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"United States of Tara" Snow (2009)

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Open with Tara on video talking about forgiveness and penitence using the story of a priest she knew in school.

Max makes sure Marshall is aware what he did to the garage was wrong, then tells him he must go to school.

Marshall vents to Kate and Max, as Tara listens from the hall: "She's insane. We're living so far off the map it's like early John Waters or something." Kate wonders whether there needs to be some kind of plan and the kids seem to think Tara isn't getting any better.

Back on video Tara says occasionally the strongest thing someone can do is ask for help.

Max takes Tara to a trauma recovery facility called Gateway. They speak with a Dr. Holden who tells them Tara can't get better until she knows what happened to her. Gateway will attempt to "break down the walls" between her and the alters using individual and group therapy. There will also be family therapy for Max.

In the first group session a number of DID sufferers share experiences. Tara talks about her incident occurring when she was 16. Though Tara can't remember the boarding school trauma, she recalls that following the event she wore her bathing suit under her clothes in anticipation of summer break which was to begin in a few weeks. The next things she remembers is snow "everywhere." Six months had gone by "in an instant" and Tara remembers the snow being beautiful.

Jason apologizes to Marshall, who tells him his mother is in a hospital "for the criminally insane." Jason says he thinks Marshall is the most awesome kid in school and gives him a quick hug.

Tara expresses frustration to Dr. Holden that none of her alters have shown up at Gateway.

Kate meets with an HR representative from Barnabeez. The woman tells her the only way she has a claim against Gene is if it is clear the advances were unwelcome.

After four days Tara's alters still haven't made an appearance, despite hypnosis.

Max doesn't seem to be getting much from his family therapy sessions.

At lunch Tara and Max meet Jenny, a patient who has fully integrated her alters. Jenny says it came as the result of "a lot of time and hard work, like what Tara's doing."

Charmaine tells Kate she is proud she didn't sleep with the environmental lawyer or let him stay over. Kate mentions hearing Charmaine screaming in ecstasy at 1:30am. "At least I didn't let him sleep over," Charmaine says.

Kate makes note of Marshall's increased Xanax usage. She explains that Tara's alters help their mother and that by making-out with Jason T was protecting Marshall from a "bi-curious church monkey who was using you to find some edge." Jason would never have loved him in return, Kate says, and T "came out to put a stop to it."

Max calls Charmaine to check-in and tells her he slept in his truck the night before to avoid the other DID family members.

Dr. Holden uses drugs to induce an appearance from the alters. When Tara is sedated he asks if any of the alters know what happened between Tara and Tripp. Buck shows up and asks "What's in it for me?" Cut to Buck telling Dr. Holden Buck in a rec room that he there because no one wants to talk to Dr. Holden.

Gene speaks to the Barnabeez staff and says if "anyone has anything to say to me, I ask that they say it to my face." Gene confronts Kate about her speaking with corporate. Kate tells him that what happened between them was not meaningful.

Dr. Holden tells Max that Buck's appearance means they making progress. Max is frustrated by the slow process.

During dinner with Charmaine and her new boyfriend Marshall asks: "Is this what normal people are like? Is this what dinner is supposed to feel like?" Neil walks in with popcorn for 'Lost' night.

Neil comes into the kitchen as Charmaine tells Kate she's worried the new guy will realize she's slept with Neil. Charmaine doesn't want him to think she's capable of "dating down."

Max and Buck have a private session with Dr. Holden. Max gets upset and complains that he's tired of dealing with the DID. Max leaves the room and Buck chases him down. "If you see Tara," Max says, "you tell her I'm not doing this anymore."

Outside the house Charmaine realizes that Neil heard her rip on him. Neil tells her he liked her body the way it was pre-surgery and adds "the thing between us, was not just fuc****, and you know it."

Tara is back and pops into Jenny's going away party. Jenny reveals that she'd been integrated before but that some of the alters had been hiding. Tara spots a picture of Jenny's kids and hears that Jenny's ex has full custody.

Tara goes to the payphone and calls Max. She tells Max she wants to find Tripp and wants him to help her. Max says he misses her. Tara looks out the window and sees that snow is falling: "I miss you too."


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