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Youngstown: Still Standing

Youngstown is a mid-sized city in NE Ohio, built by immigrants with diverse backgrounds and typically known for things like corruption, crime and the now nearly extinct U.S. steel industry. Located half the distance between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, Youngstown's population peaked in the 20th century and while it has been known in police circles & federal investigations as a major hotbed of organized crime in America, what is often overlooked are the exports of people that the city produces.

The families of steel workers who populated Youngstown in the 20th century lived for entertainment & sports and many children from this "Steel Valley" have grown up to live their dreams in those fields. Producer and lightweight boxing legend Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini as well as an old friend, television star Ed O'Neill, stand out amongst many natives as Ed, in particular, brings with him a sense of humor, drama and a pessimistic viewpoint opposed by the rally cry of those who remain in their hometown, still standing in the fight for survival.

This 89 minute feature documentary is both informative and entertaining. There are real characters & true stories throughout that would read stranger than fiction.

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