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Plot Summary

  • Bruce confesses to Susan that he and Melinda have been seeing each other. Rather than distance herself from him, Susan suggests they go to the Pendulum Club with Brad and Sylvia; The Deckers and the Thompsons join them. Laurie invites Doug over that night, and they're surprised when they see Laurie's parents come home early with Brad and Sylvia as company. B.J. and Sam hang out with Rick, but conflict arises over a game of spin-the-bottle.

    - Written by Peter Brandt Nielsen
  • In a seeming series of role-reversals, Susan reacts to Brcue's confession Melinda semi-seduced him by planning trip to swingers club 'The Pendulum', while the Deckers, have suspended their open marriage, agree only to come as 'guides', and Janet, who accidentally overheard the date, invites Roger and herself along, ignoring the 'shocking' nature of the establishment. Ultimately everyone is relieved to return home but in the mood for dancing and pot. Bruce however gets his worse shock there, discovering after a while Laurie was hiding with her new lover, none other then her summer school philosophy teacher, who came to watch the Republican presidential convention and celebrated the 'wrong' choice kissing. Rivalry for B.J. opposes Rick bitterly to Samantha in font of boy mates, all of whom witness a painful complication and, even more surprising, the elder couples' noisy breaking-up.

    - Written by KGF Vissers


"Swingtown" - "Swingus Interruptus" - August 1, 2008 Previously On: Janet got mad at Roger and Susan for lying about his layoff and going to a party at the Decker house; Susan and Bruce were introduced to Sylvia and Brad Decker...

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