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Enter Stan Lee’s World of Heroes

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As if Stan Lee wasn’t busy enough, he’s apparently been involved in digital content development, the full scope of which will be revealed tomorrow during a panel discussion at Comic-Con International. The breakdown of properties, though, was released in advance of the formal announcement and since one of our pals is involved, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this news.

Vuguru and Pow! Entertainment unveil the premium YouTube channel Stan Lee’s World of Heroes at a panel in Room 6Bcf at 11:45 a.m. with a panel including Mark Hamill, Adrianne Curry, Peter David, Jace Hall, Bonnie Burton and America Young. The programming schedule includes:

Stan Lee’s Super Model (scripted action comedy) – From Stan Lee, two aspiring models Bree and Sera and blogger friend Lizzie, are accidentally exposed to a mysterious serum that grants them super powers. Their newfound powers wreak havoc on
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Comic-Con 2012 Programming: Thursday July 12

Comic-Con 2012 Programming: Thursday July 12
Continuing our coverage of the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con comes the programming for Thursday. For the full run down, go to the con’s website. Thursday is the first full day of the Comic-Con and is filled with awesome panels about zombies, monsters, The Walking Dead, Dexter, The Hobbit and others. Including our very own panel at 7:30 Pm in 24Abc in Hall H. We hope to see you there.

For the events that cater more to the sensibilities of FM, check the highlights below:

10:00-11:00 The Witty Women of Steampunk— The Victorian era was one marked by constraints on behavior, morals and bosoms. When you add a bit of sci-fi to the mix, however, those corset laces begin to loosen. The steampunk genre has allowed a new wave of female creators and personalities to explore how liberating, sexy, and adventurous the age of steam can be. Robin Blackburn
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San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Preview Night and Thursday Schedule

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Preview Night and Thursday Schedule
Comic-Con International has released the full schedules for Preview Night, Wednesday, July 11, and the first full day at the Con, Thursday, July 12. We have pulled out all the movie, DVD, and TV-related events right here. You can also clickHere for the entire schedule, including comic book events.

Wednesday, July 11 - Preview Night

6:00-9:45 Special Sneak Peek Pilot Screenings

Comic-Con and Warner Bros. Television proudly continue their annual Preview Night tradition, with exclusive world premiere screenings of the pilot episodes of five of the most highly anticipated TV series pilots of the 2012-13 television season: 666 Park Avenue, Arrow, The Following, Revolution and Cult.

666 Park Avenue

At 666 Park Avenue, anything you desire can be yours...for a price. Lost's Terry O'Quinn and Desperate Housewives' Vanessa Williams headline this scary, seductive drama from Alloy Entertainment as the owners of a Manhattan apartment building who recruit an idealistic young couple
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Stan Lee and Jace Hall geek out over The Hulk and 'Space 2099'

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This week on "Cocktails With Stan," comic book legend Stan Lee sits down with video game creator, TV producer and host of "The Jace Hall Show" and "Fan Wars" Jace Hall and myself to chat about all things geek. The first minute or so has Stan Lee being mean to Jace to the shock of anyone who's met him. Keep watching. A love fest follows.

Jace is currently producing an update to the show "Space 1999" called "Space 2099" and we learn all about it. We also learn about his new show on Stan's YouTube channel "World of Heroes" called "Fan Wars." In the show, super fans debate questions like, "Who would get a date faster at a party: Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne?" and "Who is tougher: She-Hulk or Wonder Woman?"

The guys also geek out over their favorite Marvel characters, who they'd like to see get their own
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‘Chadam’, ‘Exposed’ Headline’s Return to Web Series

Back in August of 2008, when we covered the launch of along with their impressive list of their upcoming web originals, it seemed like WB was going to be a major force in web series. After starting with a strong push behind series like Sorority Forever and Rich Girl, Poor Girl, the teen network cooled on web originals, opting instead for reruns of TV shows like The O.C. and Gilmore Girls. Several of the original 2008 slate of web shows stayed on the shelf despite being largely anticipated, including the animated Chadam and the McG-backed Exposed. Two years later, these two still have yet to hit the web. That all changes today, as releases their slate of summer programming. And in a unique move, they are not only launching four shows, but also releasing half the episodes of each of the shows in one huge chunk. Says Blake Calhoun,
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V Producer Jace Hall Shows His Love for Videogames in Web Series

Jace Hall, executive producer of ABC's V, is also the producer of The Jace Hall Show, a web series that mashes Hollywood celebrities with the world of videogames. caught up with Hall to get the skinny on how he balances it all and what's ahead for the alien-invasion drama when it returns March 30, 10/9c following Lost. 

Watch full episodes of V in our Online Video Guide Some people have compared The Jace Hall Show to Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Hall: I do like the show Curb Your Enthusiasm, but that's very, very Hollywood. It's entirely fiction, whereas my show is not entirely fiction. It's actually sprinkled with real news and real things that are happening. A lot of people think some of the stuff you see in our show had to have been staged, but it happened. So Felicia Day really...

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Season 3.0 of The Jace Hall Show exclusively on and Jace Hall are pregnant. Jace Hall is the Executive Producer behind the hit ABC television show "V: The Series," and he has collaborated with and Hdfilms Inc for the exclusive content deal. The Hall show is described as "Curb Your Enthusiasm" meets "Attack of the Show." Hall's series follows the Gamer-meets-Hollywood cross-culture antics of host Jace (Jason Hall) . an avid gamer, accomplished TV and videogame producer and founder of Hdfilms. The weekly, short form online program fuses celebrities, videogames, Internet culture and humor, featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the hottest game developers, actors, musicians, athletes and more. The Jace Hall Show, Season 3: First Trailer .Jace and IGN are
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‘Jace Hall Show’ Heads to IGN, Leaving Crackle

Jason 'Jace' Hall is an avid gamer, well known in gaming circles, at one point heading up production of a number of Warner Bros. video game titles like The Matrix Online, F.E.A.R., Condemned: Criminal Origins, 300: March to Glory and Justice League Heroes. After shifting gears into producing for TV and the web, Hall founded HDFilms in 2007, and with it bowing his own hosted web series, The Jace Hall Show. Originally the series found a home on Sony's Crackle, which netted a reported 8 million views for the upstart network through its two season run. Now, heading into its third season, The Jace Hall Show has inked an exclusive distribution deal with gaming-heavy content site IGN. The new six-week season—see the trailer above—will debut January 29th. IGN is a natural fit for the gaming focused series, and with its not-to-shabby 25 million monthly visitors (global), there's a
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Sdcc '09: Wednesday Horror

  • Fangoria
The 2009 Edition of Comic-Con get's underway this week at the San Diego Convention Center, promising the biggest pop-culture event of the year.

Fangoria will be there reporting on the action live from the show floor, with constant updates on all the genre panels, announcements, and more - bringing all the latest Sdcc '09 Horror News direct to you right here on

For those of you planning to attend the 100% Sold-out show, here's a look at what to expect for genre programming on preview night - Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009.


Special Sneak Peek Pilot Screenings— Comic-Con and Warner Bros. Television proudly present exclusive pilot premiere screenings of some of the most buzzed-about new TV series of the 2009–2010 season— V and The Vampire Diaries —as well as an exclusive preview trailer for additional upcoming shows. Already one of the most talked-about new shows of the upcoming season,
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Warner Brothers Television Releases Comic-Con 2009 Schedule!

Warner Bros. Television Group (Wbtvg) returns to Comic-Con International: San Diego in 2009 with a star-studded lineup featuring a Studio-record 11 series that will be showcased in panel sessions, screenings, media appearances and autograph signings throughout the convention. For continuing info on the Studio's plans at Comic-Con, please follow us on Twitter. Wbtvg will also be launching a Con-related website at, coming in July.

Series and selected stars and creators (*) scheduled to attend include:

The Big Bang Theory: Johnny Galecki (Roseanne), Jim Parsons (Garden State), Kaley Cuoco (Charmed), executive producer Chuck

Lorre (Two and a Half Men) and more

Chuck: Zachary Levi (upcoming Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakuel), Yvonne Strahovski (upcoming I Love You Too), executive producer Josh Schwartz (Gossip Girl) and more

Eastwick: Rebecca Romijn (X-Men), Lindsay Price (Lipstick Jungle), Jaime Ray Newman (Veronica Mars) and more

Fringe: Anna Torv (The Pacific), Josh Jackson
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Int: Jace Hall

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If you are a gamer and you've never seen The Jace Hall Show on Crackle and Xbox Live Marketplace, you should be ashamed of yourself. The show is a riot. Celebs playing games, intern abuse and a theme song called "All Your Base are Belong to Us" (if you recognize that, you too are a geek, my friend)...Jace is a busy man. He's a video game, television and film producer and the founder of HDFilms. He's even producing this fall's remake of the popular 80's television show,...
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‘Kwoon’ Combines Terrible Acting with Badass Kung Fu for an Awesome Web Series

Alright, show of hands. How many of you Internet dorks choreographed some sweet fight scenes with your friends when you were kids? Yeah, me too. One of the great college memories that I have was taking a fencing class. Fencing itself was alright, but for the final project we were supposed to put together a choreographed fight scene and present it to the class. Luckily, my best friend had signed up with me and we decided to redo the famous battle in Empire Strikes Back between Luke and Darth where Luke gets his hand cut off. Was it good? It was friggin awesome! Did the rest of the class think it was good? I didn’t care. What I do know is that my friend and I had a blast doing it. I get the sense that the guys over at Kwoon feel the same way about their web series.
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