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According to Jeff Branson, although it was never used, there was an "out word" that Sarah Butler was to use if the rape scenes got too intense for her.
In the final shooting script, Jennifer was intended to arrive at the cabin with her dog and it was to be featured heavily during the introduction of the film. The dog was written out of the script last minute because hiring a trained dog for the intended shooting schedule would put the movie over budget. According to the director Steven R. Monroe, "The dog would have made more money than anybody on the movie."
It took Sarah Butler a week before she could bring herself to commit to making the film.
At the beginning of the film, Jennifer buys $19.78 worth of gas. 1978 is the year the original film I Spit on Your Grave (1978) was released.
After casting was completed, the actors had only two weeks to prepare and rehearse for the shoot.
Mollie Milligan's pregnancy was written into the role of Mrs. Storch.
While the location in which the film takes place is never identified, Louisiana inspection stickers can be seen on the vehicles.
According to director Steven R. Monroe, the studio submitted an uncut version of the film to the MPAA to see if by chance they would get an R rating. The MPAA came back and said "look, you've got an NC-17 movie, but we don't recommend that you cut it down because we feel like it's really impactful." They then decided against editing the film and released it as Unrated so it could play in more theaters.
Sarah Butler had reservations about taking the role, as she herself chooses not to watch horror movies because she finds them disturbing. Her agent eventually talked her into it, stating that Sarah would be insane not to play someone so "scary and bad ass".
Chad Lindberg was originally supposed to play Stanley but opted to play Matthew instead.
According to Jeff Branson, a total of 7 edits were submitted to the MPAA in order to obtain a Restricted (R) rating. Fearing that the drastic cuts necessary to release with an R-rating would dilute the intended impact of the film, the producers decided to release the original cut theatrically without an MPAA rating.
Although rape is one of the main plot points in the film's theme, the word is only used twice by two characters, at the very last scene of the movie.
After Matthew successfully fixes the water pipes in Jennifer's bathroom at the beginning of the film, Jennifer embraces him with a hug and kiss, saying, "You saved me from having to bathe in the lake!" Soon after her brutal assault by Matthew and his friends, bathing in the lake is exactly what she ends up doing.
Roger Ebert gave this film zero stars as he did with the original film.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The powdered lye Jennifer mixes in the water filled bathtub to kill Andy was actually Alka-Seltzer.
The actors did all of their own stunts, barring two stunts that insurance wouldn't cover: Jennifer jumping into the river to escape her attackers, and Matthew falling down the stairs.
Sarah Butler accidentally chipped Jeff Branson's tooth filming the torture scene where she is forcing him to perform fellatio on a magnum. Actual unloaded firearms were used throughout the movie rather than prop replicas due to budgetary constraints.

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