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Pet Psychologist, Dr. Vincent Nash, dispenses a message that is part Zen; part Self-Help. His practice is home to a circle of eccentric characters who loosely represent the four stages of love: brand new, comfortable, involved-but-uncommitted, and bored.

Tim Ware (Recount, The List) and Brian Durkin (Cold Case, Deja Vu) star as father and son who have different agendas. Butch wants Jesse to follow in his footsteps; Jesse wants to step out on his own, while his girlfriend, Donna, wants commitment and no kids, when he wants the opposite.

The Doctor, played by David Temple, (The Ultimate Gift, Remember The Daze) prescribes commitment, while he can't muster the same; as his sister, Ashley, a therapist-in-training, struggles with sticking to her relationships. The remaining eccentric characters come in all flavors and round out the story with light-hearted, if not neurotic, humor.


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