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‘Circledrawers’ Do Heaven’s Dirty Work, With ‘Sopranos’ Muscle

If the idea of a show centered around entry-level angels that hire hookers to cuddle, sleep in the houses of the rich and famous, and generally handle most of Heaven's scut work sounds intriguing to you, go ahead and check out Circledrawers, the latest web series project by Poppoli Pictures and Cicala Filmworks. Created by Icelandic filmmaker Olaf de Fleur Johanneson and NY-based writer and filmmaker Stefan Schaefer, Circledrawers stars Sharon Angela and Steve Schirripa from The Sopranos ("Rosalie" and "Bacala" to fans of the show) as well as Icelandic actors Benedikt Erlingsson as "Mozart" and Hilmir Snaer Gudnason as "Oleg."
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Angels walk amongst us in web-series ‘Circledrawers’

At the beginning of May a 9 episode web series called Circledrawers began opening up to us a different look at the world and class of angels called Circledrawers. Between ‘Somewhere in Iceland’ and ‘Somewhere in New York’ the search for a special kind of Circledrawer is happening…

Welcome to world of the Circledrawers – lowly janitors of the Almighty’s imperfect system, angels living among us and performing the most mundane of tasks. Oleg, a special emissary has arrived at transmission central in Iceland to do the semi-centennial report on the efficiency of the Circledrawer system. He introduces himself to the team and begins his analysis of these poor creatures who were once human but, due to unproductive or lackluster lives, have been reborn as angels. Each is condemned to complete a near impossible list of 1571 tasks in the hopes of being reborn as human once more. But the report is
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Lives of Sopranos, Humans, and Angels Connect in ‘Circledrawers’

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You know when you’re sleeping next to someone and that someone wakes you up in the middle of the night and starts telling you a dream? And then you’re like, “Uggghhh…but I’m sleeping!” but he or she tells you the dream anyway? And his or her subconscious story is a little vague, far-fetched and confusing, and makes you remember how your dreams are awesome but other people’s dreams are boring? The Icelandic web series, Circledrawers certainly isn’t boring, but it’s kinda like listening to someone else’s dream. As Sopranos‘ star Steven Schirripa describes it, “I don’t really understand it and I’m not sure if the characters in the show understand it, but it’s a really, really well done, cool show. In season one, the world of the Circledrawers is slowly introduced. We’re invited to believe that a grim
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