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Open with a lingerie-wearing Alice waking up Max with a can of whipped cream. He shoots her down and she goes into the bathroom. While wiping something off the wall her eyes close and it appears Tara returns.

Down in the kitchen Kate and Marshall wonder why they're eating cereal on an "Alice day." Kate is to start work at TGI Fridaysish Barnaby's that night and Marshall is planning to audition for a school production of Grease. Tara walks into the room and says she needs help putting together what happened.

At tryouts Marshall spots a boy named Jason in the audience. Marshall tells Petula he thinks Jason is nice and seems particularly excited when the boy turns around and glances in Marshall's direction.

Tara questions Max about lipstick on the whipped cream. After Max tells her nothing happened with Alice, Tara seems bothered that Max might be attracted to that alter. The couple starts to fool around but Max has trouble getting an erection. Tara seems upset and Max suggests they try again later.

Tara tells her therapist she is happy to be off meds, since they inhibited her creativity and libido. She mentions being worried the alters have been coming on to Max. Given events from earlier that day, Tara is concerned she may only be attractive to Max as an alter.

Max tells Neil that Alice wanted him to get her pregnant. Given the "different women" Max is able to sleep with, Neil is surprised when Max tells him he hasn't been having a lot of sex.

Tara has a consultation with Charmaine's ditsy boss Tiff, who is interested in a Guatemala-themed mural for her nursery.

Kate arrives at Barnaby's and is introduced super-enthusiastic general manger Gene Stuart.

While researching Carlos Santana (based on a shirt Jason wore), Marshall clicks onto Jason's page on a social network site. He slams the laptop shut when Kate pops her head into to brag about her new job.

Max tries to fool around with Tara while she is working on Tiff's mural. Focused on her work, Tara turns him down. She suggests they try again the following night.

Marshall tries to strike up a conversation with Jason about Santana in school, but it turns out the shirt was just a gift from Jason's father and he's not a fan. Jason asks Marshall if he'd be interested in an "experimental theater thing" at a local church. During their follow-up meeting Tiff lets slip that Charmaine told her about the multiple personalities. Charmaine shows up with a box of stuff for Tiff. An angry Tara takes Charmaine aside and confronts her about telling Tiff. Charmaine said the information came out during a team-building exercise. Tiff interrupts, telling Tara she can trust her before blurting out that she was molested.

Gene shows Kate around Barnaby's, a tour which includes a visit to the 'Pizzazzing Station.'

In anticipation of her big night with Max, Tara begins lighting candles and picking out lingerie. As she primps in front of the mirror we see her lipstick fall to the floor.

Kate is taken into Genes office. He shows her a Barnaby's hat from the location near Ground Zero where he used to work. Gene dramatically tells her how "horrifying" it was when he got a call about the attacks while visiting a friend in Florida. Nobody from the restaurant was killed. While lighting a cigarette Gene and Kate's eyes meet.

Max returns home with a bottle of wine and two glasses. He smiles as he walks through all Tara's romantic preparations. The smile disappears when he walks into the bedroom and sees Buck sitting on the bed watching TV.

Marshall shows up at the church with Petula. She is worried the Halloween production "Hell House" will be anti-feminist and homophobic but Marshall tells her to reserve judgment. Jason arrives and asks Marshall if he's okay with removing his shirt since "we need an AIDS patient being flogged in hell."

Buck tells Max he's there because of Tara's concern about Max's feeling for T and Alice. Buck thinks Max should take advantage of the situation and sleep with the alters. The two seem to be bonding, and begin to pick out which porno movie to watch as the episode ends.

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