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"The Shield" Parricide (2008)

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Previously on...: Pezuela's blackmail box and all that jazz, but Shane made a deal with a drug dealer's hit man and asked him to take out Ronnie after realizing that Ronnie and Vic tried to get him killed earlier.

The fix is in: Shane packed up some stuff, including a gun, late at night and ran Mara through the steps outlining the alibi that would have him at home all night. She would checking his college football team's scores every 10 minutes, log in and check his e-mail and order a pizza, running the shower to pretend that she was going to ask him for his wallet. Shane left.

Pezuela asked Vic to get a priest arrested for drug dealing, because the church across the street from his "renewal project" would stop him from getting a liquor license. Later, Vic asked Agent Murray if he could keep doing working for I.C.E., but she said it wasn't her call.

Ronnie came home from a date and got shot at, with one bullet hitting his date. Shane was waiting, with his gun ready to fire, inside Vic's house. Vic pulled up and Shane prepared himself to shoot, but Vic never came in. He instead got a call from Ronnie about the shooting at his place and Vic took off.

Cops converged on Ronnie's house. Dutch noticed the front door light bulb was loose. Vic pulled Ronnie aside and wondered about the timing of the shooting with the Shane situation lingering over them. A neighbor's description of the motorcycle the shooter was driving and partial license plate number led Julien right to "Two-Man," the guy whose jaw Ronnie popped pretty good last week.

Claudette got the investigation started, restricting Ronnie to desk duty because he was the victim of a crime, and telling Vic that he was assigned to I.C.E. duty, so he couldn't work the case. She said if she heard about him flashing his badge anywhere in Farmington, she'd have him on desk duty for the rest of his time on the job. Shane, thinking quickly on his feet, gave Vic and Ronnie a little speech about how everybody on the streets once feared the Strike Team and that he might take out the assailant and claim it was an accident. It was enough to make Ronnie and Vic doubt whether Shane could have been behind the shooting.

Vic tried to get the priest to recommend to the diocese that they shut his church down because of blackmail photos of him talking to the top drug dealer in the area, but he refused. He said he couldn't do it.

Aceveda had a lunch meeting with Pezuela in which Pezuela offered to help Aceveda become the next mayor of L.A.

The priest admitted that he'd had an affair with Damon the drug dealer's sister and she had a child. Damon was threatening to kill the girl and the child and the priest's secret back account was for the kid.

A patrol officer brought in Two-Man after spotting a moving violation. Shane wondered if he was talking yet, and Vic seemed to take special notice. Dutch and Billings started interrogating him, but he denied everything. They needed the gun or, as Dutch said, "we may as well give him a ride home." Shane wanted to go search Two-Man's house with just Julien, and Claudette agreed. He quickly ran in to ask Two-Man where he hid the gun because it was their only worthwhile evidence. Claudette noticed Shane in the interview room, saw that the camera had been turned off and went in to ask Shane what was going on. He said he didn't want a defense attorney to hear all the name he was just calling Two-Man. Before Claudette walked in, though, Two-Man told Shane the gun was under a sewer grate in his backyard.

Vic made his case to Olivia's boss at I.C.E. for a full-time gig. Aceveda came into I.C.E., telling them about Pezuela's offer-turned-ultimatum. Olivia told Vic that the Cartel boss who's watching Pezuela from Mexico is probably military. She suggested that if Vic wants to make himself seem useful to I.C.E., he should get in with the military guy.

Shane and Julien went to Two-Man's house and talked his cousin into letting them in. Shane told Julien to check the front of the house while he checked the back, and Shane immediately went to the backyard, found the gun and tucked it in his pants.

Back at the station, Shane tried to get he and Julien in on the interrogation, but Dutch and Billings continued trying to get him to confess by lying and telling Two-Man that they'd found the gun. He didn't believe them. Vic said they should produce fake witnesses instead of trying to play the fake gun angle. Vic pulled Dutch aside, acted like he was telling him that they'd found witnesses, and Dutch went back in to tell Two-Man that there were two witnesses, prostitutes who work for him, who told the cops that he was saying he was going to shoot a cop.

It worked. Two-Man started saying he was forced to do it, and Shane left. Two-Man said the "Dixie Boy" cop made him do it. He said the cop gave him the gun, told him the address, told him his partner's shift ended at 11, told him what kind of car he was going to be driving, told him where to hide so he wouldn't be seen, told him "two shots to bring him down, two shots to the head to be sure." Shane took off and all the cops chased after him, but it was too late.

Next, Mara went to Corinne and told her everything -- that Vic shot Terry Crowley, about the Armenian money train, that Vic and Ronnie tried to get Shane killed and that Shane retaliated the previous night. Corinne said Mara was crazy, but Mara said someone was "finally telling you the truth." Mara told Corinne to pass on two messages to Vic and Ronnie: a reminder that they started this by trying to kill Shane, and that they should doing everything in their power to stop the authorities from finding her and Shane "because if we get caught, Shane is going to testify to so much Strike Team (stuff) that they will be put away for 10 natural lifetimes."

Claudette asked Ronnie why Shane would want to kill him, and Vic said, "Ask Shane." She told them not to leave the building until she gets some questions answers. Meanwhile, back in the interview room, Two-Man told Dutch, "Y'all bringing the force down on the street, why don't y'all take a look at what you've got going on under your own roof."

Corinne asked Vic if he'd really done all of those things and he said he'd done a lot of things that he shouldn't have done, but he's changed. He said he doesn't want to go to prison. She agreed to help him this one last time, then she and the kids would be out if his life forever. "That's my price," she said. "You have to pay a price."

Ronnie and Vic mapped out Shane's plan, with Vic realizing that Shane was probably waiting at his house to kill him. They wondered how long Shane and his family could stay on the run before getting caught. Vic had a moment of clarity, walked into Claudette's office and without answering her question about why Shane would want to kill Ronnie, he handed her his badge and quit. She warned that if he interfered with the case, she's put his corrupt ass in jail "faster than you can say, 'How'd I lose this job?'" Vic turned in his gun and walked out, saying, "If that's all that's left of this job, I don't want it."


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