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Great underwater adventure
Kulpinsky Sergiy7 October 2009
This is the movie entirely shown from the viewpoint of one character, the sea turtle. It means you will spend 80 min underwater and meet beautiful sea creatures rarely seen in the other documentaries. Unique camera work has shown the world of beautiful, weird but friendly creatures, which seem to address the viewer occasionally. They look especially alive in 3D flying like the undersea birds. Most of the creatures shown are not only rare but moribund. I hope this film will stimulate the efforts in protecting the ocean nature at least by keeping it clean, reducing the harmful waste and respect the ocean not as an entertainment or hunting place but another world living in its balance and harmony.

Appreciation to the films' authors for their contribution to protection of the sea animals.
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Best Animal Documentary since Winged Migration
in198424 April 2010
The makers of this film clearly understood the message of Winged Migration and the penguin film that followed it. People like in depth films from the perspective of animals.

So, rather than make yet another boring, copycat penguin film, they followed the curious life of a pregnant sea turtle as it goes on a unique type of migration through the ocean, which includes a different perspective on some of the animal villains of the penguin films.

Visually, the film work is truly impressive and sometimes so vivid and colorful you wonder if you're looking at a cartoon instead of reality. The narration is also a welcome change from the authoritarian, voice of god trying to add more meaning than needed.
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The ocean has never been so boring before
poljanfinegan11 October 2009
I went to see the premier at the local 3D cinema. Ocean + 3D sounded like it should be an amazing adventure. But reality was different - the movie is gray and repetitive, the water inhabitants shown are dull and totally boring. The narration is targeted to children only (this isn't really a big problem). I have seen 2D ocean documentaries that were times more enjoying. The animals presented in Oceanworld are mostly the regular ones you can think of - turtles (as the protagonist - the whole movie is from the turtle's point of view), dolphins, seals, whales (a few kinds), sharks (also a few kinds), jellyfishes. When the movie ended, it seemed to me everyone else had as much fun as I did - people silently left the cinema, looking to the ground. A few funny moments and the 3d images of dangerous animals you could otherwise see only 2d add up to 3 stars - and that's how I am rating Oceanworld.
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