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The Bald Observer
Claudio Carvalho19 July 2016
In Brooklyn, a bald man sits in a diner and observes an accident in a construction site. Broyles summons Agent Dunham and shows a mysterious cylinder that appeared in the site. Further, he explains that this cylinder appeared many years ago and an old friend of her had found it. While Dunham visits her friend. Dr. Bishop get rid of Peter asking him to buy tin foil and sedates Agent Farnsworth; then he hides the cylinder and meets the bald man. Meanwhile the killer John Mosley is searching for the cylinder and killing and torturing whoever might provide a clue of the location for him. When he abducts Peter, he uses a strange device to find the location of the cylinder that was unknown to Peter. What is the mystery cylinder?

"The Arrival" is an intriguing episode of "Fringe" where unanswered questions are raised. Who is the bald man? What is the vibrating cylinder? How John Scott was resurrected? This is certainly the weirdest episode so far and I am looking forward to the see answers to the foregoing questions. I still have the trauma of "Lost", where many questions have been raised and never satisfactorily answered. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "The Arrival"
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The Rogue Observer?
XweAponX10 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
September: The guy who watches over Walter and Peter.

August: Devolops human feelings for a little girl, and "Makes her Important". (This had not happened yet, from our perspective of Time, in this episode).

December: Seems to be the Boss, probably why his name is the Last Month of the year.

March: We met him in Season 4 in the Orange Fringe 'Verse.

The other guy from this ep - A Rogue Observer? He seems to have the same abilities.

Hard to write a retrospective review of this, without spoilers, but I'll attempt it.

From what we know of these guys now, they see time in a certain way, they know what is going to happen. or what could happen. This ep deals with a our Season 1 Observer, "September" - Who gets the job of making sure "It" arrives and departs "on Schedule"- However The Observers deal with a Schedule.

But Peter has had it and wants to move on. Although Olivia entreats him to stay, Peter is just not having it. Walter is not helping, but Walter is of course acting with another Agenda that we don't know about.

This Ep shows the first connection between Walter and September, and there IS a connection and a big one. We just don't know HOW big yet, but it's Major.

What did the Rogue guy want, just to take a ride on a Subterranian Torpedo? Seems to me, that world-ending phenomena would have ensued.

Who Observes the Observers?
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Foxes Lessons Learn paid off with Fringe!
digartz30 September 2008
After loosing "vanished" last year to low viewer rating (which was a great show,) Fringe appears to be a retooled version w/ more action, less political wranglings, more sex appeal and more blood and gore (lessons learned from Fox's pop show "Bones". All the quick action and great story lines like Vanished had us hooked with a thread, plus that underlining conspiracy running all the way through. Fringe is brilliant, from in every aspect - casting, writing, production, direction, right down to editing. Hopefully Fox will have faith in the show and keep it on long enough to grasp viewers this time! We love it! It would be a shame to loose this one when there is nothing else like it on Fox or anywhere else on the air! Keep the pattern going!
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As the series suddenly gets interesting...
LaFeeChartreuse8 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I was lukewarm toward this series until this episode. I'd watched the first few, found it reasonably enjoyable but not great, not really grabbing me, and figured I'd give it one more shot before giving up (since I'm not a big TV watcher, and require a series to be more than just reasonably entertaining for me to spend time watching it).

Well, I'm very glad I did stick it out, because with this episode, it just got a whole lot more interesting. I'm trying to avoid spoilers, but there were a couple of seriously jaw-dropping moments - the encounter between Peter and his father's friend was one of them, and the other was at the very end.

And now, rather than being on the point of giving up on the series, my only indecision is "Do I have time for just one more episode tonight? I know I've got to do work, but just one more...?" So yes, I think I'm hooked.

If you've watched the first couple of episodes and been undecided on whether it was worth continuing, do yourself a favour and don't decide until after you've seen this one. Things are taking a major turn into mind-bending WTFery, and that's always a good thing in my books.
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Utterly confusing, but I think it will lead into something great
axel-koch28 March 2013
It's hard to rate this episode because in my opinion, Fringe is this special type of series where it's better to rate the whole thing than every little piece of it. I will rate every single episode anyway, so I have to say that this episode was beyond just confusing and made like the Walter Bishop character less, however I really enjoyed the mystery about the whole thing. I sincerely hope that this coalesces into a fantastic entirety. Still, the confusion was by far not the only flaw of this episode: never ending illogicality, blatant oddness and a crime, which by the end, nobody gives a crap about. The creators want to keep us watching with this crazy cliffhanger, which seems to make the show more complicated than it already is - after 4 freaking episodes! I could rate this episode really bad because of all these things, but I won't because I believe in the show to become really entertaining eventually and I suspect that I'll like the stuff that just confuses me for now. Furthermore, it's good dialogues and fine acting.
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Interesting episode...
Darwinskid1 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
When a cylinder is found by the Fringe team a seeker looks for it and is taking names to find it, he especially is looking for Dr. Bishop who is having more issues with his son Peter. At the same time the Frigne team is keeping an eye out for a mysterious man known as "The Observer." who just so happens to be around every time an accident happens and one of the cylinders is found. And apparently, Dr. Bishop knows him and it goes further than a few years ago.

This was a pretty thought provoking episode, and I really liked the conflicts with Peter and his father Walter. I also like the twist at the end that had something to do with Olivia, I won't say it though.

Pretty interesting episode, hope there are much more episodes like this in the future. Hoping there's a sequel with The Observer soon.
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I think I've seen enough.
Wirefan1229 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I usually will watch a series that I have not seen before at least the first season before I jettison it. One of the rare exceptions was Falling Skies (which had it all: bad acting, rehashed plot line done terribly, etc.) and now this series.

Most of the plots are somewhat interesting and the idea of the Pattern being investigated does hold my interest to some extent. The problem for me lies in one of the main characters: Peter Bishop. Could he possibly be more arrogant and unlikeable? Are his comments about his father's mental illness supposed to be funny? I don't think I have ever seen anyone with less respect for his father. He is the main reason I can't watch anymore! Mulder was much more enjoyable to watch, to put it mildly.

Olivia Dunham, on the other hand, plays Scully's role fairly decently and is likable (sorry to use that word again). I just wish that after Peter Bishop says that he is done and is leaving (like he does every episode) that she would let him go! Alas, no.

The arrival is a moderately suspenseful episode although I am still baffled as to why the people who killed all the guards/scientists at the first holding area for the 'cylinder' did not take it...probably would have ended the show 25 minutes too early. The 'cylinder' showed up in 1987 also and for some reason it hung out for awhile and then with a bang went back into the ground. It does the same here with no explanation as to why it showed up...perhaps so 11 people could get killed?

The episode ends with references to the 'bald man', a mysterious figure a la Roy Thinnes from the X Files, sort of. They appear to be trying their best to be like the X Files and if there already wasn't a show called the X Files out there then I might find the whole thing quite interesting. As it stands, though, one X Files was plenty good enough!
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