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Plot Keywords

comic book high school
teenager high school student
training superhero
cafeteria cell phone
gangster fight
hospital internet
hit by a car masked superhero
murder of a child loss of virginity
child uses a gun mountain dew
xbox 360 wireless controller xbox 360 controller
xbox 360 reference to batman
son seeing mother die subjective camera
teen comedy firearm pointed at the camera
lens flare punishment
staring at breast imagination
teacher campus
child killer kitchen
throwing a knife butterfly knife
pocket knife paramedic
black comedy character's point of view camera shot
shuriken flying
group of friends television news
video camera tragedy
adolescent romance teenage sex
insecurity book reading
child with a gun secret
dark past revelation
apartment building confession
child heroine talking while driving
fondling evil man
looking at the camera talking to the camera
cult film mass murder
cruelty death
slow motion scene female killer
superheroine shot at the camera
topless female nudity man with glasses
boy with glasses teenage boy
teenage girl dark humor
black humor icon comics
aerial shot head butt
antitank weapon sharpening knife
video recording pump action shotgun
narrated by character car crush
arsenal jumping between buildings
bullet proof vest bolt cutter
aneurysm flashback
kicking in a door friendship
teenage love stabbed in the neck
shot in the side shot in the shoulder
shot in the neck split lip
stick fight newspaper headline
sidekick double cross
held at gunpoint gun in mouth
jumping from height kidnapping
cattle prod electrocution
security camera surveillance footage
gash in the face alley
montage face paint
fake moustache pirate broadcast
lifting someone into the air bitten in the neck
stealing a car criminal
mugging product placement
revolver laptop computer
e mail deception
explosion exploding head
crime fighter righteous rage
husband wife relationship chrysler building manhattan new york city
brooklyn bridge new york city
organized crime police officer
police detective ex cop
tough guy bodyguard
dumb criminal henchman
tommy gun machine gun
pistol sniper rifle
jumping from a rooftop bowling alley
movie theatre vengeance
father daughter relationship underage smoking
fire gatling gun
reference to paris hilton beating
massacre black cop
bong masturbation
severed finger shot in the forehead
warehouse forced suicide
hidden camera news report
violence gangster's son
underdog gets girl betrayal
shotgun corrupt cop
knife throwing x rayed skeleton
mobster kicked in the stomach
myspace torture
criminal syndicate cigarette smoking
broken leg taser
cape impersonator
threatened with a knife red dress
mistaken for gay gore
body landing on a car sex in an alley
jet pack shot in the head
silencer premarital sex
falling through a window pretending to be gay
grenade police station
motor car crusher cop in prison
purple hair stabbed in the chest
burned to death microwave
schoolgirl uniform crack house
tragic heroine balisong
arson bazooka
needle exchange nerd
masked hero planting evidence
corpse friendship between boys
exploding body kerosene
girl stripped down to panties bulletproof vest
stabbed in the back blood
hit with a baseball bat looking at one's self in a mirror
spontaneous sex diner
severed leg overnight sensation
talking to one's self in a mirror doorman
costume mistaken identity
robbery viral video
burning building presumed dead
nanny cam spitting blood
innocent person killed red car
sex standing up camera phone
cellphone video sex outside
bag of money knocked out
brass knuckles stoner
bully shootout
tied to a chair shot through a window
wig baton
title appears in text impalement
night vision goggles nunchaku
person on fire shot point blank
knife revenge
teddy bear wrongful imprisonment
hero complex beating a child
overprotective father tragic hero
dark heroine tough girl
child driving a car one man army
teenage superhero hit in the crotch
anti villain cocaine
child kills an adult pot smoking
brutality teenage hero
anti hero child martial arts
dark hero martial arts
comic violence sexual humor
kung fu having sex with skirt hiked up
reference to spiderman screaming in pain
child assassin precocious child
exploding building comic book shop
disguise masked man
burned alive hostage
kicked in the face punched in the stomach
punched in the face breaking the fourth wall
actor talks to audience knife in the chest
stabbed to death stabbed in the arm
throat slitting shot in the back
shot to death shot in the arm
shot in the leg shot in the chest
shot through the mouth shot in the face
blood splatter child in peril
falling from height marijuana joint
father son relationship fantasy sequence
title spoken by narrator title appears in writing
crushed to death animated sequence
falling to death violent child
youtube torture device
voice over narration crime boss
jumping off a roof murder
vigilante sword
suicide adoptive father
killer child stabbed in the stomach
drug dealer gang fight
mask child swearing
punctuation in title hyphen in title
marvel comics based on comic
superhero spoof based on comic book
death of mother death of father
title spoken by character character name in title
surprise ending

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