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ajs-105 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The only reason I watched this is because one of the directors of the company I work for asked me to look at it. It had confused him and so he wondered if I could make any sense out of it. Well, I could, but it's so badly made that I really struggled. The acting, the script… everything about was amateurish and didn't really have any quality to it. More of my thoughts after this brief summary.

When a village in South East Asia is attacked by a mercenary, Sebastian Riker, he murders the village holy man and healer, Aroon, and takes a girl, Nana to work as a prostitute. Little does he know but Aroon cannot die, his powers will not allow that until he can find someone to take his place. So he wanders the land looking for such a person. Some time later Nana is addicted to heroin and working for Riker as a prostitute. He has a scam, luring unsuspecting American tourists over with the promise of a marriage to one of his girls. Of course they get robbed and left in the street. Terminal patient Lonny Smith is such a victim, but he doesn't know it when he meets Nana. She is struck by his honesty and decides to break away from Riker. They go to a refugee camp near her former village, but Riker is on their trail and he wants his cash. I'll leave it there… I've probably made it sound a lot more interesting than it really is! I don't think the Spoiler Police will be bothered this time though.

As I've already said, this is not a very good film and one I really cannot recommend by any stretch of the imagination. It's very poorly produced and, I'm guessing, had a tiny budget. I'll just give a few name checks so you can see just who you're not going to see acting pretty woefully. Danny Trejo played Aroon, Gary Daniels played Sebastian Riker, Krystal Vee played Nana and Johnny Lee Played Lonny Smith. Oh, and I should mention a small part for Damon Whitaker (Forest Whitaker 's brother) as Dock Bagley (a cop).

My Score: 3.3/10.

IMDb Score: 2.5/10 (based on 329 votes at the time of going to press).

Rotten Tomatoes Score: N/A (No listing).
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A movie with some heart
mrc3035 July 2011
After the first part of this movie, I wanted to turn it off due to its dark depressing matter. However, the movie takes you into a very dark place in order to set the stage for the redemption that the female lead makes at the end.

I won't deny that this movie is flawed at nearly every level, its cinematography being the one redeeming value, but the lead actress does grow on you and at the end of the movie you feel as though you have been on a journey with her. A little more than half-way through the movie you begin to see that the tone is moving from the darkness into a story of redemption and a lesson that love conquers fear. The movie was courageous in that it took you deeper into despair in the beginning and held you there longer than most movies will dare, and I admit I turned it off in the middle and came back to finish it the next day. The end leaves you feeling good, providing you don't feel like you wasted your time watching it, which I don't.

So if you like movies with a heart-felt message that love is the path to healing, and you haven't got anything better to do, this movie will suffice. If you don't care about that subject matter, and you want to critique the movie based on its writing, directing, editing and acting, I would say pass it up.

I am interested to see how this writer/director does on his next film, which is currently in pre-production according to IMDb.
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Bad scripted ridiculous B movie - Detour and evade
rightwingisevil4 July 2011
Wow, another drive you crazy DVD rental that wants you to pick up in the video stores and cheat you to waste several $s and a section of your lifetime that you could never get back. The screenplay is so stupid and ridiculous. The Latino actor who played in the "Machete" has become so popular and he's so smart to cash in while he's still hot or lukewarm. This time, he played a tribal magician who could heal the blind and could see his massacred tribal people.... Give me a break.

I simply couldn't find any excuse to watch along after 20 minutes. The scenario is so stupid and the acting...!? The reason why I still want to write a review is because I consider myself a good Samaritan, I don't want you to waste your hard earned money to waste on this pathetic movie.
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An interesting European intellectual type of movie
rodolphebourgeoys14 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The movies is very difficult to tolerate in the first 30 minutes but I am the persevering type. I watched it entirely. After the initial 30 minutes, it gets interesting. It is about a guy, the Chaman (Trejo) who cannot die but had enough of this world. He wants to die. Another one wants to die happy. Also, having nothing to loose makes him free and quite spiritual. It is also about how love can act as a redemption. How a single day of love can validate a whole lifetime and let you die happy. I wont say more, I need to let room for enjoyment. Very interesting. It is not a blockbuster high budget production. The scenario is more of the kind of intellectual, meaning-oriented movie we would expect more from the Scandinavians or the Germans. It is a bit hard to follow and I am not sure I understand everything in the movie.

However, I agree with those users who feel deceived by the box cover. The synopsis is fair but the cover is unrepresentative. It is not a war movie. It is a "higher plane" movie.
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Don't expect the cover...
filmman30009 July 2011
Do not expect an action starring Gary Daniels and a Machete like Danny Trejo!!!!

The movie technically deserves a 7 to 8 in my opinion, but recently boosted it to 10 because I don't think it deserves a rating below 4.

The first thing I have to say is that the cover of the DVD is wrong... With this artwork you expect an action film with Danny Trejo and Gary Daniels... It's in fact a Supernatural thriller staring new comer Krystal Vee.

I think the distributor is cashing on the Machete fame of Trejo and the action fan base of Daniels. So don't expect this style of film or you will be disappointed.

If you are a fan of these actors you will get them in a new light. Trejo is a magical healer and Daniels is a hardcore villain.

I really liked this movie. It was fun and different. The movie starts with a genocide in a tribal village where Danny Trejo is a magical healer. We follow this tribe girl (Vee) who gets captured from her village to be a prostitute in a dark moody city by a sadistic pimp played by Gary Daniels.

The Trejo character, who survived in an unusual way, is haunted by the ghosts of the past. The tribe girl will eventually betray the Gary Daniels character and escapes with the money he had planned to steal from a rich customer.

I wont say anything else from there.

The movie tries hard to send a message, and do something different. Succeeding in uneven ways.

Finally, it's a very entertaining film with a good pace.
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This film is unpacked with action
b971396129 July 2011
If you were expecting an action packed thriller having picked this up based on the title, star names, or cover art, then you will be disappointed. It is essentially a supernatural drama, with only brief moments of action. The helicopters on the DVD cover art, do not in-fact appear in the film.

It is refreshing to see Daniels take on a more prominent speaking role (which he does well), but would also be rewarding to see him kicking more ass in this film. Trejo adds an element of enigmatic charisma, but too many unresolved details surround the character for it to play out with satisfaction.

Johnny Lee's acting is excellent and he carries the film's intrigue well. He is unfortunately let down by his on-screen counter-part, Krystal Vee, who's erratic and inconsistent delivery fumble the opportunities the script had to shine.

Though well directed, and with some excellent cinematography, this film is ultimately let down by a slightly bizarre performance from the lead actress, and lack of action for the aficionados.
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A very odd film but not bad.
Jan Strydom29 November 2013
Luckily I found out in advance that this film was nothing like what the cover art suggested it would be and even though it also goes under the title THE MERCENARY the plot doesn't really revolve around any kind of mercenary. It's really a very odd film but I didn't think it was bad at all. The plot was intriguing enough to draw my attention and it was very different to other films Gary Daniels had appeared in before.

I thought about giving a synopsis which I don't normally do so that people would have a better idea of what to expect but I discovered the plot actually sounds more confusing than it really is. If you watch the film itself the plot makes more sense because there is more than one character story and sometimes it goes from being a supernatural drama to a love story to an action movie and during the third act it's all three at once.

On the technical side it's really well made, the cinematography is very nicely done and the acting isn't all that bad. The characters do start to grow on you after a while and granted the film isn't perfect by any means.

Overall, it's a very odd film but not bad but I recommend you ignore the cover art as it doesn't really represent what the film really is about. You can expect to see an intriguing plot that is more of a supernatural story with a bit of romance and a few mild action scenes.
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consider yourself warned
Dominik Schlatter23 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Never judge a book by it's cover, right? Well, the same goes (in this case at least triple) for DVDs. The cover is deception in it's purest form. It lead me to believe I had just bought some straight-to-DVD action flick with Danny Trejo and Gary Daniels doing some, well, action stuff. Nothing could be further from the truth.The movie is terrible! But then again I'm not the right audience. Some art-house fans would maybe see some value where I couldn't. I just kept thinking how weird (WEIRD!!), confusing and boring this movie is.

What gave me the (absurd) idea that it might be an action flick? Oh, I don't know! Maybe some things on the cover like helicopters (as someone already pointed out: Did. Not. Appear. In. One. Single. Scene!), soldiers, , Danny Trejo made to look like he's holding an assault rifle? Damn those marketing people for what they did. Absolutely outrageous!

What happens now? IMDb users will continue to rip the movie to shreds and who can blame them? That's what you get for tricking the wrong community into buying your product.

As an old Gary Daniels fan it pains me to see him doing a good job in such a painfully bad production.

Now I'm actually afraid to watch 'Forced to Fight'...
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