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Heathcliff: [bending over Cathy's coffin] You said I'd killed you... Haunt me then... Be with me always... Take any form, drive me mad but don't leave me. In this abyss where I cannot find you... I cannot live without my life, I cannot live without my soul...

Heathcliff: Going somewhere?

Cathy: Where would I go, my love? It's raining.

Heathcliff: Yet you have that silk frock on, my love.

Heathcliff: Someone coming here, perhaps?

Cathy: Perhaps.

Heathcliff: Edgar Linton?

Cathy: [freeing her head from Nellie's fussing hands] I said enough, Nellie... Let me alone!

Heathcliff: [slowly walking towards Cathy] Three months ago we lay together yet since then every evening is spent with the Lintons!

Cathy: Perhaps I find Edgar easier company. Perhaps he doesn't talk of curses and fall into a brooding silence.

Heathcliff: So you dislike my company?

Cathy: It's no company at all when people know nothing and say nothing.

Heathcliff: [hurt, and giving away as much] Yeah... There. At last you said that I am no longer worthy of you.

Heathcliff: [bitterly] I say, may you suffer for this.

Cathy: [holding back tears] So I am cursed too, am I?

Heathcliff: No, I am the one that is truly cursed. I was cursed the moment I laid eyes on you.

Cathy: We cannot escape each other. We cannot.

Cathy: Perhaps your fortune has changed you.

Heathcliff: Oh, my fortune has changed me in every regard. Except one. And if I could change that too, I would do so.

Heathcliff: I would die a thousand deaths if I knew she were waiting for me!

Heathcliff: What's that? There's a look in your eyes. My God, I think it's guilt. You've been with him, haven't you? You've laid with Edgar, haven't you?

Cathy: He's my husband.

Heathcliff: As if your pretend marriage matters to me? How am I to look at you? How am I to touch you now that his milky feeble hands have held you as I'm holding you now, you disgust me.

Heathcliff: Well, I must compliment you on your taste, Cathy. This is the slavering thing you would prefer to me?

Cathy: Why are you refusing to see me?

Heathcliff: Cause I don't know you. Hindley's right, that little savage is lost and it was her that I loved.

Cathy: I know you. And I love you.

Heathcliff: In the way a mistress loves a servant?

Cathy: No.

Heathcliff: Come away with me then, as we planned. There.

[points to her face]

Heathcliff: It's your pause that betrays you.

Cathy: I'm frightened.

Heathcliff: Of what? Of me? Or poverty?

Cathy: You're asking me to risk my reputation. Once a woman's reputation is gone she has nothing.

Heathcliff: [incredulous] The old Cathy would never have said such a thing.

Cathy: The old Cathy didn't know the world and how it regarded...

Heathcliff: [grabs Cathy, interrupting her] I tried to leave you. Your love holds me here. Now if you mean to be indifferent to me as least do me the favor of releasing me.

Heathcliff: We will wander these moors for all eternity.

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Cathy: [watches a smiling Heathcliff enter] Do not smile, my love...

Heathcliff: If I tell you why I am smiling, I think you will smile too.

Cathy: [almost whispering] Tell me...

Heathcliff: As Hindley was flogging me, I chanted a curse you know... He has lost the only person who ever loved him.

Cathy: [aghast] You cannot welcome the death of a baby's mother!

Heathcliff: I will welcome anything that makes Hindley suffer.

Cathy: [quietly commands Heathcliff] Say you're sorry for talking like this my love...

Heathcliff: [shrugging] I am not sorry.

Cathy: [sadly] Sometimes I think your true passion is hate rather than love.

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Cathy: [contemplative, facing the fireplace, upon hearing someone walk in] If that's you, Nellie, then I am sorry for scolding you. I wish now that you had stayed.

Heathcliff: [walking up to Cathy] It is not Nellie, it is I.

[while Cathy still refuses to look into his eyes]

Heathcliff: Why, Cathy, what is it? What's the matter?

Cathy: [finally looking up and at him, solemnly] Edgar Linton has asked me to marry him.

Heathcliff: [searching Cathy's eyes] And, have you given him your answer?

[Cathy nods negatively]

Heathcliff: But you did not say no!

[Cathy nods negatively, again]

Heathcliff: And have you considered how you will bear the separation from me, and how I would be quite deserted in the world without you?

[pauses for a moment]

Heathcliff: Did you consider that?

Cathy: You quite deserted! We separated! Who is to separate us, pray?

Heathcliff: [stressing his each word] You would be Mrs. Linton.

Cathy: Yes. As Mrs. Linton I can aid you to rise and place you out of my brother's power.

Heathcliff: [with controlled indignation] With your husband's money you'll rescue me...

[walking away from Cathy towards the door, and then turning back]

Heathcliff: Do you think I can endure such a thing?

[Cathy rushes to Heathcliff, attempts to kiss him]

Heathcliff: [holding Cathy back, accentuating each word, with loathing] You will be Mrs. Linton.

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