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it is what it is

Author: movieman_kev from United States
13 October 2008

Japanese-American Amy, a virgin, reluctantly agrees to go to an adult sex retreat with her horny boyfriend, Nick. Good thing she does, as there is a killer/ penis mutilator on the loose around those parts, and the only one who can stop the bloodshed is a certain frigid Japanese beauty with horrible visions and nightmares.Could the killer be the loony, overtly creepy Walter or someone else? Keep an eye out for the bizarre 'blood ejaculating' scene.

No real plot line to speak of, so nothing to get in the way of the only reason for this film's existence (blood and nudity). Extremely reminiscent of an early '80's low-budget slasher film & since I have a certain fondness for those, I couldn't hate on this film too much. It is what it is I guess, nothing more, nothing less. Campy, bloody, & sometimes deviant. I've seen worse.

Eye Candy: Tina Krause shows her breasts; Nikki Notarile shows ass, tits & vag; and an extra shows T&V

My Grade: C-

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Poster, that's all you need to see.

Author: issachar from Hong Kong
9 October 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was going to rate this movie 0/10 but after I see the poster, I give it 1/10. Trust me, the poster is the best you get from this movie. Everything is awful in this movie, the actors, the actresses, the acting, the blood, the fake penis, the tits..... really everything. And it's really hard to write 10 lines for this movie, cause simply "everything is awful" is the best description for this movie.

This second you see a knife, next second you see blood. This second you see a chainsaw, next second you see blood. This second you see tits, next second you see blood. you don't really see cutting, stabbing, anything...

Here comes the spoiler, the best part would be the "ghost" things jerk off on the actress and its cum with blood. LOL~~~~~~~ I have no idea how they make this a 58 minutes movie, great work. =D

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Author: trashgang from Midian
30 June 2010

I have to see them all, I mean, all the hypes, the OOP's worth seeing, the roughies from the seventies, exploitation and of course the worst movie of the year. This flick has won that title by many reviewers in mags and forums. It clocks in just under 60 minutes so it doesn't take long to watch it. Is is worth watching? Yes and no. Yes because you really must see how not to make a movie, no, because it really sucks. The title says it all, nightmare, yes, to watch it, blood, a lot of it but in a sad way, sex, oh yeah, kitties frenzy! This is surely a ultra low budget but to have some publicity they have put some naked chicks in it. Before the opening credits it's already a chick with wobbling juggs. Not that I mind but has nothing to do with the story. You see the killer tearing the girls T shirt apart and then pull of her bra, then the camera zooms in for 30 seconds on her tits, let's shake rattle and roll them, huh! Blood is flying everywhere, just the blood, no flesh is shown. Then a couple goes to a resort but there is nobody at the resort and watch the publicity, just made with some paint, my god, so bad. Of course an old man pops up telling them they will die but what a terrible acting. To be honest, I almost used the fast forward wasn't it for the fact that a naked girl appears on a table, yes, you guessed it, zoom on tits and bald kitty. Why she is there is never explained. At the end out of nothing another girl solves the mystery out of the blue, before that you will have a lot of blood flying around and another girls running naked before she witness the murder of two people, badly done. Another girl while having sex is killed and yes, the killer has to open her legs, full close up of her kitty, no reason for it and to be honest, a terrible kitty, Jesus, she better had a full bush. At the end of the day, it's all about naked chicks, blood flying around and seriously bad acting and a killer that makes you laugh! Indeed, you worst blood and sex nightmare.

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A prime putrid piece of perfectly rancid micro-budget slasher schlock

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
5 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Libidinous sexually frustrated jerk Nick (an amusingly smarmy portrayal by Andy McGuinness) convinces his frigid virginal girlfriend Amy (an appealing performance by the pretty Julia M. Morizawa) to go with him to the remote woodland swingers resort The Pleasure Mountain Adult Retreat. However, the place proves to be the stalking grounds of murderous psycho rapist zombie Felix Gallo (Tom Thatcher sporting funky rot-faced make-up), who starts to bump folks off left and right. Director Joseph R. Kolbeck and writer Joe Manzione use the nicely scuzzy premise as a tight and efficient means to an end to deliver the expected pleasingly seamy low-grade grindhouse goods: Abundant tasty female nudity, outrageous grotty gore (Felix cuts a guy's penis off and shoves the dismembered member down a gal's throat!), kinky sexual fetishes, and a smidgen of raunchy sex. The game cast have a ball with the sordid material: Dan Petit is a real hoot as creepy old weirdo grounds keeper Walter, the delicious Niki Notarile provides plenty of sizzle (and gets buck naked!) as the divinely naughty Girl with Pigtails, and the always delectable Tina Krause burns up the screen in the small, yet still memorable role of the foxy and voracious Alicia. Moreover, this flick neatly evokes the seamy spirit of blithely lurid 80's slice'n'dice fare. Raul Martinez's rough around the edges cinematography gives the picture an appropriately raw and grainy look. Scott Morgan's quivery synthesizer score hits the skin-crawling spot. The terse 59 minute running time ensures that this movie never becomes tedious or overstays its welcome. Good grimy fun.

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Possibly the worst movie ever

Author: dogglebe from USA
30 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The best thing that I can say about this movie is that I saw it for free. Paying any amount would've been too much.

The story is about a young woman (Amy) who returns from her father's funeral only to learn that her scumbag boyfriend, Nick, booked a weekend at an adult sex camp. Although she's a virgin, and insists on waiting until she's married to have sex, Nick assures her that wild sex in the woods would be a could way to get over her grief.

Little do they know that this swingers' camp is the home to a very cliché killer who waits until after his victims have graphic sex before killing them. The death scenes aren't too gory as the camera focuses on the killer's face during all the violence.

The killer, for some reason I can't remember, needs to impregnate Amy because she's pure. His idea of doing this is masturbating all over her in a graphic and bloody whack-off scene.

I've seen student films that are better written, acted and directed. The people involved in this should be embarrassed.

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