Your Highness (2011) Poster


Plot Keywords

rescue prince
quest knight
wizard warrior
dragon creature
evil sorcerer sorcerer
mission kingdom
throne slacker
king princess
parody long haired male
shirtless torture
dungeon whipping a man
bare chested male bondage bare chested male
ritual witch
reverse footage foot chase
chase animal killing
animal attack corpse
maze battlefield
battle combat
hand to hand combat mixed martial arts
martial arts brawl
fight fist fight
knife fight giant creature
giant giant monster
stabbed in the foot cannibal
tribe bare breasts
torch male nudity
ambush topless female nudity
army soldier
waterfall female nudity
skinny dipping crossbow
bow and arrow compass
fireworks dagger
sword fight threatened with a knife
knife axe
horse chase horse
horse drawn carriage bar fight
drunkenness tavern
deception betrayal
tough girl action heroine
female warrior female fighter
one woman army black comedy
anti hero action hero
forest woods
tied to a bed exploding body
explosion fire
double entendre profanity
f word vulgarity
severed finger race against time
impalement human sacrifice
full moon megalomaniac
world domination teleportation
pipe smoking good versus evil
supernatural power magic
shapeshifting rescue mission
escape hostage
kidnapping party
palace castle
violence death
murder gore
blood splatter blood
torso cut in half severed leg
severed arm stabbed in the leg
stabbed to death stabbed in the back
stabbed in the chest stabbed in the head
decapitation severed head
brother brother relationship midget
stoner animated credits
damsel in distress sword and fantasy
eclipse spoof
riddle chastity belt
sword crude humor
sword and sorcery monster
practical joke father son relationship
storybook manservant
bird kidnapper
wedding revenge
minotaur traitor
drugs virgin
penis sibling rivalry
box office flop critically bashed
thong bikini

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