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New Jersey, a guy with an ankle bracelet leaves an angry message for someone, saying they've been working on something for six months and the person better not screw it up. FBI men bust down the door, he immediately starts saying he's a small fish, but he'll give them everything for a deal that includes witness protection.

One FBI guy makes a call. It's a go. They tell him the parameters of the deal but two masked men bust in with guns and get the drop on the two FBI guys, killing them.

Charlie Johnson enters the witness protection program.

Mary tries to recover from seeing Brandi, back in town, with her head in Raph's lap (but honestly in an innocent way). She's decided that her family will be the death of her.

Cut to Jinx, auditioning for a musical. She's wearing dancer's clothes, tights and a leotard. She goes outside to catch her breath before the singing portion but gets locked outside.

Cut to Mary in her car, trying to get a good look at a car that's following her. She writes down its license plate on her notepad. She sees her mom running down the street. Mary calls Marshall. "I think my mom might be a prostitute," she tells him.

Back in the hall, Jinx sings, wonderfully, in her audition. As she continues, cut to Mary outside, trying to figure out where her mom went. She follows the audition signs inside to hear the end of her mom's song. Jinx sees her in the audience and stops abruptly. She runs off and when Mary catches her she starts crying, asking Mary why she'd want to ruin this for her. She says the only time Mary's happy is when she or Brandi are miserable. She says ugly non-mom things, leaving Mary dumbfounded.

Mary's cell phone rings, it's an FBI agent, Robert O'Conner, from New Jersey, at the scene where the two agents were killed. (Fun fact: the agent is actually actress Mary McCormack's brother, Will.) He asks her if she's the sister of Brandi Shannon. He's holding a picture of Brandi with the guy, Charlie, from before. Her "Chuck." Mary heads outside but won't answer until he tells her why he's asking. Outside, she's jumped by two guys. One holds a rag over her mouth to knock her out. She fights hard but is knocked out. The FBI guy wonders where she's gone. A homeless guy sees her abduction and hears Robert calling her "Mary" through her phone after she dropped it.

At Raph's house, Brandi apologizes for dumping her story on him. Raph suggest Brandi talk to Mary about it. He goes to practice. Her Chuck drug phone rings, Raph advises her not to answer. She doesn't.

At least until after Raph leaves. She calls him back and is mid-message, saying she knows he's probably pissed but there were extenuating circumstances, when Robert interrupts, asking her where she is. She hangs up.

Brandi debates whether or not to call her sister.

Where Mary was grabbed the homeless guy talks to Officer Dershowitz, who isn't buying his "a woman named Mary was just kidnapped" story. Then he hears a phone ringing. He finds it under the Dumpster. "And that must be for Mary," the homeless guy says smugly.

He answers. It's Brandi. When he IDs himself and asks who she is, Brandi hangs up. Going through the contacts in the phone, Bobby sees himself listed and figures it out.

At the office, Marshall looks online at the FBI report from New Jersey about the two dead agents in the city where he knows Brandi is from. Bobby calls Stan, asking when the last time he saw Mary was. Marshall's phone rings, it's Robert O'Conner, asking for Mary. Marshall's nonchalant until he scrolls down the report and sees he's talking to the agent in charge of that case. They put it together at the same time.

Back at the house, Jinx is upset. She goes for wine, but thinks better of it. Going for the hard stuff instead. She's downing a shot when the phone rings. It's Brandi. She tells her mom that she's still in town and she needs her to pick her up at Raph's. "Something's going on," Brandi says.

Stan and Marshall meet Bobby at the scene. Bobby gives Marshall the top sheet of Mary's notepad. Marshall's near tears. Stan tells Marshall they still haven't found Brandi.

Jinx gives Brandi the third degree. Brandi tells her mom what Mary thinks she saw last night. She tells her she's in a lot of trouble and needs to get out of town. Jinx takes her home instead. Jinx is telling her everything will be fine with Stan and Marshall pull up.

Mary sits, handcuffed with her arms over her head. She looks around and sees she's in a basement.

Stan and Marshall talk to Brandi and Jinx. They have questions about Chuck. They tell her about the two dead agents in his house. She lies poorly about when she last spoke to Chuck. Her mom says it's because she was trying to get with Raph.

Brandi goes to her bedroom, followed by Jinx, who has just learned that Brandi is carting around a suitcase full of drugs with FBI agents in the house. She tells her Chuck said she had to or he wouldn't love her anymore. Even Jinx finds this pathetic.

Back to Mary, struggling to get her back-up piece from her ankle holster by raising her leg over her head. She gets it, but can't aim while cuffed.

Robert O'Conner arrives in Albuquerque and wants to talk with Brandi. Stan is not pleased that O'Conner has pulled Mary's file, compromising her protected identity. O'Conner tells them he's in charge now. He also shows them the flyer for Mary's dad, a bank robber who was on the FBI's Most Wanted list for years. Marshall responds maturely, but knocking his files out of his hands.

Back in captivity, Mary tries to put her useless gun back in her ankle holster as she hears the noises of someone arriving. She gets it just in time. Two goons bring in a guy with a bag over his head. Goon No. 1, the guy who shot the FBI agents in Jersey, calls Mary "Brandi." Bag head guy is Chuck, who outs Mary as not-Brandi. Lackey Goon defends his mistake, saying he was just told to grab the hot blonde at the address. Mary mutters that it almost makes getting kidnapped worth it.

Head Goon wants info. Chuck gives him Brandi's disposable cell number. He calls it. Brandi answers. He tells her it's the guy she narc'd on the other day. Spanky. He says she gets to choose between her sister and Chuck. She says wait, she has the drugs, she'll just give them to him. Wrong answer. He shoots Chuck. He tells Mary where to meet him in 40 minutes.

Robert O'Conner comes in to Mary's house, wanting to talk to Brandi.

At the station, Bobby hasn't found new witnesses but Marshall thinks he sees a car tailing Mary's on a traffic cam. He remembers her note pad. They check the tag. It was reported stolen.

Robert interrogates Brandi, grabbing her when she tries to leave. She answers questions until it's 11. O'Conner mentions Death Row. Brandi sees the time and cries.

Bobby gets a call, they found the car. A print on a coffee cup has a match in the system. They head out to look for her and see a news report about Chuck and an unidentified female agent being missing. They hope that is little enough info not to compromise Mary's cover.

Spanky returns to Mary, who is working to get free. He hasn't heard from Brandi. He starts to cut off her thumb when Mary spins a story about her sister having ripped her off for $500,000. He buys it. They make a deal to split the proceeds when they get it back but Lackey Goon shows up and tells Spanky about the news report that she's a Marshal. He tells Goon to deal with her and dispose of the body. Spanky leaves Goon alone with Mary and a gun.

Bobby, Stan and Marshall head to the address linked to the finger print. A woman answers the door and says Jack moved out three weeks ago. She gives him a crony's name, Jason Painter. Bobby calls it in.

Goon works up to killing Mary with some rape so she can "die happy." She's almost unscrewed the hook she's handcuffed to when he sidles up behind her. She swallows her bile and sweet talks him into letting her face him. She head butts him and as he falls on the floor she turns the screw to get loose. He picks up a shovel to whack her and just as he swings for her head she's free. She grabs her gun and shoots him.

A voice from above tells Goon not to kill her before he gets his turn. Mary fires and is soon in a gun battle with someone upstairs, shooting through the floor. There is a flurry of gunshots from above then feet coming down the stairs. Out of bullets, she raises up with the shovel to whack whoever comes in and Stan ducks just in time.

Back at the office, Stan tells her she has to talk to IA and the traumatic incident team tomorrow. They're putting a protective detail on her house until they catch Spanky. Marshall mentions Brandi and she asks if they can talk about it later.

O'Conner shows up, wanting to talk about Brandi. Stan asks to speak to him privately as Mary gets in the elevator with Marshall and leaves. Stan escorts O'Conner down the hallway, opens a door for him, lets him walk through, and then promptly locks him in.


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