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"30 Rock" Retreat to Move Forward (2009)

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Open with Jack telling Liz that he will be giving the keynote address at the company's 'Six Sigma' corporate retreat. Given the "CEO debacle," Jack is nervous about seeing some of the people and convinces Liz to come with him for support.

Jenna tells the writers she will be using method acting to prepare for her role as Janice Joplin and from now on should be addressed as "Janice." Frank suggests that Jenna check out Joplin's Wikipedia page for research. Once she leaves the room he begins adding fake facts about Joplin.

Dr. Spaceman tells Tracy he needs to watch his diet or run the risk of contracting diabetes.

Liz walks in on Jack giving himself a pep talk in the mirror "You're a lion, take what's yours" before walking into the retreat. Jack nervously approaches the Sigmas, six men who embody the pillars of the Six Sigma business philosophy (Teamwork, insight, brutality, male enhancement, hand shakefulness and play hard). His first joke goes over well and the seven men leave Liz alone with several of the underlings.

In preparation for losing a foot to diabetes, Tracy is moving around the office with a wheel on the bottom of his shoe. Kenneth hears this and tries to convince Tracy not to eat candy. Tracy thinks diet affecting diabetes is a "white myth, like Larry Bird or Colorado."

Frank's prank on Jenna appears to be working, as she tells Kenneth she needs cherry juice, buttermilk and Tequila, to make Joplin's signature drink, "The Frank Schlong."

Liz joins Jack for L.U.N.C.H. (Lego Utilization for Negating Crisis Hierarchies), where Jack has to get Liz and her two buddies from earlier to duplicate a picture only he can see.

When Tracy won't eat the healthy food he prepares for him, Kenneth tells him the legend of the Hill Witch, a 1,000-year-old woman who eats the brains of kids who don't eat their veggies.

When it looks like Jenna is about to eat a live cat, Frank confesses to the prank. During the ensuing argument the two begin making out.

Though their team wins, Liz's level of familiarity and "nick-namification" with Jack make some of the other executives think Jack has lost his touch.

Jenna arrives at work and is upset that Frank wants to make sure they not tell anyone about the hook-up. In her mind she should be the only one embarrassed.

Jack tells Liz she needs to be more formal with him at the conference. This hurts Liz's feelings. She storms out of the room, adding "friendship over."

Still convinced that he should be proud of what happened, Jenna approaches Frank and his friends and tells them what happened.

After Liz refuses to sit with Jack during his speech, Jack leaves to get mic'd up for the keynote address.

As Jenna is getting her hair washed, she notices a burning sensation. The woman tells Jenna to "stay away from my Frank." An elderly cleaning lady comes out of the next room, also clearly involved with Frank. Jenna grabs a broom to shoo them away and runs off.

Kenneth tries to scare Tracy by turning off the lights in Tracy's office and dressing up like a witch. Tracy's unimpressed, but at that moment the broom-wielding Jenna runs into the room screaming that "I'm a monster." Tracy and Kenneth are terrified the Hill Witch has arrived and begin screaming and shoveling veggies into their mouths.

Not realizing his microphone was left on, Jack goes into the bathroom to give himself an embarrassing pre-speech psych-up routine. Everyone in the conference hears Jack and begins laughing. Liz runs into the bathroom to tell him what happened. Jack is mortified, believing he'll never be able to live the incident down. In an attempt to cover, Liz grabs the microphone, gets on stage and begins doing impressions. When that doesn't work, she rips her shirt open and dances with her bra exposed.

Back in New York Jack tells Liz he thinks her ploy worked, and that the "bra lady" made most people forgot about what he did. Liz tells Jack that she was simply being a good friend.

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