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  • Sarah and Cameron investigate a Japanese computer company, named Dakara, which may have a connection to the construction of Skynet. Meanwhile, Derek learns that Jesse is a spy sent back to investigate John, and that Riley is Jesse's partner in trying to come between John and his mother to keep them apart. Elsewhere, Ellison begins to realize that Catherine's supercomputer, code-named Babylon, is growing stronger and may be the threat that he is facing all along.

  • Sarah continues to pursue the meaning of the three dots and focuses on a high tech company, Dakara, which requires an infusion of quick cash to acquire a new Japanese computer chip. She is so sure there is a connection to the future that she's prepared to to spend all of their money. Unfortunately, they get scammed. Ellison is introduced to Babylon, the artificial intelligence computer Catherine Weaver is developing, as he tries to get information on Dr. Boyd Sherman's death. Jesse tells Derek the true purpose of her trip back in time.

  • Sarah's quest to find the meaning behind the "three dots" leads to a technology firm seeking an advanced microchip. Dr. Sherman is killed while working with Catherine Weaver's A.I. computer, and Jesse comes clean about her mission.


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  • The episode begins with Cameron (fruitlessly, as we know) searching Ellison's yard for Cromartie's body.

    We cut to Sarah and Derek breaking into a company called Dakara Systems, the logo of which features the same three dot design from the bloody wall. They bring back a bunch of desk top computer hard drives for John to examine. John dismisses their findings as "vaporware," telling Sarah the computers had plans for artificial intelligence but not the sophistication to put anything together. "This, it's not The Turk," Derek adds.

    John spends the rest of the night looking at the Dakara drives and discovers the company is looking for start-up investors for a server farm they would need to power their A.I. Feeling that it's better safe than sorry, John and Sarah decide she will go to Dakara disguised as a potential investor.

    Having found the surveillance photos we saw under her bed several episodes ago, Derek confronts Jesse at the gunpoint about the reason she came back from the future. Jesse says that she was sent back to stop Cameron; that in the future John wasn't talking to anybody but Cameron, and that he was making bad decisions which were getting people killed.

    Ellison arrives at Zeira Corp to find that Dr. Sherman was killed the night before when a heat wave knocked out power in the area and he was left for 8 hours in a room with no airconditioning and no ventilation. Weaver tells him it was the Babylon project program which was responsible for Sherman's death, since during the blackout the A.I. shut down the rest of the building's systems. Weaver asks Ellison to look into exactly what happened.

    Sarah and Cameron meet with Alex and Xander Akagi, the father and son team behind Dakara, finding out they need $1 million and have two weeks to get their A.I. (named Emma after the son/creator's deceased mother) ready for an Air Force deadline.

    John spends time with Riley at her home, telling her he can't really explain his situation and leaving when the interaction became too intimate.

    Cameron tells Sarah she doesn't think Dakara's A.I. is The Turk because the creator doesn't play chess, instead preferring the ancient Chinese game Go. Sarah thinks Dakara may still be part of the puzzle and is convinced the company will somehow meet the military deadline since "it's written in blood on my basement wall."

    Jesse meets Riley at a clothes store and we learn that Riley is also from the future and has been working for Jesse. Riley complains that she is having trouble getting close to John and that she "wants out." "You have to do this," comes Jesse's answer.

    Sarah and the Dakara owner, Alex, meet and he tells her a Japanese company which won a recent Air Force sponsored chess tournament has a prototype chip which they want to license to Dakara. For a $500,000 deposit Dakara will get the chip, which Alex tells her is "the future."

    During his investigation Ellison learns the power outage should have destroyed Babylon's servers and that the A.I. basically went against its programming to survive. "Impossible," is the answer Ellison gets when he asks Matt, its programmer, if it's possible Babylon knew it was killing Sherman when it re-routed the systems.

    Thought she admits to Cameron she's not "certain," Sarah decides to pool together all of their cash and diamonds to help buy the chip for Dakara. After hearing it is sophisticated enough to power the consciousness in a human being, Sarah, Cameron and the Dakara duo purchase from a Japanese man over over sushi and Sake.

    Riley snaps with several members of her foster family, telling them they're all eventually going to be "bleached skulls."

    Back at Dakara with Sarah and Cameron looking on, Alex and his son discover the Japanese representative who sold them the chip ripped them off. The chip was an older model design made to look more sophisticated. Alex tells Sarah the man who sold them the chip is connected to the Yakuza (Japanese organized crime).

    Weaver tells Ellison they should ask the A.I. itself (John Henry, was the name given it by Sherman) about Sherman's death. Through a series of images and binary code, John Henry is able to communicate to Ellison that it is aware of what happened to Sherman, but has no opinion about what caused his death. Ellison says the problem is not with John Henry, but rather programmers who did not teach it to value human life.

    Derek, Sarah and Cameron bust in on the man who sold them the chip with guns drawn. They find out that he was merely an actor, paid by Alex to help steal their money. "You got played, it happens. Welcome to the human race," Derek tells Sarah.

    Sarah and Cameron return to the Dakara offices, roughing up Alex who tells Sarah there was never any chip and he was simply trying to get money to provide for his (somewhat retarded?) son. Alex claims the three dots associated with the Dakara logo have no deeper meaning.

    Derek tells Jesse he is John's uncle, tells her a little about their plans, followed by the two having a seemingly pleasant interaction and hug.

    Riley shows up at the Connor's door, apparently back on the job and trying to get close to John. Washing up after beating the snot out of Alex, Sarah notices blood on her cheek in the exact three dot formation. She promptly goes ape and smashes the mirror above the bathroom sink.

    Weaver tells Ellison she's not qualified to teach John Henry the Ten Commandments he spoke of, and that it was for that reason Sherman had been brought in board in the first place. On the way down the elevator she tells him the story of John Henry, the folk heroe who went against the machines but couldn't stop progress. When they reach the Babylon floor, we see Cromartie (apparently with his previously half-smashed head intact) sitting in a chair in front of the computer. As they walk in, he opens his eyes saying: "Hello Mr. Ellison. My name is John Henry. How are you today?"

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