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When Jonah Hill vomits on Seth Rogen and James Franco, they are completely covered in vomit. In the next shot their hair is dry and their t-shirts are only a bit wet.
When Jay Baruchel and Craig Robinson are running from the dog-like demon in the neighbor's house, Craig saves Jay by pushing him out of a glass door. As Craig is jumping into Jay he is securely wearing the backpack full of food but when they crash through to the outside the very next second he is not wearing it.

Revealing mistakes 

In the scene after Craig gets taken into heaven they are seen in Franco's Prius. All of the light are on in the dashboard indicating that the car wasn't actually running, just in the accessory mode. This means that the car couldn't move because you couldn't put it into drive.
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The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen make it to Heaven and see Craig Robinson, Jay starts yelling, "Yay!" as both Jay and Seth run to Craig. Jay yells the whole time until they reach Craig, but when they reach him the audio for Jay is still going while his mouth is closed.


When they first break through the floor/ceiling, there is no rebar in the concrete (which they would not have been able to break with their improvised tools anyway.) When the hole is next shown a few sequences later, some severed stumps of rebar have magically appeared.
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Factual errors 

All concrete ceilings are always reinforced with steel nets ('rebar') specifically so that NO big chunks can just break away and people suddenly drop through large holes.
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