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"The Shield" Possible Kill Screen (2008)

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Previously on...: Vic tried to work his way into the Mexican drug cartel, under ring leader Guillermo Beltran; the cops learned about Shane's plan to kill Ronnie and Vic and Shane and Mara went on the run; Corinne worked with the cops to get Vic red-handed during a money exchange, but Ronnie delivered the cash, blowing the cops' plan; Vic got Ronnie into his dealings with Beltran and the I.C.E. investigation and promised Ronnie, "If I fail, we both run."

'I need to take some people's money': Shane showed up to an underground poker room while Mara and Jackson waited in a car in a dark alley. Inside, Shane ran into a couple of guys who said they knew him and kept calling him "Trap." They went back to the guys' apartment and they made Shane snort cocaine cut with speed. While it appeared Shane was going to rob them, they told him they knew he was a cop and he was responsible for their friend getting killed. They attacked Shane, causing Mara to come inside with a gun when she realized things had gone wrong. She shot a woman inside and one of the men before being tackled and hurting her shoulder, which caused her to scream in agonizing pain.

Dutch and Claudette investigated the murder and Dutch quickly flashed a photo of Shane and asked if he was "Trap."

Mara was still in pain the next morning and Shane went to get medicine and food. Vic and Ronnie worried about Shane's plans falling apart, which would make them vulnerable if Shane started talking. They decided to get Beltran to receive his drug shipment within 24 hours so they could get I.C.E. an arrest on a big drug bust in order to get some immunity agreements in place.

Danny was back at the station. Billings asked Dutch to sign a statement to help him fight a fraud investigation the department was launching against him for his disability claims. Dutch refused to help and asked Claudette for a new partner. Dutch asked Claudette if he could tell her something as a friend and she agreed. Dutch then spilled everything about the sex offender Billings had arrested after planting child porn on his computer. Claudette got upset and wondered if she had to worry about Dutch covering things up the way Vic and his team do. She told Dutch to do something about it or she'd have to.

Dutch got a call from the mother of Lloyd, the blossoming teen serial killer. There was no answer for the third time that day. He asked Danny to send some cops over to Lloyd's mom's house to make sure everything was OK. Dutch told Billings to get the sex offender released to avoid Claudette coming down on him.

Dutch got a call from Corinne and met her at the hospital. She was worried about how long it would take to arrest Vic, afraid he would figure out she was helping them. Corinne called Vic to set up another meeting with Shane -- which wasn't real -- where Vic would show up with dirty money and a car for Shane. Dutch and Claudette listened in. Vic told Ronnie about the meeting and Ronnie wanted to take a shot at Shane. Vic told him to forget about Shane. They were betting everything on I.C.E.

Vic told Agent Murray about Beltran moving up his shipment, but demanded jobs, salaries and immunity from I.C.E. Murray asked what the immunity was for and Vic explained, "When I was a cop, me and my team, we had to cut some corners to get the job done." Without the deal, Vic said he was walking away. She said the feds are very patient, "If we don't get Beltran tomorrow, we'll get him next month."

Vic warned Aceveda that I.C.E. had burned him and would burn Aceveda next. Meanwhile, Shane robbed a street dealer of meds for Mara. Aceveda went to Murray and stressed the need to listen to Vic in order to stop the cartel. Aceveda threatened to drop out if Vic was out and he would handle it on a city level. Murray quickly called Vic to tell him to come in and said his job package had been approved. She told him to head in to sign paperwork. Ronnie still wanted to get a shot at Shane, but Vic brought him to the I.C.E. office. When they arrived, Murray told them there was no deal for Ronnie ... for now. Vic tried to get Ronnie in, but they insisted all they could do was for Vic. Murray's boss assured Ronnie if he showed good faith on the Beltran takedown, he'd be signing the same paperwork in a week. Vic decided not to sign, holding out until they had a deal for Ronnie, as well. They left.

Vic had to get the car he thought was for Shane over to the meeting place Corinne had arranged. Meanwhile, Dutch went to see Rita, the mother of Lloyd the Teenage Serial Killer, who claimed she hadn't called Dutch. She told Dutch to leave.

Julien and Tina were on patrol when they spotted the red Thunderbird Shane had been seen driving. Shane was in a sandwich shop when he noticed Julien checking out his car outside. Shane ran out the back, where Tina was looking for him. He came up on her from behind, took her gun and threatened to shoot her. She said he had three minutes before backup arrived, and she believed when Shane said Mara had nothing to do with anything, including the shooting of the woman in the apartment, who died. Tina wanted to bring Shane and Mara in safely and tried to convince him to go to the station with her. He said, "It's too late," before walking away.

Corinne waited for Vic to show up at the park while Claudette and Dutch staked everything out from a nearby van. Vic pulled up and noticed undercover cops. He called Corinne to warn her. Flustered, Dutch told the cops to move in and arrest Corinne, essentially putting on a show for Vic.

Shane came back and gave Mara some of the drugs he'd stolen from the dealer, and told her he also took some to straighten himself out.

Vic went back to Murray's office and said he wanted his deal, but needed a favor for Corinne. He wanted to get her off on the aiding and abetting, even though taking his deal and Corinne's meant Ronnie would have to wait for his deal.

Billings told Dutch the sex offender was free, and Dutch gave Billings his signed statement about Billings' disability. Meanwhile, Corinne was locked up in the cage at the station, worried about her kids and who would pick them up from the babysitter. Danny said she'd do it. Dutch told Corinne she needed to stay there for Vic to believe the arrest was legit, Just then, Claudette told him they had a location on Vic.

Vic was at the I.C.E. office getting the outline of his job and immunity agreement. He would be granted full immunity for "any and all truthful statements" he made on record that night. Vic thought long and hard before signing the document and sitting in front of a microphone to confess "any and all" wrongdoings for which he'd need immunity.

Vic took a deep breath and said nothing for a while before slowly describing how, "during a raid on a drug dealer named Two-Time, I shot and killed Detective Terry Crowley. I planned it. I carried it out. I shot him once, just below the eye." Murray didn't know what to do. He went on to explain that the Strike Team had been committing criminal acts on a fairly regular basis. Murray looked stunned and whispered, "You son of a bitch." He explained how he shot Crowley with Two-Time's gun to cover it up.

"Is that it?" Murray asked.

"How much memory has that thing got?" Vic replied, looking at the recorder on the table.

Vic explained the Armenian money train robbery. Claudette and Dutch showed up at the I.C.E. office looking for Vic. They went into the mirrored room next to where Vic was confessing all of his sins and listened as he listed his multitude of wrongdoings.

"What kind of detective did you raise over there?" Murray's boss asked Claudette.

"What kind of deal did you give him?" Claudette replied.

"Full immunity," the man said, "on everything he admits to tonight."

Claudette was stunned, she pushed Dutch away and went on a rant about Vic, Shane, Ronnie and the rest of them, even throwing Dutch into the mix for that stunt he pulled with Billings. She fired Dutch, but he knew she didn't mean it.

Mara stayed awake in pain and feeling guilty for shooting the woman in the apartment. Shane cried as he said he would do anything for her. "Take me home," she said. "Please take me home."

Back at I.C.E., Vic finished up his statement. Murray, upset, said he'd implicated Ronnie in enough to put him away for life. "Anything less the biggest drug bust this agency's ever seen will not be considered complete assistance on your part, and that will violate your deal," she told him. She said if Vic warned Ronnie, that would violate his deal.

"You are a sick, twisted man," Murray told Vic.

"Anything else?" Vic asked. "I've got a meeting."

"Do you have any idea what you've done to me?" Murray asked Vic.

"I've done worse," he said, before walking out.


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