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"The Shield" Moving Day (2008)

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Previously on...: Dutch worried that a teenager was a burgeoning serial killer and offered to check on him occasionally; Pezuela tried to get Aceveda to work for him and Vic and the I.C.E. wanted to keep Pezuela close; Shane realized that Vic and Ronnie tried to get him killed, and Shane ordered a hit on Ronnie; the guy confessed that Shane was the cop who asked him to kill Ronnie; Shane and Mara took off, with instructions that Vic should do everything in his power to keep them from getting caught; Vic handed in his badge.

Split in a hurry: Vic and Ronnie scoured Shane's house to clues as to where he went. They found some of Shane's son Jackson's medicine in the fridge that would need to be filled soon. Dutch had the mother of Lloyd, the potential serial killer kid, over for dinner and she kissed him. She thought it was a date, but Dutch didn't.

Vic went to a pharmacist and passed a business card as ID, claiming he was a detective. He asked for help finding out whether a prescription for Jackson's medicine had been filled in the area in the past 24 hours, but the pharmacist wouldn't help without a subpoena or another form of police ID.

Claudette dismantled the Strike Team, to the dismay of the chief, Julien and Ronnie, who wanted to put the team back together. Claudette told Ronnie if he didn't like it, he could ask for a transfer.

Vic and Corinne waited for the first call from Mara, who was going to check in regularly so Corinne could tell her everything there was to know about the police pursuit. Mara called and Vic listened in, coaching Corinne on what questions to ask. Shane got on the phone and asked for Vic, knowing he was listening. Vic said he was "just looking out" for Shane because he didn't want his plan to go south, the way the plan to kill him and Ronnie did. Shane confirmed to Vic that he was waiting to kill Vic himself. Shane warned Vic that he'd be watching him and Vic said he was "glad to know it."

Corinne told Vic that if Jackson didn't get the right medication, his whooping cough could turn into pneumonia and get serious. Ronnie told Vic about the Strike Team getting shut down. They realized that Shane likely snagged the $100,000 of Rezian's money. Shane and Mara were still in L.A. and Shane tried to dump his car on a guy he once got arrested. He offered up his Lexus, no questions asked, for any car with clean papers. The only one available was a beat-up Ford Taurus.

Julien told Ronnie that he'd have to get Claudette's clearance before telling him anything about Shane's case. Vic went around looking for who in town might have made Shane and his family new passports. He found the guy and took off with the blank passports that had yet to get pictures put in.

At a motel, Shane and Mara struggled to stop Jackson from crying with his whooping cough. Shane decided to go get his medicine.

Billings' ex-wife and daughter came into the station to tell him about a registered sex offender who moved into their neighborhood. He and Dutch went to talk to the guy, who said he had as much right to live on that street as anyone else.

Vic went to the pharmacist, who responded to the police alert about Shane, who used ID under his fake passport name, Shawn Hoover. Mara was thinking about squatting on a house after finding out that many sit on the market for months without even being shown. Vic and Ronnie talked about taking Mara out along with Shane because she'd start pointing fingers if she ever got caught. Vic then said that Jackson is "too young to be a witness."

Aceveda toured his mayoral campaign headquarters, which Pezuela provided. Pezuela suggested a campaign finance manager for Aceveda, who said she wanted to go in a different direction. Pezuela said he didn't get to make that decision and that he, Pezuela, would be the one calling the shots. Aceveda reported back to the I.C.E., who told Aceveda that they need him to keep making Pezuela think he's calling the shots.

Julien found the garage where Shane traded his Lexus for the Ford Taurus and got the license plate number of the Taurus. Meanwhile, Vic stumbled upon the motel where Shane and Mara were staying. He kicked in the door to their room, but there was no one there. Shane and Mara were at the hospital with Jackson. Ronnie told Vic that a call just came in from the hospital.

Billings' wife came by and said the sex offender guy was looking at their daughter and scaring her. Lloyd the potential teenage serial killer's mom came and confronted Dutch about his real motive behind chatting her up and having dinner with her.

Aceveda realized he had some leverage on I.C.E. because Vic was no longer on the force and he was their only ticket into the cartel behind Pezuela. Back at the station, Billings asked Dutch to help him handle the sex offender situation in an more unofficial capacity, but Dutch refused to do anything unethical.

Shane's son got some antibiotics at the hospital, and, despite the doctor's desire to keep Jackson at the hospital overnight, Shane talked him into letting them leave and getting some samples of the antibiotic. Outside, Vic rolled into the hospital parking lot and saw the green Ford Taurus.

Dutch arrived at a police scene where the sex offender was being arrested. Billings was already there, thanking the arresting officer for calling him to let him know. They got the guy for having child pornography on his computer. The detective told Dutch they'd received an anonymous tip. "Sometimes you get lucky," Billings said.

At the hospital, Mara rushed Shane and Jackson out after hearing that a shooting had happened, which meant ambulances and police would be heading there. As they went outside, Vic waited for them with his gun drawn. He had it pointed at them when cops rolled up and Mara shouted to them that he had a gun. They followed him, made him stop and drop to his knees and put his hands on his head. Vic was all kinds of enraged as he knelt in the parking lot with cops pointing their guns at him and he watched Shane get into his car with his family and drive away.

Dutch confronted Billings about planting evidence to get the sex offender and said it was wrong. But Billings challenged Dutch, asking why he didn't speak up to the other cops about it.

Claudette told Ronnie that Vic was detained at a hospital in East Hollywood. Claudette wanted to know everything Ronnie knew about what Vic was up to. She told Ronnie to choose whether he would go the route Vic went, or fight to keep his job. She told Ronnie to tell her why Shane wanted him dead. He told her that he and Vic found out Shane killed Lem. He claimed he didn't know why Shane would want to kill Lem. He said it might have had something to do with Shane's involvement with the Armenians. He told Claudette that they didn't want to come to her until they knew they had all the facts right. He then told Claudette that Vic's convinced Shane was waiting to kill him. He assured Claudette that Vic wants Shane to serve time rather than just shooting him.

Vic met with Agent Murray and wanted to "formalize" his relationship with I.C.E., but she said they might no longer have any use for him as anything more than a C.I. because he was no longer a cop. Vic asked for some time to buddy up with Beltran, the new high-level cartel guy who's watching Pezuela, so he could prove he was still a valuable inside man.

Rita, Lloyd's mother, showed up at Dutch's house and asked him why he was so convinced Lloyd was a murderer. She told him she'd argued with her son about Dutch because she'd told him about the kiss and that she hoped they would start dating. She said Lloyd called her pathetic. Dutch told her to get away from Lloyd, but she refused to believe that her son was a murderer.

Vic came over to Corinne's for Mara's 10 p.m. phone call, even though Shane told him not to be around the next time Mara called. The phone rang and Mara immediate said, "What the hell is wrong with you?" and asked if Vic was there. Mara said she didn't understand why Corinne was lying for Vic. Mara told Corinne about Vic showing up at the hospital and that he would have killed her and her entire family. Corinne looked shaken. Vic asked what she said. Corinne told Vic that Mara and Shane don't trust Vic anymore and that they weren't going to be calling back.

Shane told Mara that she should turn herself in and tell the cops that he threatened her and forced her to help him. She refused to let their family be torn apart, and they broke into an empty mansion.


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