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Plot Keywords

cia interrogation
russian christmas
assassin cia agent
retirement spy
kissing passionate kiss
handcuff key handcuffs
shooting boss humvee
tearing up a bank check tuxedo
explosive vest man carrying a woman
shot in the belly smoke grenade
fire alarm 50 calibre machine gun
door chained shut fundraiser
ballroom dancing invitation
arsenal storage unit
secret file tied to a chair
safe room military dress uniform
interracial kiss yellow rose
bleach impersonating a fire fighter
acetone id badge
crashing through a window kicked in the head
rocket propelled grenade shipping container
bell 206 jet ranger helicopter riddle
boeing 727 underground home
crossbow pensacola florida
redacted document policecar crash
dassault falcon 7 business jet woman tied to a bed
hairbrush hanged by the neck
go bag duct tape gag
close up of eyes injected in neck
corner gun office cubicle
sit ups avocado
govenment check punching a heavy bag
canadian flag conspiracy
american flag jumping through a window
throat ripping neck breaking
electrocution lasersight
taser body landing on a car
exploding car shootout
strangulation kitchen
hotel chicago illinois
rogue agent two way mirror
interview bullet wound
cabin chase
corrupt politician political corruption
ex soldier blow torch
russian embassy security camera
surveillance mansion
flashback metal detector
gash in the face nosebleed
blood on shirt fight
parking garage swat team
fbi security guard
disguise contact lens
bullet time exploding body
kicking in door fire
shot to death grenade
rpg rescue
revolver satellite
raised middle finger white house
hidden door hostage
scene of the crime chandelier
secret passageway paranoid
camoflage uniform threatened with a knife
machete airplane
switchblade knife
florida everglades new york city
library florida
speedboat walkie talkie
stealing a car firefighter
fire truck ambulance
police car police
car crash deception
female spy female assassin
former spy cell phone trace
duct tape over mouth investigation
apartment limousine
noose blackmail
fireplace on the run
cell phone passport
murder shot in the shoulder
face slap punched in the face
hypodermic needle shot in the back
shot in the chest shot in the face
shot in the head shot in the forehead
silencer pistol
home invasion assassination attempt
former assassin former agent
snowman christmas wreath
cleveland ohio snow
office clerk taser gun
jumping onto a car parking lot
alarm kissing someone's hand
impersonation giving a speech
warehouse dancing couple
knocked out slapping
threat to kill affectionate kiss
held at gunpoint elevator
vodka embassy
satellite surveillance container
stuffed animal airport
pay phone binoculars
vault chinatown
drugged motel
laptop planting evidence
throwing a cell phone out a car window calling for help
throwing something at someone kansas city
punching bag waking up
reading in bed ski mask
escaping from bonds first date
telephone conversation christmas decorations
giving a toast tied feet
sole black character dies cliche bound and gagged
code word unsubtitled foreign language
postcard hitlist
unlikely lovers library of congress
911 call shot through a window
helicopter impersonating a police officer
new orleans louisiana conspiracy theorist
moldova secret service
mouth taped shut duct tape
arms dealer government conspiracy
suicide bomber christmas tree
black slip sniper rifle
white dress traced call
stretch limousine retina scan faked
presumed dead retirement home
explosion severed finger
mistaken sex scene washington d.c.
retinal scanner retina scan
self sacrifice ex cia agent
presidential candidate u.s. vice president
mobile alabama underground bunker
call center cleavage
machine gun magnum handgun
rocket launcher grenade launcher
tied to a bed woman wearing army boots
coming out of retirement sniper
kidnapping vice president
terminal illness fugitive
strapped to a bomb one word title
color in title dc comics
based on graphic novel based on comic
based on comic book title spoken by character
surprise ending

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