetic are capable of superb heroism.
iamdawiz22 January 2018
Why hasn't anyone actually become a superhero yet? The answer is simple: It's bad for your health! Kick-Ass satirizes the comic book superhero genre by juxtaposing the mundane with the hyper-violent and in doing so creates an non-virtuous delight.

Boasting satisfying performances from a very efficient cast, with Chloë Grace Moretz (Hitgirl) being the most distinguished, captivating direction from Matthew Vaughn and a very rewarding story, Kick-Ass manages to make the near-death pummeling of an 11 year old girl entertaining. While the film faces evident shortfalls such as failing to fully realize key character development and holistic human characteristics, a father-daughter duo who goes on vengeful killing sprees with absolutely no remorse for their actions is a tad inhumane and unrealistic. The film also suffers from disoriented pacing, at times it feels a bit too carried away with itself. However, the ultra-violent action, well placed comedy and attention grabbing direction overcome these obstacles.

While it is entertaining, the moral repercussions that this film attracts will prove inimical to its legacy. Everything from the reckless parenting of Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) , the foolish courage of Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), the severe pounding that Frank D'Amico (Mark Strong) unleashes on an 11 year old girl and that said girl's brutal murder streak coupled with complete remorselessness for her actions make this film immoral, corruptible and perverted to say the least.

Nevertheless, Kick-Ass for what it truly is, is a brutish satire which gives inspiration that even the most dull and pathetic are capable of superb heroism. What stands out to me the most from this film is that practicality values much less than theatrics.
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we all wanna be a superhero..
amheretojudge6 January 2018

Matthew Vaughn invests soul into it and keeps the reel flowing as much as he can and there is a genuine plot in it too but unfortunately not enough reasons.
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This movie kicks ass! Not just in the title!
amarjunchu2 December 2017
I wasn't expecting much but once I started watching and got hooked then I realized that this is the kind of movie which could be fun and still differentiate itself from all that superhero crowd. This is a very different kind of superhero movie because this world has superheroes only in the comics {Just like real life} but our protagonist wants to change the world and make it one where superheroes do exist. The only problem I had was with some fight scenes which were way to shaky to understand whats going on {This is not that bad of a problem} but other than that I thoroughly enjoyed watching this and totally recommend this to anyone who wants to see a different kind of superhero movie.
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Superheros minus the superpowers
sol-25 September 2017
Fed up with the complacency of everyone around him towards spiraling crime, a teenager decides to become a superhero in this well-paced mix of comedy and action from 'Kingsman' director Matthew Vaughn. Long before winning a Golden Globe for his scary performance in 'Nocturnal Animals', Aaron Taylor-Johnson is well cast as the near polar opposite protagonist who narrates his adventures with wit and fun pop culture references. The film also takes a surprisingly down-to-earth approach towards his quest as he only ends up being as effective as a superhero without skills, training, weaponry and powers would be. This down-to- earth air sadly evaporates as Nicolas Cage and Chloë Grace Moretz enter the picture as father and daughter trained superheroes. Both Cage and Moretz are a lot of fun to watch though with great banter and repartee and therefore it is hard to resent these less realistic characters coming into focus. Moretz steals every scene that she is in and while some blaring songs subtract from the immediacy of her combat scenes, she makes for a convincingly dangerous character despite her sweet looks. Much of the action here might be over-the-top, but with the comedic potential of the action so deliberately pronounced, it is easy to sit back and enjoy this speculative take on what might happen if more ordinary citizens chose to fight back.
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Old But Gold
Mustafa10 September 2017
Kick-Ass, a movie from 2010 but still worth to watch !

It's about a high school student called Dave, he has a normal life, nothing special or significant until he wants to get a super-hero. But wait this movie is real, there are no super-hero powers and he is just a casual student, not even trained. No spoilers, so watch the movie, I highly recommend it. The combination of Action and Comedy is fantastic. Especially for students this movie will be great. It's related to the every day life of a student in a funny way, full of action. But this is not for kids, definitely not. It's not just Action, there is too much blood and violence for kids, that's why it is for 16 year old. If you didn't watch this movie yet, you should, because you really missed something!
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Spawning with audacious humor, gleeful profanity, and over-the-top violence, this film sets stone to a subversive turn in the superhero genre
Screen_Blitz4 August 2017
Kick-Ass is not a superhero film that will leave parents ecstatic of taking their children to. It is a violent, profanity-charged action spectacle that pulls no punches when exercising its hard R-rating. By many means, that is the good news. Adapting from the pages of the comic books series of the same name by Mark Millar, this subversive action flick embraces its anarchic spirit with its gleeful use of profanity and stylized violence to portray the genre in ways many forms of the media have never found the guts to do before. With English director Matthew Vaughn in the operator's chair, the movie offers a witty question and places it into action: How come no one's ever tried to be a superhero in real life? This question is put into a context in a form that is not meant to be firmly realistic, but to grip viewers in an unapologetically raunchy, yet wildly fun time. That is if you can handle the offensive edge to its brutally irreverent material. This film follows Dave Lizewski (played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson), a high school comic book geek who asks his best friends Todd (played by Evan Peters) and Marty (played by Clark Duke) "How can no one's ever tried to be a superhero?". While the answer becomes obvious that being a superhero in real life would be dangerous, Dave nonetheless orders a wet-suit online and decides to become a superhero. There is no problem, of course, he does not have any superpowers. After stopping a vicious mugging near a local convenience store while recorded by a bystander via cellphone, Dave becomes a viral internet sensation and adopts his superhero name "Kick-Ass". His fame inspires 11-year old Mindy MacCready (played by Chloe-Grace Moretz) and her father Damon (played by Nicolas Cage) who join in the life of crime-fighting as Hit-Girl and Big Daddy respectively, in attempt to seek revenge of the city's drug dealer Frank D'Amico (played by Mark Strong) who has his teen son Chris (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse) suit up as his own superhero Red Mist to lure them in a trap.

Is this movie realistic? No. Is it meant to be? Absolutely not. What one of the most respectable aspects of this flick is being self- aware of itself while energetically poking fun at the superhero genre. Matthew Vaughn's ability to showcase the genre in a rebellious fashion without fear to pushing the boundaries of its mean-spirited humor is where the source of fun lies. Vaughn effectively crafts a story of a young teen who grows to extreme measures to fulfill an unrealistic dream of becoming a superhero, while spacing enough room for some stylized, effectively shot action sequences and gunplay to result in plenty of gunfire and blood splatters all for the sake to provoking both laughter and adrenaline. And the main figure in the action is the eponymous character played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson breathes plenty of charisma and humanity in the role. However, there is a bigger show stealer in the crowd, and that is Chloe Grace-Moretz in her relentlessly bold role as Hit-Girl. If you capable of handling an excess of F-bombs spewed from the mouth of an 11-year old girl who slices and kills people with a katana, you are in for a joy ride with a performance that have people talking about it for quite some time. While the role has been subject to some controversy, there is no doubt that Moretz hits the jackpot in the character. So brace yourself! Mark Strong, playing the villain Frank D'Amico, is no game changer, but makes for an interesting portrayal of a man burning with corruption. And the good news is that the cast does a magnificent job at contributing to the comedic tone of the film, as opposed to the more somber moments that come occasionally during the proceeding.

Kick-Ass is a subversive superhero action thrill ride that nicely opens doors to directions the genre has rarely gone before. It is funny, wild, but brutally violent and offensive to the point that will leave some sensitive viewers, particularly the conservative right, uncomfortable. Nonetheless, it makes for a wildly entertaining good time.
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Funny and original
Noah20 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Kick @$$ was a good movie. When it came out I thought it looked like a dumb movie. When I heard that Jim Carry (my favorite actor) would be in the movie I watched the trailer for the second. I only wanted to see it because of Jim Carry. A friend that saw it said that I need to see the first one to understand this one. He let me borrow the comic to read first. I loved it and loved the movie. Second wasn't terrible like others say but not that great. The first has the same concept as the comic but many storyline are changed,but in a good way. In the book Big Daddy told Hit Girl Jonnny (the main bad guy) killed her mom but it turns out he just left her because he felt life was boring. In the Frank (the main bad guy) actually did kill her mom. The movie is funny but not in a ha ha way but more in a irreverent way. The story was good, the action cool, Hit Girl was a bad @$$, and it makes you think that you're watching a Tarenteno movie. If you don't like bloody violence, vulgar language, and dirty humor that kick @$$ is not for you but if you can handle it than watch it.
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*Slow Clap*
EBJ27 May 2017
'KICK-ASS' was directed by Matthew Vaughn, stars Aaron Taylor- Johson, Chloe Grace Mortez and Chris Mintz-Plasse and is the story of a teenage boy who tries to become a fully fledged superhero. As his story unfolds, he meets new, amazing friends, make new, despicable enemies and, ironically enough, gets his 'Kick-Assed' multiple times.

What can I say about this movie that hasn't already been said? It's a fast paced, ultra-violent comic book movie starring a bloke in a green suit, a psychotic 14 year old and Batman. It's a fun movie, no doubt about that. It's competently shot, acted, directed and written and I guess I can recommend it. Chloe Grace Mortez steals the show as Hit Girl followed swiftly and competently by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and even Nicholas 'Not the Bees' Cage, who gives a surprisingly great performance , specially considering his recent track record. I do really adore how this movie is essentially Matthew Vaughn flipping off the 'child friendly' genre Superhero films are now seen as today. While it was made a tad bit before films such as 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'The Avengers', it still echoes the sentiment of how childish superhero movies have become and did a hilarious satire of the genre, over 6 years before 'Deadpool'.

This movie is first and foremost an origin story and it does that job exceptionally well. I know NOTHING about Kick-Ass from any comics so I can't comment on accuracy but I can say it was a great origin that rivals that of 'Iron Man' and 'Batman Begins'. There are some plot threads that aren't solved throughout the movie, none of which I'll spoil but there are a few that, while maybe not needing closure, would have been nice to get closure on.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson provides his best performance as the titular character 'Kick-Ass' and made the character so much more interesting that he ought to be. Despite his efforts, Taylor-Johnson was outshone by Chloe Grace Mortez' amazing performance as Hit Girl and stole every single scene she was in. Hit Girl was, easily, the best character in the movie and I could even see a movie being made about her. Nicholas 'HOW'D IT GET BURNED' Cage was surprisingly great as Batman and played his character well. The Human Bear Suit provided a cheesy, fun performance and really smashed home the films tone. While Chris Mintz-Plasse was good as Red Mist, I don't think his character was less necessary to this movie than spray tan is to Supreme Leader Trump. Mark Strong was passable as Frank D'Amico but he wasn't too strong of a villain. Lyndssey Fonseca was very weak as Katie and provides less use than to this movie than the Death Stare did to Clinton's campaign.

This movie was mostly well shot and edited but I didn't like some rapid sequences of quick cuts which I personally think harmed the movie more than aided it. The effects in this movie were very mediocre. That costume design, however, is more on point than the costume design of Nazi Germany in WW2.

The action for this movie was amazing and it was genuinely hilarious. There were jokes in this movie were I laughed more than I did on 11th August 2014(what I was watching 'Aladdin'). In all seriousness, this movie achieved a genuinely great balance between sorrowful moments and funny moments.

One minor gripe I have with this movie is the music. None of the music fit in with the scenes and none of it actually worked well in the movie.

In conclusion, this movie is funny, action packed, contains sorrowful moments and is a solid 8/10. I do recommend you see this movie if you can take the ultra violence and enjoy this humour.


Would Recommend
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an ordinary teen by day bad ass by night a diy superhero by night kicking ass is his game with no power comes much great responsibilities
2karl-30 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Kick-ass is stylish, fun, daring, and the dark surprise of violence and gore kept the balance of comic teen angst fresh: a delicious perk me up when you were settling into comedy mode. There was never a dull moment in the pace of the film, never a flimsy plot point, and actually the audience guffawed their way through the film. Did I mention it has a cool soundtrack to boot? I've already got it on my Phone.

with fantastic action scenes great humour and stylish blood and guts kick ass is pure adrenaline entertainment when Dave lizewski an ordinary teen sets about changing and trying to become the no power vigilante kick ass with metal in his body and use social media to hype himself as he soon discovers he is not alone but is he out of his depth a fearless and highly trained duo father and daughter crime fighting duo with lots of firepower and muscle big daddy with a delightful nick cage and hit girl who has awesome agility's have declared war on the mafia in new York as kick as and his new found friend red mist get drawn into a no hold barred gun battles and blood the stage is set for a bloody showdown with the diy hero borrows a machine gun with a back pack that set a amazing showdown what an ending to this film can he live up to his name or dye trying and cool cars from the mafia living in a penthouse waiting around sorting the men down in his factory his son red mist and his red supped up car with a budget of 30million it made 96 million world wide Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan who one day decides to become a superhero, even though he has no powers, training or meaningful reason to do so Kick-ass is stylish, fun, daring, and the dark surprise of violence and gore kept the balance of comic teen angst fresh: a delicious perk me up when you were settling into comedy mode. There was never a dull moment in the pace of the film, never a flimsy plot point, and actually the audience guffawed their way through the film. Did I mention it has a cool soundtrack to boot? , Kick ass hits that sweet spot. Comprising teen comedy, kick-ass action (sorry) and a healthy dose of comic book style violence and gore, it rocks. I can't read your mind. But I can kick your ass. I can't fly. But I can kick your ass. I can't read your mind. But I can kick your ass. I can't be invisible. But I can kick your ass. I can't see through walls. But I can kick your ass. The cast are really enjoying the story and give a good account with the whole cast I gave this a strong 8/10 and 1hr57mins of violence on new York's streets and meeting the green diy have a go hero makes this film even beter I hope every one enjoys Aaron Taylor-Johnson ... Dave Lizewski / Kick-Ass (as Aaron Johnson)

Christopher Mintz-Plasse ... Chris D'Amico / Red Mist

Mark Strong ... Frank D'Amico plays a brutal tough man picking on hit girl so much
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blumdeluxe13 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Kick-Ass" is one of the reasons why it is still so much fun to explore new movies over and over again. It tells us the story of an average boy who chooses to become a real-life super hero, thereby starting a chain of incidents that lead him to a place he could never have imagined.

This film is not just another one you can fit into a scheme perfectly. It rather does actually bring some new and refreshing elements on the table. If the studios really all wanted Hit Girl to be 19 or older, they really didn't get the soul of the film I guess. Not only is the acting overall excellent, the director also proves a good sense of humour on the way.

You could argue that "Kick-Ass" is a bit longer than the average film and that maybe there would have been options to cut it down a bit without hurting the story, but nevertheless it never gets to the point of being boring and a remarkable soundtrack helps to keep your focus on the screen.

I really liked the film though. If you're not afraid of explicit violence and open-minded, this is definitely a should-see. It's not only a homage to the comic genre, it is indeed a piece of art itself.
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You have to see this movie if you like cinema!
Carlos André31 January 2017
I had seen the movie for some time, and had in my mind it as one of the best things I had ever seen in the movies. After revealing it ... THIS REALLY IS THE PURE TRUTH! Let's try to start with "top". Matthew Vaugh's direction is impeccable, with few dialogues and scenes he manages to bring depth from the protagonist of the film, Dave Lizewski (Aaron Tayler- Johnson), to his friend with fewer lines, Todd (Evan Peters). Not as if this were any surprise, because I really want to live to see a bad movie directed by that man! Simply phenomenal !. I do not have anything to complain about in the script, there are no loose ends practically, and maybe even following a "safe" line, he looks different in his "backbone," giving a face that we've never seen before for "superheroes." What today Deadpool is known to have done, and super lauded and credited, Kick-Ass had already mastered it more than half a decade before. So I think the timing of a film production is one of the things that makes it a big flop, or a big hit. Maybe it debuts today, Kick-Ass would just be "one more" because of the "saturation" of the industry, maybe if it had come out in the early 2000s, the movie would have been a gigantic flop, because the audience might not be Ready for it yet, and for the good fortune of all of us, this movie masterpiece came out exactly when it had to leave! I can not stop talking about the characters / actors, which are a high point as well. It would be impossible to speak of all here, but it is worth mentioning Aaron Johnson (the Kick-Ass), who holds the film with mastery, making us believe that he really is a nerdy misfit, even though not looking like one, and giving us laughter in Many moments, where the film makes that grace, making a mixture of "R Comedy" with action of a "Tarantino level". Chloe Moretz, (Hit Girl) is definitely in the role of her life, I've seen some other movies of her, and my God, this girl was really born for this role! With an air of "innocent" in some moments, but "bad-ass" in others (even for a 10-year-old girl), if the character is not the best, it is certainly one of the best things in the movie. And finally, a good movie always needs a big antagonist, and Mark Strong (Frank D'Amico) brings a villain stuffed with clichés of gangster movies, or even some superheroes around, but works extremely well in your proposal! Being a kind of walking whimper, which refers to countless other productions, the character is the "cake cherry" that the film needed (besides the final fight scene, where we really get scared by a certain character). Anyway, even NICOLAS CAGE will rock in that movie! Well, if you like heroes, or even if you like an excellent action movie, an excellent comedy, adventure movie ... actually: IF YOU LIKE CINEMA! You have to see this movie, everyone needs to see this movie, which comes up sloppy (like the protagonist at the beginning of the story) with only good intentions, and eventually becomes much bigger than I thought it could be .
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First Half Awesome - Second Half Meh
fcabanski6 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The first half of the movie set up an epic superhero story. But in the end there was nothing epic - no epic story, no epic resolution, no epic fights, no epic characters.

Dave, Kick Ass, the main hero, ended up being just a regular guy that could ride a hero's coat tails.

The movie should have been named Ghost Girl and Big Daddy.

In the end we learn that hero's are just regular people who decide to make a difference. Duh.

It's like the writers got bored half way, or they ran out of ideas half way. "Crap, we have to make an ending to this!" The movie is like a roller coaster that brings you up to the top of a precipice. You look down at a 10,000 foot drop, thinking, "how the heck am I going to survive the ride down!!!???" Then a door opens at the side. "That's the end of the ride."
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Some of the most enjoyable movie experiences there is
IngJane3 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As we were kids and teenagers, most of us dreamed of being a superhero and saving the world, and Dave Lizewski is no different. Dave is a typical American teenager, that once got a Superhero suit as a present and he tried to fight against crime, and he got famous overnight. Soon he realized it's not easy being a superhero and that's when he meets Hit-Girl and Big Daddy. Hit-Girl is a little bad-ass that fights against and Big Daddy is her father that gets her in the world of crime. If you watch this movie for pure enjoyment, comedy and action you are going to love it. It's some of the most enjoyable movie experiences I had in years. Hit-Girl is the absolute boss in this movie. She reminds me of Mathilda in Leon: The professional a lot. And I also loved its originality. Matthew Vaughn charmed me with this movie, I can't see anybody hating this movie. And if you do, congrats you are a special cookie. Even tho how enjoyable the movie is it does have some problems. I thought the villains fighting skills were neat, but I thought their motivations were shoe-horned and The Red Mist pretending to be this friend of Dave and how he doesn't want "them" to hurt him and by the end, he's fighting him. I think they could've had Big Daddy alive, I thought his death was more like "we need some of the protagonists dead" death.
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Endless source of fun
Smoreni Zmaj2 November 2016
This is one of the most entertaining movies I ever watched, and I saw over thousand in last few years. Action is not set in some superhero universe, it's in our world where heroes are just comic book characters. Kid who is completely into superhero stuff decides to become one, although he has no powers and, even worse, he is clumsy nerd. And then he realizes that he is not the only one who came to that idea.

Movie is extremely funny, has Nicholas Cage in one of leading roles, 12 years old Chloe Grace Moretz nailed one of her first serious roles, and music is awesome with The Pretty Reckless, Sparks and many other great bands.

Within the genre it's 10/10 <3
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10/10 Spoilers
abayomioniyide29 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This has got to be one of my favourite movies of all time. The effects, soundtrack and camera effects is made it a very thrilling and enjoyable movie. Chloe Grace Moretz who played Hit Girl did an absolute sublime job with her acting and also fighting skills. Many critics disagreed with the fact a girl her age was acting in a film that contained scenes of violence and also swearing. However, I believe it's all about the experience and she can definitely used what she learned and pursue it in other films. The saddest moment in the movie was seeing the departure of Big Daddy. He definitely played a crucial part in Hit Girl's life which is why he was specifically remembered the most to me during the production. Aaron Johnson played a great job as Kickass and the approach he took to developing the character is really shown within the movie. Overall, I really enjoyed the movie and recommend those who enjoy superhero movies to watch it
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Scott Pilgrim/Spidey-Man: IN-YOUR-FAAAAACE!
Reuben Saunders13 October 2016
I've always liked the good old superhero film, and some action and comedy are always very welcome. Kick-Ass has action, comedy, and superheroes (sort of), in abundance. And no, I haven't read the graphic novel, so I won't be comparing it to that.

Kick-Ass follows the story of your average teenage boy in the later years of high school, as he somehow manages to become an internet hit as the real-life superhero, Kick-Ass, who is somewhat lame. But that's the whole point, because Kick-Ass is real lame, with his kinda crappy costume, and Dave, the kid behind the mask, is just some geeky dingus. Dave's vacant teenage mannerisms are perfect for driving the stupid and slightly careless film along, as he embodies the ridiculous script on show. If there's one thing that's true about Kick-Ass other than the fact it's oh so American, it's in-your-face. Not crappy in-your-face either, because there is a clever comic screenplay at the heart of it, as outlandish jokes and ridiculous happenings make the film super- duper enjoyable – especially for a fifteen-year-old like yours truly. It's all given to our watering eyes in some of the most solid cinematography I've seen in a while, to boot.

Kick-Ass' hilarity is helped by the ludicrous action, which provides a brilliantly bloody and blain-splatty stream of goofy entertainment. Although the comedy and action are definitely the film's high points, it also has some great acting performances and some great use of timing and drama — the mixing of comedy, action and drama making it seem just like a comic book, along with comic side-notes like "Meanwhile…" floating in the corner of the screen as it sends you threw the motions. Moreover, there is, for the most part, a very solid cast on show in Kick-Ass. Dave and his two mates is a particularly good example of the acting on display, as they seem exactly like the three comic nerds you could see, as Aaron- Taylor Johnson showcases what is by far his best performance — certainly better than that boring crap in Godzilla, at least. Mark Strong puts on the perfect British villain with Frank D'Amico, too, with his character and gang providing a brilliant load of suspense, gang villainy and drama – along with some great Italian-American goons who are stupid, but not too stupid. Finally, the teenage bond between Katie and Dave is fine, because along with being something you'd expect from a superhero film, it's also well acted, because there is a clear bond between them as characters.

But even so, this does make for some slightly cringe moments and average high school movie traits taking some of the screen time. Although Kick-Ass is great fun, it's not exactly perfect. With Aaron-Taylor Johnson's narration it makes it feel that much more like Spider-Man 3, and the aforementioned high school moments aren't always hilarious, per say. And though there is a great mix of drama, action, comedy and the such, it gives the film slightly mixed messages tonally. Also, do we really want Nic Cage? I mean, he's good in the action scenes, but everywhere else he's a bit monotone, which is not what you want in a crazy film like this. Also, the aforementioned bond between Dave and Katie is much, much stronger than the one between Big Daddy (ol' Nic) and Hit-Girl. Although Hit- Girl isn't the most endearing kid in the world, she provides some of the most fun action in the movie. And one last small point, it's a shame that the movie slows down a around the hour mark. I would have loved full-throttle action comedy, but that just isn't quite what happened.

Kick-Ass, with its immensely fun and in-your-face fisticuffs, comic script and selection of great performances, all topped off with very solid camera-work is a great superhero flick. However, it is held back a little by a few average scenes and a mixed tone, in particular, which remind you that it isn't quite perfect. But man it's great fun.

If you like any of the Spider-Mans, or Scott Pilgrim, you should definitely watch Kick-Ass, because it's like a mix of the two — but to the extreme!
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...which would be fine if bad guys were make-believe too.
Warning: Spoilers
I must say that I was a little disappointed by this movie, but that's kind of okay because Dave is fueled throughout by his disappointment. It's rare to see a character motivated by disappointment in other people "wishing they could help", but it is perhaps the strongest aspect of the story. We only see a couple glimpses of Dave's pre-Kick Ass life, and it's nothing short of dull from his breakfast cereal to his purple bedroom. And while it's kind of funny to see his lame life play out with cynical undertones, it's not what we paid to see. Plus, we lose none of the humor after Dave starts pursuing life as a superhero.

In some ways he's both more and less inspiring than regular superheroes. One thing I love about super movies is those moments when they make their first rescue or overcome some problem that they have concerning their powers like when Bruce Wayne overcomes his fear of bats or when Magneto learns to employ his power through ways other than just anger. And Dave never quite has a moment like that. But what makes him more inspiring is his self-motivation and blind courage. If I had gadgets at my disposal or could climb walls or had inhuman reflexes, fighting crime would become something of a pastime. But as a regular human, there is no way I would go out looking to get on the bad side of criminals. The fact that Dave just goes out there and does that with no thought of the consequences is really cool, even though they don't make a big deal out of it.

I found that the back half was a little less enjoyable because they had to introduce dramatic elements to it. Normally this is fine, and it wasn't that big of a problem here either. But I started losing interest a little once Red Mist turned up. But that part of the story provided some new points to like. Dave goes through the necessary conflict of wanting to remain Kick-Ass but also stay alive for Katie's sake. While this is a pretty standard plot device, it is nonetheless a realistic one. Getting tangled up with Big Daddy, Hit Girl, and Red Mist also introduces regret of his decision into Dave's life. And we start to see the broader impact that the existence Kick Ass has with Frank D'Amico killing the one impersonator and the couple of scenes with Dave's friends.

The action style was undeniably different, but not that much better than your typical action flick. It was impressive considering that the budget was pretty small for an action movie, and I also watched it after having seen the much more impressive action in Kingsmen. Of course, Dave doesn't get to do any cool action stunts, but Big Daddy and Hit Girl definitely compensate in that regard. There was more gun-fighting than I would have liked. Explosions and such are fine for adrenaline, but I tend more towards the personal conflicts that you get from hand to hand duels. There is a little of that in the climax with Hit Girl and Frank D'Amico, and it wouldn't really make sense for Dave to have that kind of confrontation since he has no personal stake in his life as Kick Ass. His personal battle is won just by the fact that he takes part in the fight.

I had hoped that there would be a little more comedy in the action, but there was plenty of it in other places. Dave's two friends were a lot of fun to watch, and several characters had some great one-liners. It also takes advantage of some of the tropes found in superhero movies like having Dave's first superhero task involve almost literally rescuing a kitten from a tree. My two other favorite moments are when he gets hit by the car and the locker cliché with Katie that totally calls out the 2002 Spiderman movie.

This is definitely a refreshing take on the superhero genre, and it basically lives up to it's conceptual originality. The acting is good and nothing more. The script is above average and gets a little inventive. It's geared toward a relatively young audience, so it might come off as immature. Perhaps this is valid, but it's still a well done work of art. I haven't seen the sequel, but I feel like this is one of those movies that deserves to stand alone so as to retain its originality. A sequel would have ruined the effect of a movie like Forrest Gump or Ferris Bueller, and I think the same applies here. It may not be a very intelligent movie, but it does succeed in being entertaining and even a little more. Overall Rating: 8.3/10.
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A Wild, Rambunctious & Endlessly Fun Extravaganza That's Not To Be Missed
CinemaClown18 September 2016
A thrilling, amusing & refreshing delight, Kick-Ass is an exuberantly violent, unabashedly profane & genuinely hilarious extravaganza that's cleverly crafted, furiously paced & brilliantly performed and isn't just one of the best films of its year but also ranks amongst the better examples of its genre.

Kick-Ass tells the story of a high-school loner who aspires to be a real-life superhero and, one day, decides to go ahead with his dream despite having no power, no training & no meaningful reason behind it, and finds unlikely allies in a "father-daughter duo with an agenda" while fighting crime on his own.

Co-written & directed by Matthew Vaughn, Kick-Ass is a wild ride from start to finish. Its premise is ridiculous, its blood-filled action is over-the-top, its profanity level is off the charts, and yet it is difficult to look away from it because it pretty much nails the basic aspects of storytelling & packs an interesting set of characters.

The script is no slouch either. The story is compelling from start to finish and sufficient depth is provided to relevant characters, thus allowing the viewers to get on board with their journey. Technical aspects are expertly executed too and play a vital role in uplifting the overall experience by extensively refining its visual design.

Coming to the performances, the cast comprises of Aaron Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz, Nicholas Cage, Mark Strong & Christopher Mintz Plasse, and all of them deliver fab performances in their respective roles and bring their colorful characters to life with rigor but, in the end, it's Grace Moretz who steals the show, that too with effortless ease.

On an overall scale, Kick-Ass is a stylishly directed, deftly written, richly photographed, tightly edited, viciously paced & smartly witted action comedy that's filled with so many pleasant surprises that it ends up delivering much more than what was expected from it. Offering quality entertainment & scoring high on satisfaction meter, it is a thoroughly rambunctious & endlessly fun ride that's worth your time & money. In short, Kick-Ass kicks ass!
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Excellent film
Bob Jim26 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A really good film. Shows us how hard, weird, and funny it would be to try to be a superhero in real life- From scratch. Not radioactive spider, or somekind of alien heritage. The acting was good, even very good despite the comedic nature of the film (Since comedy films usually don't have believable acting). I would have given 10/10 if they had focused a bit more on the subject of "I'm weak, what should I do?" In the film instead of going just "Kickass", since in the film Kickass meets HitGirl and Big Daddy and realizes he is a super- noob. A bit of training session or at least self-defense sessions for our MC would've improve the film. And the ending was a bit over the top unlike the rest of the film. I think they could have done a better ending with the explosions they wanted to finish the film off. (I wont say exactly what the ending is, because I don't want to spoil it but it involves unrealistic explosives)

Great film, I advise to everybody to watch it. Acting is very good (For a comedy film), the story is nice and doesn't feel too slow or fast (Although the exposition might not be THAT interesting for everyone and it will feel like slow story progression, but I enjoyed it.)
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Matthew Vaughn's bold, bravura adaptation kicks ass
George Akerman16 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
In a golden age of superhero movies, new is in short demand. Produced on a slim budget, peppered with awesome sight gags, featuring a blistering soundtrack and incredibly gory violence, Kick-Ass is new. Layer Cake director Matthew Vaughn teams once more with Stardust scribe Jane Goldman for a sporadically entertaining romp.

Newcomer Aaron Johnson stars as our hero and high-school dweeb Dave Lizewski. Dave isn't a normal teen though, as he fights crime in his spare time, as the eponymous Kick- Ass. But battling crime kingpin Frank D'Amico wasn't supposed to be on the cards for our young hero, and soon he's way out of his league. At this point in the movie, violence and profanity are being thrown around without question - but even this irresistible subversity is pedestrian to the horrors that are awaiting the audience. And the long, long list of horrors begin with Chloë Grace-Moretz's 11 year old pocket-rocket Hit-Girl. Her arrival heralds a small glimpse of the original and sensational career Matthew Vaughn has in front of him. The scene pits Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl against a small group of mercenaries in a manic battle to the death inside an apartment. What ensues has to be one of the most bloody, bruising, bonkers scenes ever committed to the silver screen. Scored shrewdly to Banana Splits (The Tra La La Song), Moretz hacks, slices and chops everyone in that apartment.

But the real magic of Kick-Ass is that the same madcap, bombastic brilliance is served upon you time and time again - most notably in the fiery, bazooka-filled finale. Kick-Ass really works under the mirth though, with Nicholas Cage and Moretz's father and daughter double act winning over cynics. Brimming with gore, grime and perfectly tuned black comedy, Kick-Ass is a blast.
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"I cant fly, but I can kick your ass"
nat_power15 June 2016
Using his love for comics as inspiration, teenager Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) decides to reinvent himself as a superhero -- despite a complete lack of special powers. Dave dons a costume, dubs himself "Kick-Ass," and gets to work fighting crime. He joins forces with the father/daughter vigilante team of Big Daddy and Hit Girl, then befriends another fledgling crime-fighter called Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), but a scheming mobster soon puts their alliance to the test.

"I can't fly, but I can kick your ass". One of the my favorite superhero movies of all time, and mostly for the reason that the heroes aren't actually "super". I'm so tired of movies about Heros with actual superpowers or high tech robot suits. Matthew Vaughn is a genius when it comes to fighting sequences. The movie has a good story, characters, and the action is simply superb. Easily Cage's best role in years as Big Daddy, he was the highlight of the movie for me.
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This movie is fun
reid-hawk4 May 2016
OK so if you're going into kick-ass expecting it to be on par with movies like "citizen kane" and " there will be blood" then wtf is wrong with you. By its name alone you know this isn't going to be some great masterpiece of the 21st century cinematic experience, but you should at least go into it with the hopes of just having a good time watching a movie. And trust me, most people will have a blast with this one. It's funny, very violent in a stylistic way, and overall pretty well shot when it comes to action and fighting scenes. The main character becoming a masked vigilante is handled in a comical but non-cheesy way, and overall the characters in this movie always add something to the experience when they are on screen, whether it be Nic Cage's role as the sweet but batsh!t father (I mean come on you should be sold on this movie by the fact alone that ole Nic is here ready to spread some crazy acting cheer), or the main character's nerdy but hilarious best friends.

So that's a quick and basic summary of what I did like, now on to the issues. If you are madly in love with this movie and are going to hate someone else criticize it then this is where you should walk away from your keyboard and put your butt-plug back in. OK so first off the first scene of this movie is a dude jumping off a building to his death. Yeah not sure if that's a spoiler or not. Anyways, the way he landed after he feel is completely impossible (trust me I'm a scientist and nobody on the internet ever lies). Like I diagrammed it out and I'm pretty certain he couldn't have possibly landed the way he did. OK so that's more of a nitpick, so here's my real issues. This movie does one of those love story things. It's meant to be funny, but there comes a point where the characters act all lovey dovey and their dialogue is so cringe worthy and clichéd that I have no idea why it was put into the movie to begin with. Like seriously, I'm glad we got a minute long scene consisting of "I care about you babe.", "no babe, I care about YOU". The movie also uses the 28 days/weeks later theme song during a fight scene, and it just feels completely out of place and awkward, at least to me. I'm sure some people will enjoy it. Alright rapping this semi-rant up, another spoiler is inbound. So during the end the characters fly away in a jetpack. This is fine and all, but the animators forgot to CGI cars onto the ground. Like one shot the street is empty, and then the next shot its completely filled with traffic. Like that's just bad attention to detail. So that's about it. This movie is what it wants to be and for the most part it is well done. I'd recommend it to any casual movie viewer wanting to have a fun movie night. 7.5/10
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Don't dare to miss it-- Kick Ass-- reviewed by Maharishi Verma.
Maharishi verma30 April 2016
Plot-- Dave an unnoticed teenager decided to become a vigilante by taking inspiration from comic books.But, soon he realizes it's not so easy as he thinks.Meanwhile , here is another super hero(without superpowers) named Big Daddy who is also fighting with criminals with her daughter Mindy. Performances--- The entire lead cast include Aaron Taylor Johnson, Nicolas Cage, Chloe Grace Moretz and Christopher Mintez had delivered good performances.Aaron Taylor's witty jokes make viewers laugh.Nicolas Cage and Chloe Moretz had provided a good support.where Christopher Mintez has been perfectly cast as a confused kid. Whatever, the action scenes leaves much to be desire.Editing is so crisp which do not let the viewer's interest down. The cinematography is good as the screen filled with colorful characters. All in all it's an good action comedy so, don't miss it otherwise, I' ll kick your............understand!
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