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11 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

Awful movie, not recommended

Author: seba-rivas
26 March 2011

I'll be honest, there is a factor of disappointment in the score I gave this movie but even when I try to be as objective as possible I can't think of anything good, realistic, interesting or even credible about this movie. There is no way the plot is achievable by a twenty-something year old girl. The vendetta carried by the main actress doesn't feel good and as viewer you don't even feel sympathy for her.

This movie is about devils ruining their lives and killing each other off. They stretch out too much the ingeniousness of the killer (the methods area plain stupid). Not well achieved

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11 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

Hell hath no fury like a woman scored... and the devil has a date with Jennifer Hills tonite

Author: Kristine ( from Chicago, Illinois
12 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The original I Spit on Your Grave is known to be one of the most graphic and horrifying exploitation films of the 1970's, it's also famously known more so as Roger Ebert's most hated movie. I read his review, I think he was more upset with his movie experience even if he disliked the movie, I think the audience upset him more so. I saw the original film over a decade ago when I was in high school, a friend of mine who was my film buddy gave me the VHS and said I would have never seen anything like it and he was right, it was extremely brutal and unsettling. For some reason I bought the VHS a little later wanting to see it again and look to see what the message was or if the director was some kind of a sick pervert just looking to cash in on exploiting violence on women. I think the film is misunderstood, as hard as it is to watch the director had to make the rape scene brutal to help the outcome. The film is like a grindhouse movie though, the acting isn't that good and you can tell it's low budget. So when I heard that there was going to be a remake I was beyond excited because I figured that with better money equals a better movie most likely, so here's the story first.

Jennifer Hills is going to the cabin in the woods down south to write her novel. On her way to the cabin she gets lost and pulls into a gas station where she encounters a group of men. She accidentally spills some fluid on the head of the group, Johnny, and hits the panic button on her car, scaring him. The other guys make fun of him for getting scared. Jennifer drives off into the gravelly road to the cabin. Nightfall comes and Jennifer begins to hear noises around the house. Her fears are realized when the gang from the gas station come to the cabin. After they mess with her, she is able to escape the cabin and runs off into the woods. She bumps into the sheriff, Storch, he brings Jennifer back to the cabin acting like he is going to help her. After an improper pat down, the boys come through the door and she realizes that they are all together on their plan to rape her. After they are done, she just gets up and walks out the cabin and into the woods. She is confronted by the gang again for more torture. She gets up again and walks out of the woods and onto a bridge. Just when Storch is going to shoot her, Jennifer jumps into the river. A month passes before Jennifer returns. She has survived in the woods for a month eating, as she explains later, bugs and other things and has been staying in a run-down house in the woods. She starts playing games with the group. Jennifer is Hell's most scorned woman and revenge is a dish best served cold.

I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with this film, while the acting is certainly better and the revenge is more hard core, that's what makes it bad to me. In an era where we have the Saw and Hostel films it seemed like the movie more wanted to take advantage of just having some extreme gore vs. telling a story. The rape scene is done well without making that sound perverted, but it is very uncomfortable and just sad to watch and a lot more trimmed down from the original which can either make you grateful or resentful that you don't see as much brutality to justify the ending. I'm still on debate about that but as a woman I have to admit that it's a relief that like with Jennifer you just want to pass out with her and get past the rough parts. But then her revenge scenes, we go from a gruesome rape to comical revenge that is so beyond unrealistic. Understandably, they want to really give it to these creeps that raped her, but it's a little extreme where I thought the original was more realistic on how she lured the guys back and got her revenge. Also I appreciated in the original how we see Jennifer recover back, as hard to see her in such pain but again we needed to see it in order to understand and justify her revenge. Instead we are left with a million questions: How did she survive the jump off the bridge? How did she steal the boy's camera? Why would she come to the sheriff's family now that they've seen her and know her real name and he disappears with her? Wouldn't his family have a better lead on Jennifer that way? You're really telling me that if she survives that jump off the bridge the first thing she wants is revenge instead of getting out of that town or going to get help? Like I said in the original it's understood better seeing her recover.

I Spit On Your Grave has some positive qualities about it, being in the acting and the rape scene being more painful to see how they torment this poor girl. But the ending just completely lost me and while the revenge is a lot more brutal and that's what these boys really deserved, it's hard to believe that 90 pound Sarah Butler can drag a full grown man across the woods and set up these traps. Fun to fantasize about but now what the original director was aiming for I think.


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13 out of 25 people found the following review useful:

No matter how you polish it...

Author: barnold-12 from United States
20 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I won't go into the specifics of the plot as it's been done enough that if you are reading this you probably already know it. That aside here is what I think.

I didn't like his movie at all. Unlike others who didn't, I don't find any fault with the actors. They were great. They had pretty solid performances. They did what they were told and played the characters written for them. How can you blame an actor for playing a one dimensional character if the other dimensions aren't written into the film?

As you may have guessed, I mostly blame the writer Stuart Morse. He basically took a decent, believable (mostly) story and turned it into trash. It's six minutes longer than the original and yet somehow manages to tell less of a story. After the beginning starts out seemingly trying to tell a story, what we are left with after about 20 minutes is a series of unbelievable events strung together by little more than a directors force of will. Nothing seems real. the director needs to take some of the blame for allowing it to happen. Couldn't he have said to somebody, "Hey, this isn't a Michael Meyers movie or Friday the 13th.. These are supposed to be real people!". I'm fine with suspending reason to watch a movie, just not when you act like it's supposed to be "gritty" and "real" which seems to be what they were going for. Many questions are left unanswered. Did these guys do this a lot? They seemed awfully good at it. Where did she get food and clothes from? Why did she turn around to dive in the river? Was it supposed to some kind of "giving herself up to fate or the river" thing? Was there a tie in with Lipton Iced Tea? (seriously... what WAS the deal with that whole thing?) Who is her doctor and when can he or she fit me in?

In conclusion, watch it, but just don't expect it to make much sense. See it with about the same mindset as you would would have watching Friday the 13th or Halloween. You'll enjoy it more and your brain will hurt less.

My rating should in no way reflect upon the actors work in this movie. If that was my criteria for rating this I would have given it a 7. This movie should never have been made without a more solid screenplay and they can't be blamed for that.

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25 out of 49 people found the following review useful:

A Weak, Toothless Remake of a Cult Classic

Author: gavin6942 from United States
11 January 2011

A young woman goes to a cabin in the woods in order to write a novel. Unfortunately, the locals do not think highly of young, unprotected women and she soon becomes their victim. Is this the end, or only just the beginning?

Some have praised this version of "I Spit on Your Grave" as superior to Meir Zarchi's original film. I could not disagree more. This version is weak, far less stunning, and borders on the "torture porn" trend of the last decade that I thought -- incorrectly, apparently -- was dying.

Some changes were made, such as updating technology and adding in a police man. But it was a very cliché addition, and the only aspect that makes it an improvement at all is because the officer has a daughter. The rest of it is just one-dimensional fluff.

The nudity and rape scenes are toned down dramatically. Some have said the original pushed it too far, but that was the point: violence is not real when it is entertainment. It should horrify, shock and sicken you. This film shortens and weakened the rape sequences, making it more of a gimmick than a real shocker.

From there, the film becomes "torture porn" -- how can we burn, chop, mutilate the men as badly as possible? It far exceeds the first film. And unlike the original's use of sex to lure the men to their doom (a clever turnaround), here it is just raw violence.

I suppose the sound and picture quality are improved due to a decent budget and modern technology, but it is just a disposable film. I will go on pretending the remake never happened, because it is the ultimate disappointment. One more weak plot with weak characters, a remake that does not honor the original in any way or try to improve upon it.

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39 out of 77 people found the following review useful:

How do movies like this get made???

Author: samantha walker from Canada
23 January 2011

This was a total waste of two hours. The story was terrible, it falls into the torture porn category. There were too many plot holes in this movie, she's a 100 pound weak girl but somehow she moved all the men by herself in several scenes, set up a bear trap and the timing in this movie was just beyond ridiculous. The torture scenes were also so unbelievable, the contraptions she comes up with are pretty elaborate for a city girl who couldn't get the water running at the beginning of the movie. And somehow throughout it all she manages to have several outfit changes and not get a spot of blood on herself. This movie was trash I can't believe millions of dollars were spent on this terrible story. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS.

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53 out of 105 people found the following review useful:

Yet Another Misandrist Movie

Author: Matt from United States
4 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie can best be summed up in the following way: woman gets raped by a group of men, then sets out under the guise of perverted justice and female empowerment to find her rapists, brutally torture them, and then murder them.

Now, why do I call this movie misandrist? Because you have to remember that this movie is make believe. These characters aren't real. A writer created these characters and events in such a way so that he could tell a story. A woman gets raped which leads up to scenes of men being brutally tortured and murdered. There's even a scene in which one of the rapists' penis is cut off (seems to be a current trend in horror movies) with shears, stuck into his own mouth, and then left to bleed to death; and presumably the audience is expected to cheer for this kind of thing (and unfortunately, one too many do). I can only imagine the outcry against a movie in which a man seeks revenge against a group of women in which he cuts one of the assailants' breasts off, performs a clitoridectomy on the other, and scoops out the ovaries of the other with an ice cream scooper.

In conclusion, if you find men getting brutally tortured, castrated, and then murdered, for the sake of a very twisted sense of justice and misguided female empowerment, then this movie is for you.

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Another crummy remake

Author: George Taylor from Outer Rim of the Milky Way Galaxy
3 September 2017

Perhaps one day Hollywood will get it. Remakes are 90%, perhaps higher, garbage. It's a lazy way to mange a film and it always shows. The original was unique and interesting if, at the time tough to sit through. The teenage is just a lame, bad movie full of bad acting, silly mistakes and plot holes and has not an original thought to it. I can't believe they made two even worse sequels. Avoid.

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not worth to lose time in seeing it

Author: joserobertomendoza from san salvador, el salvador
17 February 2017

Brutal, sadistics, violents, I just accidentally watched this movie in a small cinema, but I think there are two groups of mentally sick people, the first is who make films like this, the second is who enjoy them and feel some exceptional artistic deepness. IT IS NOT WORTH TO LOSE TIME IN SEEING IT.

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Setting the bar very high

Author: amardikanto from Jakarta
25 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I find this movie very interesting, especially the revenge part. Both the assault scenes to our main character and the second part of the movie, which are the scenes where the main character get back on full force to the guys are fantastic! The acting were good, I can feel the satisfaction seeps through my veins as the main character's super violent vengeance scenes are on. What also satisfies me is that the main character does back what the bad guys did to her - in some ways.

Kudos to this movie. This movie has really set the bar very high for action/thriller/gory movies to me. Since I watch this movie, i think only less than 5 movies that could match my need for this terrific kind of action/thriller/gory movie. This might be one of my favorite movies of all time.

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beginning is to slow, but what an end

Author: mathias-sierens from Belgium
4 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The beginning is way to long and slow, for almost an hour it's nothing but talk and rape.

Then came the part I was watching this movie for and man it was amazing.

The way she finds a way to kill every rapist in an original way is very good!

If the start wasn't so slow and the killing would have been a bigger and longer part of the movie, I would have given it an 8/10!

It's not that amazing but I recommend you watch it just for the amazing torture scene's

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