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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Frank says "Wanna take that knife away from my balls?" Marvin withdraws the knife he is holding to Frank's crotch. We hear a metallic sliding sound as if he's pulling the knife out of a sheath, but the knife is touching nothing.

Character error 

When Colonel Moses is challenged by armed guards, they give him a hand salute. Armed guards in the performance of their duty would not lower their weapons to hand salute anyone.
When Frank takes the police car in New Orleans and makes the "officer down" call, he states that the suspect (Cooper) is driving a Tahoe. The vehicle used was a GMC Yukon, not a Chevrolet Tahoe.
(at around 16 mins) After making the call on the pay phone, Parker's character pronounces the name of the city in Alabama the same way one pronounces "mobile" phone. The city is pronounced "mo-BEEL." This is surprising, as Mary-Louise Parker is from South Carolina and the pronunciation of Mobile is widely known in the South.
When Frank radios in about the "officer down", he describes Cooper as wearing a black suit. His suit was navy blue, and a CIA agent would have noticed this.


When Sarah Ross gets home from her date, she opens a new can of Corona Extra, takes two drinks, then throws the can at Frank. The can is empty.
When Sarah Ross is holding the candle-holder, the last candle itself appears and disappears between shots. Also, its position changes.
When Marvin reads the code for the helicopter the first time it is different than at the airport.
During the vice president party shoot-out, Victoria (Helen Mirren)'s lipstick keeps changing.
When Frank, Sarah and Marvin are waiting in the hangar. In the long shot showing all three, Marvin is holding his stuffed pig by the tail and the legs are toward the camera. In the closeup seconds later the back of the pig is towards the camera.
After they exit the CIA building and enter the ambulance, there is a clock behind them showing 9:45 as the time. After they are gone from the place and are traveling on a highway, another shot shows the clock with the same exact time as before.
When Cynthia Wilkes brings hostage Sarah to the limo, Cynthia enters the limo from the right side after Sarah, sitting her on the right side. When the limo arrives at the power plant, Cynthia exits the car first - at the left side.
When Frank Moses goes to Eagle's Nest he has a wound next to his right eye. When he speaks with the woman in the house and the camera goes back to Frank - the wound is gone.
As William Cooper enters the Vice President's party his security ear piece is clearly visible, on the other side of the door it's gone.
When Frank and Sarah first meet in her apartment. Sarah is holding a candle stick holder. It changes position every time the camera cuts back to her.
After Moses inserted the syringe into the gunman's neck and he has fallen down, it tilts to the right. Then, while the grenade is exploding in Moses' house, the dead gunmen with the syringe in his neck can be seen. Now it sticks upright in his neck.
When Marvin grabs the woman at the airport in Alabama, he's holding the stuffed pig in his right hand. A second later, he pushes her against a wall and he suddenly has a pistol in his hand and the pig tucked under his arm. Also, he cocks the pistol, but a shot or two later it's uncocked again.
When Frank gets out of bed he puts on his bathrobe, but when he is eating his breakfast after coming downstairs, the bathrobe is gone.

Errors in geography 

During the scene in the Mobile Airport Control Tower, you see a British Airways tail fin taxi past while they are being shot at. British Airways do not serve Mobile, Alabama.
When the outside of the hotel in which the VP gives his speech is shown, you can see a large Canadian flag. This is because even though the scene is suppose to take place in Chicago, the location is The Royal York Hotel, located in Toronto, Canada.
When the characters leave New Orleans and the postcard says "Mobile, Alabama", the characters are actually walking through the train station in New Orleans.
The address on Frank's check says Parma Heights, yet he puts out a city of Cleveland trash can.
Marvin lives in an underground bunker in Florida with a vault. Not only is there no explanation as to how he managed to install a vault, but also very few houses or buildings in Florida have basements due to the high water table.
Mountains are seen outside the window of the airport control tower in Mobile, Alabama.

Factual errors 

When the team traps the Vice-President's group in the parking garage, Victoria (Helen Mirren) is firing a 50 caliber machine gun at the group to keep them pinned down. An ammunition can is visible hanging off the weapon's left side. The armor-piercing ammunition readily pierces the vehicles. The 50 caliber weapon is a belt-fed machine gun. Its large ammunition (5.45" in length) is usually fed from an ammunition can weighing 35 pounds and holding 100 rounds. The weapon at the sustained high rate of fire shown would be firing 450-550 rounds per minute, requiring it to be reloaded with a new can about every 13 seconds. Before and after the VP's security team flanks the weapon and discover it is unmanned, it has been firing for at least 30 seconds without being reloaded. The armor-piercing ammunition would not only have easily penetrated the vehicles but the people hiding behind them.
The eagle on the doorplate of the Russian embassy has one head. The eagle on the real Russian coat of arms is two-headed.


At the Mobile Airport Control Tower, you see a British Airways tail fin taxi past while they are being shot at. British Airways do not serve Mobile, Alabama.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

At one point Marvin says "switch the flip" instead of "flip the switch." This is probably intentional; he is supposed to be insane.
When Joe is introducing Victoria to Sara He says, "she is an artist with an RPN", some might think this is a mistake thinking it should be RPG, it is probably not a mistake. When referring to RPN and "being an artist with an RPN" they are most likely referring to a series light machine gun (Ruchnoy Pulemyot Nikonova) similar to an RPK.

Revealing mistakes 

At the beginning of the movie, you see Christmas decorations, but when Frank opens his Social Security check, the date on the check is March 1, 2011.
When the CD recording of Alexander Dunning's humanitarian sales pitch skips, it skips like a slowly revolving vinyl record would skip, not like a rapid, stuttering digital CD skip.
In the Vice President's fund raiser ball room the American flag has 9 stripes and only 32 stars.
Frank wakes up at 6:00 in the opening scene (according to the bedroom clock). It is supposed to be Christmas time. At that time of year (in the USA) it would be dark out at 6:00 (a.m. or p.m.) yet there are signs of daylight in his unlit home.
The Plantronics hands-free headset that Sarah uses in her office has a red indicator light on the end of the microphone boom. The light is supposed to be off when the phone is not connected, flashing when the caller is on hold and constant-on when connected normally. However, every time Sarah is shown talking to Frank, the light is flashing, indicating that the phone is actually on hold.
In the first two aerial shots of the hotel in "Chicago" where the Vice President is appearing, you can see the hotel sign reading "Fairmount "Chi Cago" with "Chicago" being split in half. That's because they had to cover up the real name of the hotel, the "Royal York" which is where they filmed in Toronto.
(at around 52 mins) In the limousine when William Cooper opens the file on Frank Moses, the picture is reversed, with flag, ribbons etc. on the left side of the photo.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.

Revealing mistakes 

When Frank kidnaps Sarah Ross and she is in the back seat her hands are tied in the front which she keeps bringing up to her chest. She can easily reach up and pull the tape across her mouth but she keeps yelling beneath the tape.

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