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Hocus Pocus! You just lost 80 minutes of your life.
chrichtonsworld5 October 2009
While I didn't expect a great movie,I had no idea it would be this bad. With good actors like Robert Davi,Andrew Divoff,Billy Zane and even Armand Assante you can't go wrong can you. And to be fair it isn't their fault. For the most part they are quite adequate. But why on earth didn't they have the main parts in this movie. A Russian body builder turned actor who has no acting ability whatsoever has the lead.Are you kidding me? And what was up with the story? Somewhere hidden in the plot there is a murder mystery that in it self looked pretty promising. A killer that cuts people in half in such a way that it can't be explained.Maybe I was hypnotized during the movie or something like that since it never got explained how it was done. We'll only find out who the killer is. Which is pretty obvious from the start without even having seen the movie. The biggest WTF moment to me was when the movie ended. A cast with names like these at least deserve good writing and better directing. AVOID!
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Thriller?? how 'bout Snoozer!!
lynn-jim-burke12 October 2009
Could be the worst movie I have ever watched...normally I would press 'stop' but some for reason I watched this train wreck through to the nonsensical ending.

The premise was interesting but the acting brutal (someone had a bang on comparison to Arnie for the Russian cop), script stunted and the weaving of the scenes - well 'chunky' comes to mind.

No one should pay more than they would for a can of Red Bull to watch this movie - drink one before because you are going to need it!!

This movie is not worth the 10 lines of script but i felt it necessary to add this in order to spare some poor soul out there.
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This sucked in a way I thought wasn't possible
JohnnyGalt200821 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this because I like Billy Zane, Armand Assante, and haven't seen them in a while. I know Billy hasn't been up for any Oscars that I'm aware of, but he's got a style I like in Titanic, Demon Night, the Sniper movie, he's not bad and I'm a fan. Armand Assante on the other hand has had some Oscar worthy performances in his career. The main detective on the case is this is Robert Davi, he's pretty good too. This is something that they are all going to want to have permantly deleted from their resume's. This sucked in a way I would not have thought possible from even low end talent, much less what they have to work with here. Lifetime movies look like Oscar winnings compared to this crap. The script was written by a third grader I think, and they probably let him direct it too. Who ever is responsible for this should not just be kicked out of Hollywood, he should be taken behind the woodshed and given a good beating. I am just sorry to say they have a minimum vote of 1 star, because this didn't even deserve that.
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No magic whatsoever
stefgrig7 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I had some mild expectations from this movie. The last couple of movies with magicians were brilliant (the illusionist , the prestige ) the cast includes many respected actors , so this should not be bad right ?

Boy I was mistaken , this is a total waste of time. No magic here , move along . I mean it

While the cast is not bad , the Russian lead which reminds me of Arny playing terminator , is awful . The movie is predictable too . I mean what were they thinking , the killer is so obvious that I kept thinking this cant be it , there must be a twist in there somewhere . Well I was wrong . I will never get these 80 minutes back , but maybe I can save someone by writing my 1st comment .....
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Unfortunately, what has been seen cannot be unseen
tkbtushman21 May 2011
We signed up for an IMDb account just so that we could malign this wretched movie. Terrible doesn't even begin to describe it: abysmal comes much closer! We must apologize to our DVD player for inflicting this upon it, and possibly need an exorcism on our television. No, we're not exaggerating, it really was that bad and we don't want it to infest our other viewing choices! Billy Zane should be violated by hordes of angry cannibals for agreeing to act in this movie. There are STDs more pleasant than this movie. Paying the rent cannot be as important as professional pride. This movie was akin to audio/visual gonorrhea. Now, it burns when I stare.

Now, we are aware that some people trash movies in hyperbolic fashion just for fun. This is not the case. This was every bit as awful as we have portrayed. The acting was outright horrible. Estelle Raskin & Alexander Nevsky had 2 of the main 3 roles (Zane had #3). When 66.6% of your movie couldn't act hurt if shot with live ammo, you are basically skiing uphill. Zane must have gazed upon the acting putrescence across from himself, uttered "F#$% it, it's a paycheck!" & fetched the strongest drink available on set, remaining internally pickled until well after post-production.

Honestly, the only pleasure we got from watching this was giving it the "MST3K" treatment. For instance, we are convinced Raskin is the abandoned love-child of William Shatner & Leo Tolstoy's corpse. Problem is, Shatner has charisma, ergo is entertaining. Raskin obviously got her monotone "charisma" from the corpse.
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A Torture for Your Brain
Larica7918 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I feel obligated to post a comment for this total crap of the movie to warn people to avoid it completely. I must say that I'm a big fan of Billy Zane, Armand Assante and Robert Davy, and I expected so much of this thriller when I saw the cast. They are all great actors, and I fail to understand why they accepted to take part in this disaster of the movie.

The plot sounded promising at the beginning, despite the fact that you can guess with a great deal of certainty who the killer is. But, as the movie continues, you realize that the screenplay was written by an obvious retard. This gets even worse at the end when you realize that the only remaining mystery of how the heck the killer did it, and why in such a sinister way, is never resolved. Honestly, the only reason why I tortured myself watching this utmost crap of the movie to the end was to discover HOW the killer killed his victims. And I was so furious at the end to realize that I've spent almost an hour and a half of my life in vain.

The director did even a worse job here. Such great actors already mentioned above seem like novices, totally dull and crude. The sound is awful, the ambiance is terrible and poor, and the movie seems so cheap that I still cannot comprehend why these great Hollywood names accepted their roles. Maybe they did their job well, but the final result is so bad that I started wondering if Billy Zane, Armand Assante and Robert Davy are good actors after all.

The movie is a torture for your brain, it is an insult even for an average intelligent mind. Don't bother wasting your time and money on this movie, you can only get disappointed.
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Billy! How could you?
kamikaze-425 May 2012
What's worse than this movie having an illogical ending? Where do I start? Could it be the Russian leading lady who only knows three reaction shots, and never once is she right on the reaction shot. The popular Russian Leading man who aspires to be next Van Damme/Schwarzeneggar despite the fact very few people in Russian have heard of him? Or is it the veteran US actors, Zane, Davi, Divoff and Tyson who look and act as if they are doing this film for a quick paycheck? Who knows? Oh Billy! How could you? If anybody can explain the ending, please feel free to explain it to me. You might be glad you did.
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