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Season 2

5 Jul. 2009
Teeth, Talons, Terror
Guadalupe Island, Mexico: Tow divers in a shark cage are joined by a great white; Dallas, Texas: A bull rider is tossed off his bull; Sylmar, California: Rescuers attempt to save a horse who has become stuck in mud; Los Angeles, California: A bird handler at the Los Angeles Zoo is attacked by a hawk; Indianapolis, Indiana: A dog is stranded on ice.
12 Jul. 2009
Heroes and Horror
Tabatinga, Colombia: A reporter is bitten by an anaconda; Los Alamitos, California: A jockey is seriously injured after she comes off her horse; Ames, Iowa: Rescuers attempt to save an injured bald eagle being attacked by crows; Selma, Alabama: A dog comes to the aid of an officer being attacked by a suspect; Los Lunas, New Mexico: A bear is trapped in a sewage tank.
19 Jul. 2009
Mother Nature's Nightmares
Pamplona, Spain: A man is knocked down and tossed around by a bull; Hot Springs, Arkansas: An alligator clamps down on a handler's arm; Burgaw, North Carolina: A flood caused by Hurrican Floyd leaves four cows and a horse stranded on a home owner's porch; Pinnaroo, Australia: A plague of mice invade a farm; St. Simons Island, Georgia: A woman and her dog have to be rescued after landing in a marsh.
25 Jul. 2009
Sudden Peril
Rejkjavik, Iceland: 12 horses fall into freezing water when the frozen lake cracks; Paterna, Spain: A person participating in the running of the bulls is repeatedly tossed around; Cody, Wyoming: A family outing turns into a rescue mission for an elk stuck in a deep hole in a creek; Moreno Valley, California: A 14-foot python clamps onto its feeder's hand; Long Reef, Australia: Kayak Fisherman are attacked by a great white shark.
2 Aug. 2009
Claws, Clashes, Chaos
Sondelani, Zimbabwe: A supposedly tame leopard attacks a wildlife photographer; Baltimore, Maryland: A bull fighter takes a hoof to the chest, sending him flying backwards; Gold Coast, Australia: Rescuers attempt to save a humpback whale that has a shark net wrapped around its tail; Recife, Brazil: A young girl is attacked by a monkey; Marion, Indiana: A dog gets stuck after chasing a rabbit into a culvert.
9 Aug. 2009
Whale Watch
Silver Banks, Dominican Republic:A humpback whale smacks an underwater cameraman with its tail; Point Barrow, Alaska: A gray whale and her calf are trapped in a blanked of ice five miles away from open water; La Paz, Mexico: A 50-ton sperm whale is trapped in shallow water; Kona, Hawaii: A diver is pulled 30 feet down by a pilot whale; Gold Coast, Australia: A young humpback whale's tale is caught in a shark net that it is dragging behind it.
16 Aug. 2009
The Wedding Crashers
Murwilumbah, Australia: An Aussie cowboy-themed wedding goes bad when the horses leading the carriage rear up; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: A bull in a rodeo knocks over a mounted bull tender; Hingham, Massachusetts: Rescuers attempt to save a dog after it falls through ice after chasing a seal; Greensburg, Pennsylvania: Deer overrun a convenience store; Manchester, England: A jet pilot has to make an emergency landing after a bird strike; Punta Gorda, Florida: Animal control officers have to extract a boa constrictor that has climbed into a car's engine compartment.
27 Sep. 2009
Kenya: A park ranger is attacked by a leopard being released into the wild; Calatag, Phillipines: Four tigers attack a zoo-keeper when he turns his back on them; Maasi Mara, Kenya: Tourists videotape a buffalo heard coming to the rescue of a young buffalo being attacked by several lions; , then being rescued by its heard when it calls out; Berlin, Germany: A lion attacks its trainer; Los Angeles, California: Rescuers attempt to save a kitten that has fallen into an eight-foot drain pipe.
18 Oct. 2009
Unlikely Heroes
Jersey, Channel Islands: A young boy falls into a gorilla enclosure at a zoo; Costa of Durban, South Africa: A tiger shark bites a diver's thigh; Clifton, Colorado: A dog's owner tries to save his dog who has fallen into icy water; Reno, Nevada: A bullfighter lands on his neck after being tossed by a bull; A baboon escapes from a crocodile's jaws; Medway, Ohio: A man who had had one leg surgically reattached after being in a car accident tries to rescue a raccoon whose head is stuck in a peanut butter jar.
7 Nov. 2009
Railed, Jailed, and Nailed
Del Mar, California: After his horse stumbles, a jockey ends up underneath the horse; Bali: A macaque bites a young boy; Shelby, North Carolina: A Dutch Shepherd helps subdue an escaped convict; Paso Robles, California: A bull steps on his rider's head after throwing him; Australia: A king brown snake is trapped in an aluminum can; Nasiriyah, Iraq: Soldiers attempt to rescue a baby camel trapped in a 12-foot well.
15 Nov. 2009
Cheating Death
Calgary, Alberta: A chuck wagon driver is thrown off his cart and dragged underneath; Coria, Spain: During the Running of the Bulls, an animal rights activist is repeatedly tossed around by a bull; Reno, Nevada: A woman attempts to rescue her dog from a frozen lake; Samburu National Reserve, Kenya: Rescuers attempt to aid an eight-month-old baby elephant with an injured leg; A cuttlefish launches a sneak attack on an octopus; Bressler, Pennsylvania: Deer hunters try to save a deer stuck in mud.
15 Nov. 2009
The Struggle for Survival
Seville, Spain: A bull knocks out a matador when he smacks him in the face; Boca Raton, Florida: A man struggles to save his two dogs from his van that has fallen into a sinkhole full of water; Mojones Sur, Argentina: A horse rears up and falls back onto its rider; A squirrel leaps just in time from a building that is being razed; Cairns, Australia: A cat is rescued from a utility pole, then leaps out of the truck that rescues it.
29 Nov. 2009
Mayhem and Miracles
New Orleans, Louisiana: A bull rider is tossed headfirst against the bars of the chute; New York City: US Airways Flight 1549; Mendoza Argentina: A TV host is chased in a zoo by an agitated elephant; Greeley, Colorado: Two horses spook pulling a covered wagon; Tangalooma, Australia: Rescuars attempt to save a dolphin bitten by a shark.
13 Dec. 2009
Under My Skin
Niglintgak Island, Canada: An Arctic researcher is infested with seven bot fly larvae; Almenara, Spain: During the Running of the Bulls, a runner is repeatedly tossed around; Graham Island, British Columbia: Rescuers attempt to save a beached baby humpback whale; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: A barrel racer's horse rears up and falls back onto her; Kenya: A baby elephant is trapped in a six-foot well.
27 Dec. 2009
Angels and Demons
Canary Islands: A diver is bitten by an angel shark; Pretoria, South Africa: A python latches onto a man's hand; Maypadi, India: A frightened leopard is trapped at the bottom of a well; New York City: A bull rider is whacked on the back of the head and kicked by a bull; Melbourne, Kentucky: A horse slips into icy water; Tokushima, Japan: A dog is trapped on the ledge of a retaining wall.

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