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Thought Provoking

Author: bhakta_allison from United States
16 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie does depict this life. What starts out as a part-time job or an adventure becomes a habit for easy money. Many women do go work more hardcore clubs to earn higher tips and have a hard time leaving the "life". School usually goes by the wayside. Sad thing about the movie is how it is so true how the men of the family are quick to judge their own daughters and inflict cruelty when they, themselves, are the first ones at the clubs. Of course, they have their excuses of how they "only" come to the strip clubs to entertain clients or for bachelor parties. The brother who was there for his own bachelor party was the first to call his own sister a "dog". I can see why the friend was hardened by the work and aimed to steal & get what she could from the men who pay for sexual entertainment. The double standards exists and it comes from our own homes such as with the young lady. Her family was quick to extort money from her when she did not want to attend law school but then scoffed her even though she more than "paid them back". I wish the movie did have an ending where she was more empowered rather than groveling at her family's feet or the acting teacher's door.

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real life

Author: mamacheetahs from United States
3 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is in the genre of lifetime movies--therefore it is does not give the darkest view of this profession. However, the person who wrote the review stating that this film does not portray the reality of this profession is not completely knowledgeable about this line of work. Therefore the statement: ''guaranteed the reality is much starker and does not end with someone going back to acting class or entering law school'')--is not well informed. Lifetime movies--derived from real life or dealing with a real issue typically show the character transformed by end--in this one, the main character does re-focus her energy back on her original career goals. Therefore art imitates life. There are MANY go go dancers, strippers, call girls, etc, who certainly have gotten out of the ''adult entertainment profession in question'' and gone on to another chapter in their life. This movie portrays the lure of this profession--flexibility in hours, higher wages, and indulging in men's sexual fantasies. I actually even know the girl--jill morley--who wrote and starred in the one-woman show which inspired this lifetime movie! She is an inspiring person. Movies like these are important--and lifetime has really mastered this genre-telling stories derived from everyday women's lives who overcome obstacles, life changes, and are poster women for today's serious issues.

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a little risqué but also cliché

Author: SnoopyStyle
30 September 2015

Jane McCoy (Chelsea Hobbs) surprises her upper class parents by abandoning law school plans to go study acting. They cut her off. Her boyfriend Eric Baldwin tries to be supportive. Angela Lucas (Sarah Carter) befriends her who turns out to be a go-go dancer at a club owned by Nick Harvey (Corbin Bernsen). Donna Mercer (Rachel Hunter) is an older dancer and single mom. Jane starts out dancing to pay for head shots and to gain confidence. Angela starts going downhill after her boyfriend steals all of her money. Jane follows her down with drugs and actual stripping.

The actresses are good. There is a lot of sexy dancing for a Lifetime movie but there is no nudity. In fact, any unrealistic aspects of this movie has to be put down to the fact that it is a TV movie. It's not a gritty realistic portrayal of stripping. I doubt the girls could make much money without showing anything in 2008. The emotional journey is fine but it's a little too cliché. This would work better as a gritty indie.

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Decent premise, interesting story, poor ending

Author: Drew from Vancouver, Canada
1 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The story was interesting a bit forced at times.

We never truly got a sense of how repressed she was or for how long. Not enough time was given to explore that side, so we didn't really buy into it.

Chelsea is a very good actress, however the final stage scene struck me as very stiff and didn't really portray the inner change the character came to describe in her monologue. I never got the sense that she honestly felt what she was describing, but rather simply described it like reading a passage from a book or script.

The ending is what I hated. A woman who described herself as "taking the confidence" her gogo persona had given her, then when faced with an old boyfriend who dumped her, reverts back to the insecure girl she once was.

It lacked the honesty of what her experiences were supposed to have transformed her into.

I'd have rather have seen her offer him the "opportunity" to win her back. THAT would have been true to a character who had discovered and understood the power of her own sexuality. A person who found and exercised her new found confidence and didn't need her man, but rather wanted him to want her for who she became on equal terms.

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"I claim the competence that was missing"

Author: evening1 from United States
20 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This a surprisingly good TV movie that demonstrates believable change in its protago-go-nist.

Chelsea Hobbs excels as a pampered, overly obedient daughter who breaks free in self-destructive ways. Sarah Carter is equally effective as a troubled friend who serves as a catalyst for growth. I also enjoyed Corbin Bernsen as the slick, boogying dance-club owner.

One of the few false notes in this flick I caught on LMN was the one-note performance of Karen Kruper as Jane's uptight mother. OK, we got that she was cold and unsupportive. I didn't need to sit through so many examples.

I found this movie surprisingly wise at times. As Chelsea's beleaguered boyfriend tells her, "If you think you've got a secret, you're only keeping it from yourself." How true!

The plot's a bit predictable -- did anyone NOT see trouble brewing at the bachelor's party or a spectre looming over Angela's breast surgery? -- but I can forgive that. This movie kept me interested.

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This is Go-Go.. You dance and the clothes stay on.

Author: sol1218 from brooklyn NY
18 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** Better then you would have expected Lifetime Netowrk movie involving a just graduated from collage Jane McCoy, Chelsea Hobbs, who against her parents wishes forgoes going to law school to pursue her true love in becoming an actress.

With her distraught parents Grace & Jim McCoy,Karen Kruper & James D. Hopkin, who had paid for her law school education in advance cutting her off from the family bank account Jane is forced to pay for her acting classes as well as living expenses by herself in getting a job at a local department store selling cosmetics. It's then that Jane runs into Angela Lucas, Sarah Carter, who offer her to share her loft apartment with her and her boyfriend Kurt, Tygh Runyan, a recovering coke addict and now doing a little picture taking on the side.

This strange arrangement leads Jane to gravitate to Algela's place of employment in the Chicago red light district. The Shakers Go-Go Bar run by the sweet kind and caring for those who work at his establishment Nick Harvey, Corbin Bernsen, where Angela works as a go-go-dancer. Needing the money Jane is forced to get a job at "Nick's Place" and with her girl next door act she soon becomes that main attraction at the Shakers Go-Go-Bar!

Back at acting class Jane uses her experience as a go-go dancer to help her bring out her inner most emotions on stage that greatly impresses her hard nosed and US Marine drill Sergent like teacher Ann Brason,Judith Brchan, to no end. Meanwhile back at the loft things aren't going that good between Angela and her boyfriend Kurt. Getting back to his old habits as a coke-head Kurt ends up snorting away Angels's life savings, $42,000.00, and takes off in the dead of night leaving her now on the brink of being evicted.

Working now twice as hard to pay the rent Jane and Anglea begin to suffer burn-out at the go-go bar which leads the two now desperate girls to consider working at the notorious Tantra Club in downtown Chicago where the pay is twice as much as at "Nick's Place" but where everything goes including their skimpy go-go outfits.

It's Angela who gets the worst of it in besides getting re-hooked on coke, a habit she picked up living with Kurt, her obsession of enlarging her breasts to make her more attractive on stage and thus make more money soon backfires on her. Paying Doctor Double D, Terry David Mulligan, to give her a "boob job" by surgically implanting what looked like a pair of water balloons in her chest Angela suffered a violent allergic reaction to the operation in her being a coke addict! That soon lead Angela to go into cardiac arrest from which she never recovered!

***SPOILERS*** As for the now on her own Jane she was discovered by both her father and boyfriend Eric, Travis Milne, doing her girl next door act on stage at the notorious Tantra Club where the two were attending a friend of theirs bachelor party! With the truth now out about her secret life Jane finally got her act together at the acting school, that she was recently kicked out of, as well as with her shocked parents and brother the head shrinker or psychiatrist of the family little Jamie, Graeme Black.

Despite all the horrors that she went trough as a go-go dancer in the end that experience made Jane a much better and more mature young woman. It showed Jane what the hard life on the outside world, that she was sheltered from by her parents, really is all about! And by her experiencing it gave the Jane the motivation to perfect her acting talent as well as her ability to overcome all the obstacles that it, that hard life, will confront her with in the future!

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A movie with a message--important.

Author: rufrench from United States
23 September 2010

I don't usually write reviews, but I watched a movie recently that struck a nerve with me. After reading the reviews posted by others, I wanted to say how I felt about it. Several of the reviews were to the negative with adjectives like "sleaze." I suppose if that is what you look for, that is what you will find. Let me tell you what I found in the Lifetime presentation of Confessions of A Go Go Girl.

I have been a fan of movies all my life. Most of them were entertaining; a few were so well done they thrilled you. I believe that many, if not most, people who enjoy films get their enjoyment by watching the actors portray their roles. The more challenging that role is, the more interesting the movie becomes. That is what I look for, and that is what I found in this film.

In the last few years, I have been disappointed in the language used, in the descending degree of violence, and in the pathetic lack of good solid scripts that are backed up by real acting ability. That kind of ability is just as rare as those good solid scripts. So many pictures, today, miss the mark completely in these categories. They play to an audience that would do well to watch a film without the street language, and the violence, that is the product of a first rate script acted out by actors with genuine ability. Movies with a message, a moral, that will be recognized and used by those of us in need of a lesson in life. This "Go GO Girl" movie is one of those productions. It had no sorry language, or violence. The script was, to me, very carefully crafted. It brought out its characters as they would be expected to be in real life. It created situations and emotions that people today have to deal with every day. It presented a moral message that could be found by someone in need. That script was backed up by a cast of people who did an excellent job---every one of them.

I was especially impressed by Chelsea Hobbs. For a twenty-four year old, her part in that script was challenging---very challenging! She had to be: a daughter who asked her father,"what are you doing here" backed up by, "every woman in here is someone's daughter!" A daughter to her mother who asked her to explain the dancing. I don't think anyone could have answered that question better than Chelsea did. She did it with honesty, but she did it with--absolute sincerity. A sister that was called a "dog" by her brother, and still held her grace. A deceptive, but still loving, girl friend to her boyfriend. She was a friend to Sarah, when Sarah was weak and on the skids and thought only of herself. She had two real friends in that script; Donna was her friend and so was her boss played to perfection by Corbin Bernsen. All these different personalities required a different response--a different role to play. Add to that the challenge of bringing to completion the moral presented by the film, and it is quite an accomplishment.

I don't know how anyone who watched this movie could say that Chelsea Hobbs was anything but brilliant in her portrayal of Jane McCoy and the roller-coaster life she lived through. The scene, near the end, of her telling her "truth" to her acting class was--to me--very impressive.

To Chelsea and the cast and crew of "Confessions of A Go GO Girl"--thank you--for a job well done.


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some pretty women and good moves

Author: lorenzo772-795-586104 from United States
19 July 2010

well, it wasn't authentic in terms of the club setting(the clothes stay on) and the parents were a huge bore but we got to see some pretty women, and surprisingly Chelsea has a funky body and slinky moves and when she parts her hair down the middle with long straight bangs (rather than the side part, girl-next-door look) she is pretty sexy. Her three main dance scenes lead us to believe that she has had some dance instruction in her background, and that she was comfortable putting it all (well, most....) out there for us to see. Her stripping (well, clothes removal) was enticing, too- she's got good instincts. So, getting to see her stretch out and look (and apparently get into a groove) as a sexy dancer made it worth watching, and the other two female leads are fine looking as well. For guys, its a nice diversion. Too bad we couldn't see a bit more from all 3 of them.

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This go-go girl is like a dog on a leash

Author: covergirl10452 from United States
26 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After seeing this movie, I'm appalled with Jane. I can't believe she was stripping her body for money. Talk about selling herself short. Plus, her brother did have a point when he called her a dog. Personally, she was a follower and followers are like dogs on leashes. If someone told her to roll over and play dead, she'd be stupid enough to do that. Her parents taught her how to be a leader and she turns around and does the opposite. That doesn't make sense at all. This is worse than grade 10 when one of my classmates I was in love with said that one of my classmates I didn't get along with in grade 9 was a follower. The follower boy was Michael Addy. My classmate told me how he always follows Arthur Hudson and looks for him. It's like Michael is his dog or something. I told my classmate to picture Arthur rubbing Michael's belly while Michael is on the ground begging for more. That's seduction and that's all it takes. You know something? If Arthur told him to wear a leash around his neck, he'd be stupid enough to do it. After he gets seduced, he can feel free to wear the leash. Plus, if Arthur told Michael to sit, stay, beg, roll over, and play dead, you'd bet he would do it. Pathetic! All it took was a belly rub and a leash around your neck to guide you in the wrong direction. Jane let this happen to herself too. She had to keep begging for more while Angela kept rubbing her belly. She might as well have worn a leash around her neck and be done with it. Her family knew she was up to something and I knew it was going to catch up with her. Well, she better start making the right decisions in life from now on.

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change the title...

Author: MarieGabrielle from United States
4 June 2009

More about the effects of this type of life-style, the title should address self-esteem issues and women.

Overall the story isn't bad, but guaranteed the reality is much starker and does not end with someone going back to acting class or entering law school. Rachel Hunter gives a good cameo, and Chelsea Hobbs is sympathetic as the principle character.

A documentary once interviewed women at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch and they said that they felt valued, that this was a form of therapy. Certainly not for them, but for the people who choose to hire them, its not a glamorous profession.

There really is no glamor in being demeaned. If a girl wants to experiment, she should have a Plan B for her future. The movie is good in that it does not completely glamorize the lifestyle, the one friend who dies while under anesthesia for breast augmentation is a good example.

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