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Season 5

3 Jan. 2011
Pizza Making Record
In 2008 in Gulfport, Mississippi, Domino's Pizza general manager Donnie Rush set a Guinness World Record for Most 12-inch Pizzas stretched, sauced, cheesed and fired in one hour by making 142 - beating the previous record by 49. That is one pizza every 25 seconds. To aid in his quest, Bob assembles a dream team of Toronto pizza maestros. But when it comes time to go for the record in front of a live audience at Toronto's Corso Italia Festival, he is all on his own. Will Bob succeed or will he be stretched to the max?
10 Jan. 2011
Rice Eating Record
Bob travels to Taiwan where he attempts to break a Guinness World record for the Most Rice Grains Eaten One by One with Chopsticks in Three Minutes. Before he attempts to beat the existing record of 78 grains, Bob learns everything there is to know about rice - from harvesting it in the fields to rice-cooking styles. After practicing with a mountain of rice, and taking on the locals in a series of spontaneous throwdowns, Bob goes for broke in front of a media frenzy that includes 15 local TV camera crews at the Taiwan Culinary Exhibition in Taipei.
17 Jan. 2011
Largest Bowl of Salsa
Pollo Tropical Restaurant set a record for the World's Largest Bowl of Salsa by making 1,170 pounds of fresh salsa during a 2010 Super Bowl tailgate event. Bob attempts to break the record at the Annual Tomato Festival in Jacksonville, Texas. First, Bob must develop a salsa recipe that pleases the local palate. Then, he needs to recruit an army of volunteers. When it comes time to dice 80 cases of tomatoes, 500 onions, 150 heads of garlic and mounds other ingredients, then mix it all together in a 500-gallon bowl, will it be Bob or Murphy's law that rules the day?
24 Jan. 2011
Egg Cracking Record
Bob is determined to break existing records and also establish some of his own! To establish a new record for The Most Eggs Cracked with One Hand in One Hour, he attempts to crack the 2,000 egg barrier-with one hand behind his back! During the episode, Bob visits a free-range chicken farm, tries to out-speed an egg-cracking machine in a large egg factory, and develops his egg-cracking skills at a busy breakfast joint. Finally he is off to The Festival de l'Omelette Géante de Granby (Granby Giant Omelet Festival), where he gets cracking-with a vengeance.
31 Jan. 2011
Ceasar Salad Record
Bob has been making Caesar salad for over 30 years, but his salads are built for comfort, not for speed. Can he establish a new Guinness World Record by making more than 100 table-side Caesars in only one hour? To increase his speed, Bob deconstructs the classic Caesar and explores various salad-making techniques. After that, he is off to Yuma, Arizona - the Lettuce Capital of America - to feed a crowd. Will he succeed in making 100 salads or will he be tossed from the record books?
7 Feb. 2011
Onion Peeling Record
In 1980, a diner employee named Alan St. Jean broke the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Time to Peel 50 Pounds of Onions - which he completed in an incredible 3 minutes and 18 seconds. Since then, many have attempted to break this record, but no one has succeeded - yet. To train, Bob has to fight back the tears as he slices through mountains of Walla Walla's finest with wild abandon. Then he tries to break the record at the Walla Walla Sweet Onion Festival.
14 Feb. 2011
Behind the Scenes
Bob has taken on 58 challenges over the past five seasons - and endured 58 different forms of punishment. He has chased a speeding 10-pound wheel of double Gloucester cheese down a cliff in England, hand-pulled noodles in China, fished for catfish in Oklahoma using his bare hands, and detoxified a deadly poisonous blowfish in Japan. The Food Network audience has watched as he tackled these feats with dogged (some say pig-headed) determination. But what happens behind the scenes? How does he prepare mentally? What really terrifies him? We find out these answers - and ...

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