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ttapola31 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The most important question is not "Why?" but "How?" How can anything this stupid exist? Yes, it mercifully ended after 18 episodes, but there seem to be 80 people in the world whose votes rate this for a 6.7/10 quality entertainment. That is only 0.2/10 lower than the average of everything (according to the Top 250) in IMDb at the time of writing. What would the 21 people who've rated this episode a full 10/10 consider worth 1/10? Now *that* must be considered a cruel and inhuman torture.

This show seems to be intent on claiming the throne for The Most Stupid Fictional Show Ever. It seems every week in the writers' room they've asked, "What show/movie shall we rip off this week?" For this week's episode, they've chosen Mission: Impossible. Specifically, the impossible masks. Otherwise, it's the same as last week: nonsensical plot (KITT can count Michael's death by poison to the second, yet once he's dead, he can be resuscitated and carry on), improbable situations (KITT handily comes with a full chemist's laboratory including *all* the necessary substances save blood to make antidote for Michael), stupid criminals (they have a 50-caliber machine gun capable of making KITT Swiss cheese, yet they, being fair sportsmen, only fire single rounds - and let's not forget KITT took a hit from the most advanced missile ever the previous week without taking a scratch) and laughable sped-up footage that *really* should have stayed in the 1980's Knight Rider. For the love of your sanity, AVOID THIS LIKE LOBOTOMY.
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