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Pitched cannily at World Beat fans as well as martial-arts zealots, this Luc Besson production aims to please and nails its targets with more speed and style than most of its higher-priced competition.
This is a hot modern martial art. Not only do the shots look convincing, not only are they held long enough to allow us to see an entire action, but Belle in real life does a version of this stuff.
There's no reason a conspiracy this outlandish should work twice. But it's so hilariously within the realm of plausibility that it does.
With a thumping score and whirling cinematography, District 13: Ultimatum delivers two or three awesomely choreographed chase-and-fight-and-chase-and-fight-again sequences. The dialogue (in French, with subtitles) is not this movie's strength, nor should it be.
Awesome, awesome action. Skimpy, skimpy plot.
The best Parisian action movie of the week is District 13: Ultimatum, a serviceable thriller with a lefty message.
There's little difference between the first and second movies -- both written by Besson -- so the perfunctory story line will feel familiar to fans. But the action, and the head-spinning stunts of those agile lead actors, will never get old.
The dialogue and storyline are both a little on the clunky side, but the action excels.
Somewhat underwhelming sequel.
Though it fails to live up to its dynamic predecessor in almost every way, District B13: Ultimatum should still be enough to satisfy the earlier film's small but faithful core of American fans.

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