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Saas Bahu aur Sensational!!

Author: twismdesign from Uk
26 September 2008

I went to see the film knowing nothing about the cast or story and was pleasantly surprised to find a witty film on Saas bahu soaps which my family is addicted to and the sensex of which i know little of. The characters in the film reminded me of all the auntiji's I know. Very endearing and real film. Farookh Shiekh returns after a long break and is a riot, Kirron Kher and her saris are very beautiful, the rest of the cast seems new but very interesting. The story runs as a mother and daughter move to a new place, New Bombay. Very modern swanky place where the mother (Kirron Kher) makes friends with the kitty ladies and begins investing through a woman allergic broker (Farookh). The daughter works at a call centre and falls in love with a Sindhi boy (excellent actor Ankur Khanna). There is a vixen in the love triangle (Masumeh who looks hot and different from her Maqbool avtaar). The fun begins when the kitty ladies get suspicious of Kirron Kher's unexplained increase in wealth, how love plays up against money forms the twist in the tale... all in all a lovely watch for those who want to have a few laughs at home with the family. The only thing one wishes is the end was a little more romantic, but I don't want to give it away. Its fun, heartfull and an overall interesting watch!

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A light, sense full comedy

Author: Lover-UD from India
14 January 2009

Saas, Bahu aur Sensex is an unexpectedly light comedy movie and one will surely enjoy watching this movie. Movie did not attract much attention because of less liked topic to be filmed "Stock Market". Farooq Shaikh was fabulous in his role of a Gujrati Stock broker. Kiran Kher played an intelligent,clever, strong lady, seeking way to make money, also gossiped badly by his society mates, finally turn wind in the direction she wanted. The ladies in the society lived the theme of a common gossip atmosphere in these posh societies quite fairly. Movie is also good in the way, it is not overloaded with songs and unnecessarily extended love scenes. It sticks to the theme and keeps you in light, smiling mood through out the movie duration. Movie has some profound messages in its kit,which are conveyed in a sense full way. Some useful advises for those invest in Share Market, with only dreaming for money making. Over all, its worth watching the movie and enjoy it with your family.

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Interesting title, turn down

Author: saxena_ashes from India
12 October 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Another interesting title. I had half expected Saas-Bahus fighting over PE ratios but was wondering how would the saas-bahu clashes blend with the stock market. I am still wondering after watching the movie. The movie had too much--a multi-cultural neighbourhood, call center classes and frolic, share market excitements, women empowerment, and even a love triangle, without which most movies seem incomplete these days. The sensex part was very little, so was the saas-bahu part. It was good to see Farooq Sheikh after long, and a slimmer Tanushree Dutta, but then the movie did not have enough substance, and also that I had expected something else.

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As ordinary and disappointing as its namesakes (especially sensex)..

Author: kooleshwar ( from India
25 September 2008

First thing that occurs to you about this movie is maybe that it was released 6 months to late.

Because the saas's and the bahu's are here to stay but tell anyone to invest in the sensex now and you can consider yourself lucky if you get away with only a shouting.

In fact everything about this movie seems a bit off..

The saas bahu has been parodied so many times especially thanks to 20 comedy shows on TV that its lost almost all its charm.

The politically correct semi-urban/middle class society with its mix of Muslim, punjabi, bengali etc etc stereotypes (DONT GET ME WRONG I LOVE STEREOTYPES AND I MAY HAVE EVEN LAUGHED ON ONE OR MAYBE 2 JOKES BUT AS A PRACTITIONER OF RACIST HUMOUR MYSELF I KNOW WHEN SUCH HUMOUR IS WELL BELOW PAR) actually well beyond its sell by date (probably in the 90s).

The cast is a mix of has beens, will be, or plain forgettable people there is talent (ill discuss that later), most of it lost in the sea or mediocrity.

Offbeat films is one thing, such films usually pride themselves on their subtle social themes,real life themes etc etc but this movie FITS THE STEROTYPE OF THE OFFBEAT FILM TO THE HILT....

Everything is so predictable and so uni-dimensional its scary even those who have shone in their roles have uni dimensional characters.

There are a few songs and the lesser said the better.

Enough to drag this movie till 4 now the good parts.

As said by everyone this movie belongs to Faroukh Shaikh (people say Kiron Kher too,but her role just to uni-dimensional and she is talented to be given credit for this), HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO BRINGS SOME MEASURE OF HUMOUR TO THIS MOVIE AND ALMOST ANY GOOD SCENE IN THE MOVIE INVOLVES HIM.

The others such as Dubey, Kher and other actors do a decent job of hamming/portraying what stereotypical one dimensional characters they have to play ENSURING THAT THE ACTING/ROLES NEVER REALLY IRRIRATE YOU.People with any less talent would have made this really torturous.

Masumeh looked sizzing for a while before even she gets on your nerves, Tanushree has miles to go, maybe she should wear much lesser clothes to distract us from her ordinary acting.

The only brilliant moments for me (although it may be a personal thing) was the way they captured the euphoria of the sensex climbing maybe if they had modified the movie as a satire of the market itself instead of the ending it showed this could have been much better.

In whole an ordinary movie that has a few good moments inter-spaced with mostly ordinary below par moments but never leaves you feeling bored.

Watch only with only low expectations, this movie promises much more than it delivers.

-s one-dimensional, stereotypical, nothing new, weak songs, script wastes the potential.

=/-s masumeh sizzles initially then...., the rest of the actors they showed potential but maybe the roles were to limiting.


total 5/10 (if i don't get bored i usually give the movie at least a 5 or 6 but i don't want to set the wrong expectations especially since the Sensex Euphoria scenes may only be my personal favourite).

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