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The pinnacle of bad TV programming.

Author: (capsfan1994) from United States
13 August 2011

Top Gear USA is unoriginal. Top Gear USA is unfunny. Top Gear USA is simply a soulless "copy" of the far superior UK version.

--Unoriginality: Maybe, just maybe, if Top Gear UK didn't exist some of the poorly executed jokes on this show would land. But jokes such as the hosts constantly driving into one another's car have been done numerous times to avail in the UK version.

--Unfunny: I'm sure there are many more terms that are more sophisticated than "unfunny", but this broad statement describes TGUSA perfectly. The hosts are lifeless; the only personalities they exemplify are that of their real life selves. That may not sound bad, but it kills the show. You usually know who is going to win what because Adam's the comedian, Tanner is the driver and Rutledge is the talker. Their in show nicknames (such as Adam being "the Wrecker") don't match what they should be. The jokes have been done, the ones that haven't are delivered poorly and often by the wrong hosts.

Overall this awful excuse of a show is positively putrid. The only reason this garbage receives 1 vote is because it has some pretty HD shots and cars. These cars don't get the justice they deserve in this show and I advise all patrons to stop or not view this at all, hopefully ending this miserable series. The only good thing this show can be credited with is that it will hopefully advocate more Americans to start watching the MUCH better UK version.

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Missed Gear

Author: gatsby601 from Canada
1 April 2011

A direct copy of the popular UK original of the same name this car show is anything but exciting. The bland hosts - an Italian guy, a fat guy with glasses and another guy who isn't Italian nor fat with glasses have no chemistry with each other nor do they seem to know much about cars. During the pilot episode a review of the Dodge Viper replaced terms like 'under steer' and 'torc' with 'It goes fast'. Fascinating.

The stunts and format are all taken from the original show hinting how out of ideas the US version is from the start. It comes across as a slapped together attempt to cash in on the wildly successful original. It lacks passion or as Jeremy from Top Gear UK would say 'An X-factor'.

My question is who is this show for? The original Top Gear has been running for 16 seasons and is seen all over the world. Any car lover already knows it so why would they watch a stale copy? Park it and leave it.

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Utter Crap

Author: morpheusgai from United States
14 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

No chemistry between hosts, I'd get rid of them all except perhaps for the young guy Tanner Foust. Adam Ferrara is excruciating and the goofy guy Rutledge Wood is a joke right? Please say his name is a play on words? Ironic at the very least. The man emotes like a piece of timber. As for Ferrara, are we sure he's a comedian? Most good comedians have great timing, Adam, not so much. Perhaps that's the point, he's not a good comedian.

"The United States, Germany, Japan, it's the Epcott Center!" Is that supposed to be funny? The guy in the used car piece is the epitome of a sleazy used car sales man, puhleeaze, so contrived.

If they make the host changes this has the potential to be a great show.

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A Study in Wasted Potential

Author: Tommy Jefferson from United States
23 December 2010

As others have said above, TGUSA is boring and lame.

Nothing wrong with copycatting TGUK challenges, running gags, and characters. In fact, they would have been better off doing so.

Adam Ferrera is the only presenter with any potential.

The contrast of New York guy to California guy to Southern guy would work if they actually had them.

Tanner Foust may be a legit race driver, but he has as much screen presence as a bag of hammers. He is painfully dull. He looks like he would rather be somewhere else.

Is Rutlege Wood supposed to be the "Southern Guy"? He's a fat, metrosexual hipster tard. He would be appropriate for hosting a video game show on a shopping channel. He completely ruins whatever potential TGUSA had.

I found myself hoping Ferrera would shove him to the ground and kick him repeatedly in the mouth. A character like a young Ted Nugent or southern Jesse James would have been so much better in Wood's position.

Adam Corolla is smart enough to stay far away from this piece of crap.

I predict the show will be canceled before they make the changes that would improve it.

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Quasimoto riding his tricycle in the parking lot.

Author: mrsebastian from United States
30 November 2010

I won't get overly complicated with this review. I won't tell you this show has potential, just keep watching. I won't bother mentioning it's shot very well. I will just tell you one word...


Seven laps (ie: episodes) into America's first season of Top Gear racing, the standings are as follows... With an easy lead and first place, Top Gear UK is the king of the lot. A princely runner up and second place, goes to our Aussie friends down under... and not really in the race is Quasimoto (aka Top Gear USA) riding his tricycle in the parking lot.

The production value is there. The guys are likable and have pretty good chemistry. However, it needs to find it's own voice and soul. It's like having watched the Godfather and then watching it again, but recast with someone else. All the pieces may be just as good, but it doesn't fit together.

The bottom line, if TG US takes off the training wheels and makes it out of the parking lot (ie: the first season), it does have potential.

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Great show overall

Author: Diego A from California, USA
17 January 2017

With the tons of dull car shows out there, I don't see why everyone is hating. Some people like to see Britts drive cars that are way too expensive for us, and some of us like the much more relatable USA top gear. No one is reviewing this show, they're just comparing it to TG UK. If you review this show by itself its funny and the hosts are more than enjoyable, with their stupidity and humor. Give the show a shot and you wont regret it. Its just hours of pure entertainment. I personally love this show and wish it would come back for a season 7. For those of you who haven't been able to enjoy, the first 5 seasons are on hulu! (Skip the first half of season 1, it sucks)

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The Only Top Gear Left That's Worth Watching

Author: Morpheus Stark from Toronto, Canada
28 April 2016

This is a TV show that in order for you to understand you need to see how it started compared to top gear uk, mind you this applies only to clarkson hammond and may not the chris evans version which no one cares about, this show didn't know what it was until at least s03ish then it started getting MUCH better, s04 and s05 started actually getting pretty cool and s06 is quite interesting to watch i really can't give this show a 10 because it simply isn't quite up there but it certainly doesn't deserve a 5 rating either i'm sure this show will get better in the future and if you don't take this too seriously and consider what's available to watch you'll see it's not as bad as people make it look, what i think is that they should've never carried the top gear name that was a huge mistake, they're good they just weren't as good as clarkson hammond and may and now that top gear uk is over all they're doing is carrying a bad reputation legacy that doesn't even make sense anymore.

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loads of fun and cars!

Author: winjury from florida
25 January 2016

Awesome Show! It is much better then the UK version in my opinion because its entirely

focused on CARS and

not long trips spanning 2 or 3 episodes like the UK version. I look forward to the next season! Hopefully they will not change anything about

how this show is done.

So far I would say this is somewhat like a car and driver TV show because they review cars, talk about price, drive and test

them and the best part they do stupid things which is always entertaining.

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Wrong formula

Author: jflowers1 from PA
28 July 2014

Get rid of car guys and use comedians!!! The only car guy should be the Stig! Mix the show up, not just one suck fest totally transparently engineered challenge. I want car reviews by idiots and comedy and real challenges and cottage engineering competing against real vehicles. Even the Aussie version is better. Come on USA, fire these ass monkeys and get some guys with senses of humor that go off script and have chemistry. This is poorly scripted garbage! I used to respect Tanner Foust as a driver. Now I think of him as a self indulgent spoilt little gob shite. Way to screw his career! Come up with something original! Show us some great American roads! Go to war with the rest of the world. American vehicles vs the best of everyone else! You guys blow goats!!!!

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great show

Author: Sam Taler
30 September 2014

I wait to see this show week after week , its funny , great setup and not like the UK virgin with dull old men. and FYI ,for the some of thereviews who like the " original" show , dot put your negative comments, just change the channel to BBC and watch your creepy old show. US version makes its entrance and I'll obviously give it the benefit of the doubt. Season 1 wasn't very enjoyable, because the hosts don't have that instantly-loved chemistry of the UK guys plus they can't pull off the UK concept of reviews and the whole interview thing. if you like cars , comedy and good value production , this is the show for you.

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