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Plot Summary

  • Dexter's relationship with Miguel Prado reaches a new level when he not only identifies the next victim but tells Dexter that he will kill him. Dexter knows he should probably bring this to an end asap, but he's enjoying himself teaching Miguel the ropes. Debra spends the night with Anton, her confidential informant and learns from Joey Quinn that he's never been officially a CI. She tells Anton the good news but he then vanishes. Lt. Laguerta and her friend Ellen Wolf attend a police function together. Rita 's hormones are in full tilt and everyone around her is paying the price.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Dexter's friendship with Miguel grows closer - dangerously closer - when Miguel declares that he wants to make the next kill himself. A vision of Harry warns Dexter to end this friendship: the Code was not meant for anyone but Dexter himself. Nevertheless, Miguel and Dexter co-stalk their next victim: an ex-football player and gambling addict who bludgeons people to death for a loan shark. Meanwhile: Debra tells Anton he is now free of his C.I. duties, and then he mysteriously disappears. The friendship between Maria and Ellen grows closer. Angel is forced to cancel a dinner engagement with Barbara. Rita's nerves become ever more frayed as the wedding approaches.

    - Written by J. Spurlin
  • Miguel Prado pushes his friendship with Dexter to an unexpected situation when he shows the next potential victim, the former football player Billy Fleeter, and reveals that he wants to kill the criminal. Billy has never gone pro and has become an enforcer of gamblers, using a baseball bat on the skull of the debtors. Dexter teaches the principle of his code to Miguel, observing the habits and behaviors of the victim without being noticed. George King reveals that his foreman, Mario Astorga is a violent man and Debra and Quinn seeks the gardener out. Meanwhile, Debra has a one night stand with Anton and the next morning she discovers that her lover has never been officially appointed by Quinn as a confidential informant. When Debra visits Anton, she does not find him at home and sees the trimmed trees.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Dexter's friendship with Miguel grows closer - dangerously closer - when Miguel declares that he wants to make the next kill himself.

    - Written by J. Spurlin


The episode begins with some Dexter/Prado buddy time: pizza, beer, sports, etc. Eventually Prado suggests another victim to Dexter...

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