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DC Terry Perkins: Listen to me! You got an awful lot to learn about bein' a copper, you know that?

DS Max Carter: Oh, right. What, like one day I might be as good as the great DC Perkins, is that what you're saying?

DC Terry Perkins: You listen to me Sergeant, I don't need a badge to tell me how to do my job, that comes with experience, twenty years of it.

DS Max Carter: And look how much safer the streets of Sun Hill are for it!

DC Terry Perkins: Thankfully you're not toting a gun with SO19 anymore. Things take time!

DS Max Carter: Yeah, clearly they do. Twenty years and you're still a DC, now why is that?

DC Terry Perkins: That's because this isn't a stepping stone to my career. This is my life, and I don't need some jumped up wannabe telling me how to live it, understand me?

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