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  • After a successful mission against drug lords, the efficient Captain Damien Tomaso is framed at home with three kilograms of heroin planted by the police in his kitchen and he is arrested. Meanwhile a group of teenagers film the action of dirty agents led by Roland from the security agency executing policemen in their car and then leaving the car with the corpses in the 13th District to blame the gangs and begin a civil war. Behind these events, the corrupt chief of the security agency Walter Gassman had received a huge amount as kickback from the constructor Harriburton that has interest to construct buildings in the poor area and uses the situation to force the President of France to authorize to nuke five towers in the district. The teenager with the film is hunted by the police but he delivers the memory card to Leito meanwhile Damien calls him from the precinct asking for help. The friends team-up with five dangerous bosses to gather evidences to prove to the president that Gassman has provoked the conflict in their district.

  • Damien and Leito return to District 13 on a mission to bring peace to the troubled sector that is controlled by five different gang bosses, before the city's secret services take drastic measures to solve the problem.


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  • Three years after the events of the original film, the authorities are attempting to return law and order to ravaged District 13. The death of gang overlord Taha Bemamud has left a power vacuum, and total control of the area is now being fought over by five rival territorial gang lords who want to step into Taha's position. After taking out a major drug dealer, Damien is framed for drug dealing and arrested, but manages to make a call to Leïto.

    Meanwhile, corrupt government agents from the Department of Internal State Security (DISS), led by Gassman are bent on destroying the five tower blocks at the heart of District 13 with tactical precision bombing, and building luxury flats after the area is cleared. In order to spark conflict with the district's gangs, they shoot several cops, dump their car in District 13, and prompt several gang members into gunning down the vehicle. The footage of the incident convinces the President to carry out the strike. However, a group of teens videotaped the agents as they shot the cops themselves. The DISS agents soon come after the teen to arrest him and seize the recording, but the youth manages to slip his memory card to Leïto.

    Leïto escapes the cops in District 13 and goes to rescue Damien. After freeing Damien from his cell, they discuss the events and further plans, resolving to gather enough proof to expose the DISS agents. While Damien distracts the guards, Leïto breaks into Gassman's office to steal his hard-drive for the evidence that they need. Once they escape and return to District 13, Damien and Leïto convince the five gang lords to band together to prevent the destruction of the district. While the French president struggles with the decision to destroy District 13 even with the area evacuated, a large number of gang members storm parliament. When they eventually reach the president and show him the information that they acquired, Gassman takes the president hostage and tries to force him to carry out the mass demolition. Leïto, Damien, and the gang lords succeed in freeing the president and incapacitating Gassman, earning the president's thanks and a promise to fund District 13's restoration.

    With the conflict over and District 13 completely evacuated, the gang lords then decide that it would be better to rebuild District 13 from anew rather than trying to patch up its remnants. The movie ends with the president authorizing the strike and breathing a sigh of relief.

    At the credits, there is a short clip showing the president, the gang lords, Damien and Leïto all joking around and smoking cigars together.

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