"30 Rock: Do-Over (#3.1)"
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Synopsis for
"30 Rock" Do-Over (2008)

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"30 Rock" - "Do Over" - Oct. 30, 2008

Liz is walking with a purpose down the street when a guy in a limo catcalls her. She's about to set him straight when she realizes it's Jack.They awkwardly but happily greet one another. He swears he's gonna get his job back. Liz is thrilled saying that Devin is the worst. Example: He doesn't even care when they should have cake for employees whose birthdays fall on the weekend. The Friday before, of course, says Jack.

He wonders why she's all dressed up. She says she's getting her home evaluation from the adoption agency today. She says she's going to better than herself: her house is spotless, she's practiced her answers, and hidden all her Colin Firth movies in case they're considered erotica. Jack agrees "that man can wear a sweater." She swears there's no chance she's blowing it.

Jack goes to offer his assistance to Cathy and Devin. Devin says they only assistance they need is figuring out which John Mayer song to make love to. Jack scoffs enumerating all of Devin's missteps -including selling off small appliances and the theme park fire that didn't destroy what it was supposed to. Jack says the rumor is Devin's in over his head. Devin says rumours just "make a ru out of mour and s." He says he and Cathy have everything under control and goes to touch her and she freaks. Devin explains you can't talk to her while she's watching her soaps. Jack says Devin owes him a job since he knows that Cathy's father Don Geiss wanted him to take over before he went into his coma. Devin says if there's one thing he learned from Jack it's to keep your friends close and your enemies "so close that you're almost kissing." He then gives Jack a job in the mailroom and laughs fiendishly. Jack takes it.

Jenna tells Pete and Frank she's going to spend the $300 residual check she just got for a Japanese commercial she did on some new boots. Then Tracy walks in full of brio saying his porn video game was a smash selling 61 million copies at $60 each. Jenna fumes that as a voice actor on the project she deserves some compensation as do others who worked on it. Tracy says he thinks he did it alone.

Liz hands off a letter to a mail guy and it's Jack. He explains he worked his way up from the mailroom last time, it took 22 years. But since he knows so much more now, this time he thinks he can do it in nine. He's already been promoted once since the morning.

At her home evaluation Liz answers questions from adoption agent Bev (played by Megan Mullaly). Why did she want to adopt? She goes into a practiced answer and Bev shuts her down with "infertility or other" and checks off other. Liz gives her age as 37 and Bev says it's important not to lie. How often does she entertain gentleman sex guests? Once a year but she's willing to cut down. Has she ever run a webcam operation? No. Convicted of a crime? Once for public nudity in Germany. She thought it was a topless beach. It was a shipyard. How many hours does she work? About 60-80. Bev says her work life sounds demanding and she's going to pop by there tomorrow.

Jack delivers Cathy's Soap Opera Digest and offers her any assistance she might need in running the company, since he knows so much about it. Cathy slides her hand up Jack's knee.

In the writer's room Liz tells everyone to be on their best behavior which means they need to rid their offices of porn (Pete bolts from the room, and a second later so does a blond female writer) and Frank has to change his hat that says "horny." In the background Pete is wrestling with a blow up doll. When he emerges Liz asks him to get the production guys to turn the green room into a nursery. Apparently, she told some fibs.

Jenna follows Liz into her office and tells her about Tracy and the video game money. Liz lies that Tracy has something very special planned for everyone.

Later Jack finds Liz and tells her that Cathy touched him in his "swimsuit area." He says it made him uncomfortable, not at all like how sexy it is when men do it to women. He wonders how far he has to let her go to his old job back. He wonders if he has to go "over the shirt, frontsies, backsies, or would I really have to give her my gift." He can't believe what he's saying, if he pleasures Cathy he's no better than Devin. He wants to take the virtuous path. He's cut it down to five years by getting promoted yet again. Now he's now director of mail systems.

Liz walks in on Pete who's done a great job renovating the green room into a nursery complete with fake babies.

She walks into Tracy's dressing room and points out that Lil Wayne always buys diamond watches for all the people who work on his albums. Tracy thinks Liz is hinting that he should get his rap career going again. She says she wants him to get presents for the people who worked on his video game. "Noblesse oblige, yes!" he says. And then orders Grizz and Dotcom to the Batmobile. Dotcom assures Liz that Tracy's just leasing it.

In Central Park Jack is counseling his mail room charges to not dress for the job they have but the one they want to have. One wonders if that means he should come to work tomorrow dressed as a Mexican wrestler.

Devin bursts out of some nearby bushes, shoeless, followed shortly by two scraggly dudes. Jack says Devin has to get ahold of himself. A manic Banks says he has a plan to quadruple profits by 2015. His plan? Shut down for two years. "Imagine how badly people will want lightbulbs then?" he asks. Jack says this is insane for the economy and people's jobs since this GE. "It's just G now, Jack, I sold the E, to Samsung, they're Samesung now," says Devin as he scurries away.

Bev arrives for Liz's evaluation and is greeted by Kenneth who loves adoption pointing out "three of my nine siblings are adopted... and someday I'm going to find them."

Liz takes Bev on a tour of the studio which she says would be a really fun place for a kid to grow up as a light crashes behind her. She says they're a big family and greets a guy by saying "Hey Rick." He says "I'm Fred, the other black guy." Liz grimaces and says it happens to everyone right. Bev says it happens all the time to her black husband.

In a quick montage we have the staff giving Bev testimonials about Liz. Jenna says they met after college when she, Jenna, had just broken up with O.J. Simpson who she calls a "total gentleman." Cerie tells her that Liz is very mature and totally deserves custody of her kids. When told it's not a custody case she wonders who those kids were that Liz was yelling at the other day. (Turns out they were child actors who lied about being able to breakdance.) Pete explains he lived with Liz, platonically, while separated from his wife but that he hasn't lived there for awhile since he's been anger management since shooting a co-worker with an arrow. Frank tells Bev about his circus accidents video.

Jack comes to take Liz away and explains about Devin's evil plan and that he's going to sacrifice himself for the greater good. He departs to give Cathy Geiss his gift.

Tracy arrives bearing gifts for working on his video game, "the most profitable thing since the war on terror!" He gives Frank solid gold nunchuckas. He gives Pete a chinchilla coat. Liz introduces Bev and he gives her a kiss on the mouth telling her to look after his girl Liz since they go "way back, like spinal cords and car seats."

Banks arrives and Liz freaks. She tells Kenneth to keep Banks occupied while she goes to warn Jack. Kenneth distracts Devin by saying "look how many push-ups I can do."

Liz bursts into Cathy's office where she and Jack are slow-dancing to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch's "Good Vibrations." (Say hi to your mother for me). She alerts them that Devin's back. They scoot into one elevator as Devin gets out of the other. Liz notices Jack smells like strawberries. He says that's the lip gloss she put on him so she would be her "fancy boy." Jack is disappointed in himself, he can't believe that this is the kid who worked so hard to put himself through Princeton by working the day shift at the graveyard and the graveyard shift at the Days Inn. He can't believe that getting his hard won career back hinges on pleasing a woman in Dora the Explorer panties that were clearly made for an obese child. Liz thinks that since she loves soaps maybe Cathy is just looking for attention. He wonders if soap operas aren't all about sex. Au contraire, says Liz. The best parts are when someone's twin interrupts a wedding or somebody pulls a gun at the fitness center. Bev arrives and Jack turns on the charm offering a tour of their magnificent studio.

He walks her down a hall where Jenna is threatening to sue Tracy for profits from his game since all he's offering is coupons for free hugs. Jack turns Bev around to take her to the green room.... which is being broken down from the fake nursery since the stuff needs to go back. Bev can't believe Liz lied. A man comes by to take away the fake babies and Liz asks Rick what he's doing, to which he responds, "bitch my name is Fred." Bev says this is very disturbing. Jack tries to explain as Cathy comes down, sees Jack's hand on Bev's arm and goes crazy attacking Bev. Jack pulls Bev off and she goes to get away and walks into Frank's nunchuckas and is knocked out.

Liz grabs Bev's clipboard and sees that she has checked off "unsatisfactory." Jack helps Bev up and she must have a concussion because she reintroduces herself as if nothing has happened. Instead of taking her to the hospital Liz sees this as a chance for a do-over.

She alerts everyone and Jack goes off to damage control with Cathy. He says he's going to give her the full soap opera while Liz tricks the lady with the head injury. He points out they may not be the best people, but they agree simultaneously that they are not the worst.

We get a montage of everyone doing a good job now talking about what a great mother Liz would be. She also calls Fred by his right name. Bev says she's seen everything she needs to see and boy she has a headache. She says that Liz's work life is just too busy for her to be a good mom. Liz gives an impassioned speech saying she believes her life will open up and make room for a child. Bev is impressed and changes her mind. And then reintroduces herself. Liz now lets her go to the hospital.

Jonathan arrives in a panic telling Liz that Jack is about to debase himself to save the company. Liz busts in just as Cathy is taking Jack's shoes off. Jack notices the soap on the screen and gets an idea saying to Liz "I thought you were at the fitness center with your twin." Liz catches on and they play out a dramatic soap opera-type scene where Jack claims Liz is his lover and that Cathy has just hired him to advise her in her business matters. Cathy plays along nodding her head, swept up in the drama. Liz and Jack face each other and Cathy screams "kiss, kiss, kiss!" They can't.

Later Jack passes Devin on a street corner. Jack breaks the news that Cathy hired him. Devin says he saw this day coming and he has other plans for the future and throws himself into an oncoming limo carrying Tracy. As Tracy gets out Devin yells that he's going to sue. Tracy yells "You can't sue me, I'm already being sued, double indemnity!" So Devin throws himself into the next car that comes along.

Reinstalled in his old office Liz tells Jack that Bev has made a full recovery so she has to start over and it might take a long time. Jack calls it the "semi-virtuous path." As she leaves she pokes her head back in. He wonders if she needed something else. She says no "I just like seeing you in there."

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