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A New Model for Continuing The Life of Your Doc: Gary Hustwit Salvages His Interviews In Design Trilogy Book

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A New Model for Continuing The Life of Your Doc: Gary Hustwit Salvages His Interviews In Design Trilogy Book
Gary Hustwit, the director behind the design trilogy of "Helvetica," "Objectified" and "Urbanized," has figured out a way to take the over 100 hours of footage that weren't used in his films to the audience that he knows is super interested. He's in the last days of the Kickstarter campaign for his book project, "Helvetica/Objectified/Urbanized:  The Complete Interviews." Indiewire spoke to Hustwit, who is currently in development on a new doc and a new narrative project, about the process of transforming his video interviews into print form, and here's what he said: So what provoked you to bring this unused interview content out of your archives? Anyone that's made a documentary can understand the shooting to edit ratio.  On certain projects, it's high as 100:1, or even more than that.  I have all of these conversations that I got to have with these designers over the past eight years.
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Free views for the New View season

From mosh-pits to moon-men, and food to fonts, the New View documentary season showcases the unusual, the unlikely and the utterly obsessed

It's time for another treat courtesy of the Guardian Screening Room: a five-film season of cutting-edge documentaries that should contain something for everyone. All life is here: secrets of the master chefs, the inside scoop on classic monster movies; what life is like for learning-disabled punk rockers; the intricacies of lettering and typeface design; and the story behind a Russian orthodox nunnery. It all kicks off a week today, but now's the time to enter our competition to give away free viewings to 1000 people.

So, on 15 April, we begin launching our film season: one film a day for five days.

First out of the traps is El Bulli: Cooking in Progress, a film about the legendary Spanish restaurant, which closed in 2011. During its heydey it pioneered "molecular gastronomy
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Ed Burns, Tom Rothman headline Sundance Film Festival juries

Ed Burns, whose debut film The Brothers McMullen premiered at the 1995 Sundance Film Festival, was announced today as a jury member for next month’s Sundance in Park City, Utah. Burns joins documentary filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, executive Tom Rothman and 16 others named to five juries that will award prizes at independent film’s most high-profile showcase.

Short Film Awards will be announced at a ceremony on Jan. 22, with feature film awards announced at a separate ceremony on Jan. 26. The festival runs this year from Jan. 17-27.

Click below for the entire Sundance jury list:

U.S. Documentary Jury

Liz Garbus is a prolific documentary filmmaker.
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17 Streaming Movies to Watch This Week

The beginning of each month is an exciting time wherein Netflix dumps a large number of new titles onto their streaming service. Comb through those titles as well as others added in the past couple of weeks, and a few great titles bubble to the surface. Let’s take a look at a documentary about urban design, a drama about adolescent sexual identity, an existential Western from the vaults, and a few more movies worth streaming this week. The New and Noteworthy Ubranized (2011) Following his documentaries on typefaces (Helvetica) and industrial design (Objectified), director Gary Hustwit completes his Design Trilogy with Urbanized, a look at urban planning and the design challenges of cities. Featuring interviews with many of the world’ s leading planners and architects, Urbanized pours through an incredible amount of information relating to urban design methodologies and how they have changed through the centuries. The film is neatly presented by dividing its time between different
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Watch: 'Helvetica' Filmmaker Is Back with Olympic Photo Project

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When the World's Fair, the World Cup or the Olympics come to town, neighborhoods are cleaned up and ostentatious architecture rises up as the world's eyes fall on the chosen city. Photographers Gary Hustwit and Jon Pack have just launched their new project, a photographic examination of what the Olympics leave behind when they leave a city. Just hours after launching the project on Kickstarter, the photogs have already raised $3,000 for what looks like an awesome book. Last year, Hustwit, who was doing crowdfunding before it was cool for his films "Helvetica" and "Objectified" launched his first Kickstarter campaign for his film "Urbanized," about urban design.  The campaign ended up raising over $100,000. Watch the pair's Kickstarter video below, where they show off some of the work they've shot and talk about the project:
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Gary Hustwit’S 10 Web Tips For Doc Filmmakers

I dropped in on the Ifp Documentary Labs a couple of times, and one of the highlights for me was the “Web Tools for Documentary” workshop run by guest speaker Gary Hustwit, a filmmaker who used the web to great effect in the production and self-distribution of his “Design trilogy” of Helvetica, Objectified and Urbanized. Hustwit, who worked in publishing and distribution before he moved behind the camera, really knows this stuff inside out – and considers his engagement with the web an integral part of what he does now. “I think of all this stuff as filmmaking – it’s all part of the process,” Hustwit says. “I want to pay the rent and make the next film, [so I do] whatever I’ve got to do to make that happen.”

Below are 10 bits of indispensable advice from Hustwit’s workshop:

1. Connect with the audience early

With his most recent film, Urbanized, Hustwit launched
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Morgan Spurlock And Keith Calder Launch Commercials Company Warpaint

Morgan Spurlock And Keith Calder Launch Commercials Company Warpaint
After teaming on the sponsored docu The Greatest Story Ever Sold, Morgan Spurlock’s Warrior Poets has teamed with Keith Calder’s Snoot Entertainment to go with a full-blown commercials production operation. New York, NY (May 7, 2012) – Morgan Spurlock’s New York based production company Warrior Poets has teamed with Keith Calder’s Los Angeles based Snoot Entertainment and 16 year commercial production veteran Shannon Lords to create Warpaint, a commercial production company that will serve as a home for innovative directors who are looking to expand their craft into more diverse and lucrative opportunities. The company will represent a diverse array of both established and emerging directors from a variety of production backgrounds. Warpaint will maintain offices in New York, Los Angeles and London. Warpaint completed its first project in January 2012 with acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky, who directed the upcoming campaign for Revlon featuring Emma Stone and Halle Berry. The company
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Review: Urbanized

Going by the feverish buzz around city planning documentary Urbanized (the third of Gary Hustwit's recent series of films on modern design, after Helvetica and Objectified), you could be forgiven for expecting some kind of rapturous epiphany on how the world works. While the film is good - very good, in places - it's not quite as transcendent as some of the more enthusiastic pull quotes would have you believe. Much of this is simply down to the sheer scale of the subject the director decides to tackle; how cities work, why they work that way and what people are doing to change the status quo.There's simply too much material here, to be fair, too many possible angles for anyone bar a genius to adequately...
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‘Urbanized’ a thought provoking documentary for an urban age

After bringing us illuminating takes on graphic design and industrial design wit Helvetica and Objectified, director Gary Hustwit turns his eye toward larger things with Urbanized. In a way, this is the first in the series to feel “important”. By looking at the very real ways urban planning and design affect the lives of people of all stripes, Urbanized takes on greater meaning.

Where Urbanized finds most success is in the presentation of workable solutions. Sure, there is some education on just what urban planning involves, but it’s much more a film about philosophies and practical problem solving. For example, there’s an interview with the mayor of Bogota, who explains how the city reduced a good deal of its traffic congestion by restricting parking spaces in the city. Less parking, less driving. It’s a simple solution that then allowed the city to implement a wide range of
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Tiff Bell Lightbox Presents Gary Hustwit’s Design Trilogy

Ove the past few years, documentarian Gary Hustwit has been putting out entries in his so-called Design Trilogy. Beginning Friday, January 13th, to highlight the release of the third entry in the trilogy, the Tiff Bell Lightbox will be presenting all three films with Gary Hurstwit in person.


The first entry in the Design Trilogy was 2007′s Helvetica. You wouldn’t think a documentary about a ubiquitous font would be interesting, but Helvetica proved to be one of the best documentaries of recent years. While the topic was typography—and one font in particular—the documentary was really an exploration of the prevalence of design and how it shapes our perception of the world around us. I don’t say this about documentaries very often, but Helvetica actually changed the way I see the world around me. I look at things differently and I’m much more aware of
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Gary Hustwit's "Urbanized"

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Urbanized premiered in Toronto and now opens for a five-day run at the IFC Center in New York before rolling on to further cities in the coming weeks, but this past weekend saw it "playing to a packed house at the London School of Economics," and Justin McGuirk was there for the Guardian. "It is directed by Gary Hustwit, who made the cult hit Helvetica in 2007 (an unlikely film about a Swiss typeface) before taking on the much broader topic of industrial design in 2009's Objectified. With Urbanized, he zooms out even further to complete his trilogy, a cinematic story about design moving from the micro to the macro. With each leap in scale, Hustwit risks pointing his camera at a topic so big he ends up saying nothing at all. Yet Urbanized is a brave and timely movie that manages to strike almost exactly the right tone. For a
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Review: 'Urbanized' An Educational & Enjoyable Look At City Design

For those unacquainted with documentarian Gary Hustwit, his small body of work may seem like bland pills that are hard to swallow. To date he has made a movie about a font ("Helvetica"), our relationship with manufactured objects ("Objectified"), and now urban design ("Urbanized"). These aren't the most enticing subjects--they all have a vague stench of "homework" or "PBS"--but no one is more aware of these pre-judgements better than the filmmaker, who has managed to confound expectations and instead compose films that are enjoyable and, at times, very fascinating. He continues in this mode with "Urbanized," the final entry in…
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‘Urbanized’ Trailer Designs a City Where We All Could Live

It’s not that fonts aren’t interesting. They are. To some people. It’s that director/producer Gary Hustwit managed to make them downright fascinating in his documentary Helvetica. He continued that visual lust with Objectified – which explored manufactured things in a way that made assembly lines seem riveting. Even the assembly lines where literal riveting was taking place. Now, his love of objects grows bigger and more complex with Urbanized, a documentary about the design of whole cities and the flow of human beings though them. The trailer displays the same playful-yet-poignant tone of his other projects, and his resume speaks for itself. There’s no doubt that this will be another interesting entry into filmic exploration of the things that we live with (and in and around and on). Check it out for yourself: Would you go see it?
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‘Urbanized’ Trailer, From ‘Helvetica’ Director Gary Hustwit

  • The Film Stage
Director Gary Hustwit is fast making a name for himself as a documentary filmmaker focused on the seemingly mundane. His first movie, 2007′s Helvetica, was entirely about the titular font. In 2009, he tackled industrial design in Objectified. Now he’s wrapping his design film trilogy with another documentary about something you see every day and never think twice about. This time it’s urban planning and design in Urbanized.

Urbanized premiered this year at Toronto, and we’ve got the trailer below.


The final documentary in director Gary Hustwit’s design film trilogy (Helvetica and Objectified), Urbanized asks who is allowed to shape our cities, and how do they do it? How does the design of our cities affect our lives? Traveling to over 40 cities and exploring a diverse range of urban design projects around the world, from massive infrastructure initiatives to temporary interventions, Urbanized frames a global discussion on the future of cities.
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‘Urbanized’ Trailer – From The Director Of ‘Helvetica’ and ‘Objectified’

Fans of director Gary Hustwit’s previous films Helvetica and Objectified will not be disappointed with the final instalment in his trilogy. A good number of us here at Sound On Sight had a chance to see the film at the Toronto International Film Festival where it premiered. Greg listed it as one of his three favourite films from the festival, saying, “This doc brings closure to Gary Hustwit’s design trilogy in breathtaking fashion. Moving from the methodic to the reductive, national to international, personal to impersonal- Hustwit provides a truly human face to the ever-demanding challenges of urban planning in today’s modern metropolises – a must-see”.

Meanwhile Dave Robson had this to say:

“I expect that fans of director Gary Hustwit’s previous films Helvetica and Objectified are already making plans to see his latest work. They won’t be disappointed. The audience at Friday’s screening certainly wasn’t.
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Watch: First Trailer for Gary Hustwit's New 'Urbanized' Documentary

Urban design is the language of the city. Thanks to a tip from The Playlist, the first official trailer for Gary Hustwit's new documentary Urbanized has been posted. This stylish and inspiring documentary from the director behind design docs Helvetica and Objectified examines ideas about cities and urban design with examples from around the world and interviews with architects, politicians, artists and city planners. This looks like another great film to follow-up Hustwit's past design documentaries. If anything, it'll be inspiring to see all the stunning cities from around the world they visit. I'm definitely planning to see this when I can. Watch the first official trailer for Gary Hustwit's Urbanized documentary, via YouTube: An independent documentary about the design of cities, looking at the issues and strategies behind urban design, featuring some of the world's foremost architects, planners, policymakers, builders and thinkers. Urbanized is the third film
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Watch: Trailer For 'Urbanized' Gary Hustwit's Followup To 'Helvetica' & 'Objectified'

Who would've thought a documentary about a font could be interesting? Leave it to director Gary Hustwit, who with his 2007 debut feature film "Helvetica" not only made a typeface seem thrilling, he also delivered one of the finest documentaries of that year. Following a similar path, he followed up that film with "Objectified," a look at industrial design that again took a premise that seemed bone dry but turned into something compelling. Well, design fans take note because Hustwit has one more for you. Capping off what will be a trilogy of documentaries on design, Hustwit has just come…
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‘Urbanized’ Trailer – The Director Of ‘Helvetica’ and ‘Objectified’ Plans A City

‘Urbanized’ Trailer – The Director Of ‘Helvetica’ and ‘Objectified’ Plans A City
Sometimes the most beautiful things are the ones we take for granted on a daily basis. One example of that is also the subject of Urbanized, the new documentary by Gary Hustwit: our cities. From the roads, to the trees, to the buildings and sidewalks, almost every square foot of every city in the world is carefully planned, yet we drive around not thinking about the intricate detail that was considered years and years ago to try and control congestion, pollution and a million other things. Hustwit's previous documentaries, Helvetica and Objectified [1], were also about seemingly mundane subjects but, once he was done with them, you couldn't look at typography or everyday objects the same way again. Urbanized will certainly do the same for your place of residence. Read a plot description and see the new trailer after the jump. Thanks to I Watch Stuff [2]for the heads up.
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Tiff 2011 – Eight Days In: Ricky D’s Blog Plus Nine More Reviews To Digest

Well the Toronto International Film Festival has provided another incredible lineup again this year. Among the best of the fest is Steve McQueen’s Shame (so far the best of the year), Lynne Ramsay’s We Need To Talk About Kevin and Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive. Sadly I had to cut my trip short by three days, so I will be missing some key films, including Ben Wheatley’s Kill List, Bela Tarr’s Turin Horse and Bruce McDonald’s Hard Core Logo 2. We still have plenty of reviews to come in the next few days so make sure to check back for more coverage.

Luckily for me I dodged all the movies that received unanimous negative feedback. Perhaps the six films that have been panned the most by critics and audiences alike are, Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz, Guy Maddin’s Keyhole, Madonna’s W.E., Joel Schumacher
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Tiff 2011: ‘Urbanized’ – a witty and intelligent documentary for our time


Directed by Gary Hustwit

2011, USA/United Kingdom, 82 minutes

I expect that fans of director Gary Hustwit’s previous films Helvetica and Objectified are already making plans to see his latest work. They won’t be disappointed. The audience at Friday’s screening certainly wasn’t. Observing the sea of people armed with library books, copies of The New Yorker, and NPR on iPods, Hustwit remarked that the output of Toronto’s creative community had been brought to a halt. To everyone else, then: the object of this review is to convince you that Urbanized is a witty, informed, and essential examination of one of the world’s most vital issues.

This documentary is a heady (but not at all overwhelming) mix. Urban design experts—architects, developers, city planners, academics, urban activists, and more—discuss their part of the field over slick cinematography featuring the some of world’s most iconic cities.
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