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Very funny and a bit sentimental, it's naturalistic comedy of the highest order, with Evets and Henshaw standouts among a terrific cast.
In the end, Looking For Eric is about nothing less than trying to do the right thing when life keeps doing you wrong.
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Veteran British director Ken Loach fields one of his most accessible and lightly-toned offerings to date with this comedy about a football fanatic trying to sort out his life.
Play It Again, Eric... Ken Loach perfectly captures the feeling of football and the need for hope. Touching and hilarious — a blinder.
A mashup of Nick Hornby and Martin Scorsese? Why not?
Mr. Loach’s touch is a bit lighter here. “Sweet Sixteen” is a coming-of-age story shot through the lens of social tragedy, while “The Wind That Shakes the Barley” is an epic of historical disaster. Looking for Eric is, by comparison, gentle and sweet and often very funny.
What’s remarkable about Looking for Eric is the number of ways in which it ALMOST works.
The actors are up to the challenges of the many serious moments, but the sweetest ones are the most memorable. It's nice to see Loach's gentler side.
Looking for Eric is easily the most commercially accessible of the Loach films I've seen, one of the lightest and least somber. It's also wildly structureless and uneven.
The British director Ken Loach can be a master of working-class realism, but not in this cranky, rudderless shambles.

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