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31 Jul. 1960
Theatre 60:The Devil Makes Sunday
Prisoners attempt to escape from an 1840s Australian Convict Colony.
12 Jul. 1964
Sunday Mystery Theatre: The Primitives
A couple with a failing marriage,try for reconciliation by taking a break in a remote cottage. The locals seem pleasant enough, that is until the couple start arguing.
2 Aug. 1964
Sunday Mystery Theatre: Weekend at Willaburra
A couple driving out from Adelaide to inspect an inherited property face a hostile reception from the former Austrian émigrés in a remote outback settlement.
23 Aug. 1964
Sunday Mystery Theatre: Dig Here
A couple awake in the middle of the night to find themselves locked in their bedroom while an undertaker is also in their back garden.
17 Jan. 1965
A Tall, Stalwart Lancer
Bizarre drama about mysterious Torquil Callander who hangs around a mews area of houses.
11 Apr. 1965
Lot 171
3 May 1965
Suspense Hour: Nightmare on Instalments
Harry the tally-man sells dreams of easy credit that turn into nightmares.
17 Apr. 1966
From Inner Space: Part 1
A group working in a remote European space observatory find their thoughts turning inward as they struggle with the boredom.
13 Dec. 1970
Turn of the Year: The Christmas Present
Teenagers Gary and Brian think the key to a good Christmas would be breaking into a department store and taking just what they want.
20 Dec. 1970
Turn of the Year: The Six Horse Accumulator
Henry pays a last visit to the betting shop before Christmas and gets the biggest surprise of his life.
27 Dec. 1970
Turn of the Year: My Guest Star Tonight
Guthrie's days as a once famous actor in demand are long over, and now spends his Christmas alone and forgotten. Then a phone call comes from a TV pop programme requesting him to appear with a 'keen to meet him' pop star.
3 Jan. 1971
Turn of the Year: Sally for Keeps
After a troubled childhood with feckless parents, teenager Sally is fostered by a couple just for Christmas. As Christmas ends the couple have decision to make.
10 Jan. 1971
Turn of the Year: The Parcel
Post Christmas blues only add to the atmosphere of a couple bored with their marriage until a late, unexpected parcel arrives.
17 Jan. 1971
Turn of the Year: The Girl Upstairs
A teacher living in a room tries to concentrate on his homework while a noisy festive party goes on in a room upstairs.
26 Dec. 1971
The Crib
16 Jan. 1972
Old Newsome
With his wife showing signs of dementia, happily married Newsome, reluctantly allows his wife to be taken into hospital. However, he is not happy seeing her being treated like a child and takes matters into his own hands.
7 May 1972
The Sanctuary Man
A tycoon left stranded on a small island,realizes he might be also be sharing it with a lunatic.
24 Feb. 1974
No Harm Done
A factory manager releases the keys of his premises to thugs who threaten him with a gun. He is left physically unharmed but what about his mind?
22 Sep. 1974
The Arcata Promise
A man regrets all his life a promise he never kept.
7 Sep. 1975
7 Mar. 1976
Now Is Too Late
Nicola has everything she wants, a happy marriage and successful husband, everything accept a baby.
24 Apr. 1976
16 May 1976
The Nicest Man in the World
Four strange women turn up at a man's funeral.
1 Aug. 1976
Forget -Me- Knot
Streetwise Fleet Street hack Pat Powell finds herself being entranced by a wiley old celebrity writer.

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