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It's all fake
scottt124 July 2008
I caught a show already in progress. It was the one where they take the old Chevy Tahoe, and the guy starts shooting at them. While the guy is shooting, the "camera crew" in the back doesn't even flinch. I was wondering what was going on (as other scenes had the "staged" look), so I continued watching into the next show (tru was playing several episodes in a row).

There is a disclaimer at the beginning of the show. These are "reenactments". So, in other words, the show is basically a fake.

I'm not even sure they are real repo people, or just actors.

You'll get more realistic entertainment watching WWF.
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This sucks!
firepants4934319 January 2010
I mean what can you say about a movie that went out and hired Joey Buttafuoco? That screams quality. Putting aside he colorful past, the man isn't even an actor. The only time you hire someone to act in something who isn't an actor would be if they were family, and that's an even scarier thought than the big blonde's drawn-on eyebrows. I am in the repossession business, not the actual hooking of the cars, I am a skip tracer, an investigator who finds the debtors and where they are hiding the vehicles. This show gives everyone in the business a bad name. I don't know of anyone in this profession that has hired these people to repossess anything. More times than not, we have to correct debtors who are worried about this company coming to repossess their property. If you want to see honest footage of a company that is a hardworking group of people watch Jam Recovery on the National Geographic channel when they air their documentary about the repossession business.
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Sponsors and Advertisers: Consider this
Jay Dunn9 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
One is known by the company one keeps. I now know to not buy the products advertised on this show, and I'll have to ask someone who actually pays money to see the movie what product placements appear.

Does the fact that someone would go the extent of writing this mean anything to you? If not, I bet it does to your boss, or their boss.

Shame on the writers for the characters they create. If they portrayed any minority as they do the non-minorities on the show (primarily the cast), they would be shut down in an LS second. And a little person? Really?! I thought the cast claimed to be Puerto Rican - this is more like Mexican wrestling. Where's the shiny, bedazzled full-head masks & spandex? That would be a good look for all of them, especially the cast member portraying the sister. If I were a police officer ANYWHERE, I'd be unhappy with the way the actors portray them.

I'll not be watching anything more on (un)TruTV.
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This show is fake and unwatchable
bunnyknows1 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I love the other shows on TruTv. The shows that are based on true things, even it if is car chases is entertaining because it is real. Operation Repo is not real There is a disclaimer very cleverly hidden at the beginning. This show is fake and not only that, since it is fake why couldn't they get a more attractive woman to play the part of Sonia. For reasons known only to the producers, she makes an effort to be as unattractive as humanly possible. She has nails and fishing tackle jutting out of her face and she is 350 pounds. It's as if she wants to look at unwatchable as possible. her character is ignorant sounding and it makes the whole thing worse. The "Matt" guy is fake and overacts. It is indeed like wrestling. What is the point? Why should we care? We are in a recession. It is on TruTV, which is all about "actuality" and this is a blatant fake. What a stupid idea for a show.
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Grab the Lysol Martha, this thing STINKS!!
elvis-304 January 2009
Lou Pizzaro is a Director? = of what? Illegal dog-fights in San Fernando? This total waste of studio money needs to be spent on scripting REAL shows! At least it's not a waste of talent .... since there is none. The characters appear to be from the Cantina scene in Star Wars. I've seen better directed "special effects" in high school plays.

All in all, a very low-budget attempt to create "entertainment" from an obvious inexperienced crew top to bottom ... unbelievable characters, inane plots, poor scripting, bad acting ... what more could you want from a group of wannabe movie-makers?
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Where can I find The Movie?
poeticsoliz23 February 2009
How the hell can I get my eyes on this Movie, because all your comments only want me to see it more. Sure the cast are a bunch of misfits, but that's what I like about them. When did entertainment have to be so damn serious? All I know is my office this show actually contributes to cooler talk and we get a lot of chuckles commenting on it. I can't say we do the same for Local News, or the other so called reality shows. I don't know about you, but I'm getting really tired of "Someone" In Love, or shows about desperate Ho's looking for Mr Wealthy. The only original show out is Operation Repo on Tru TV and I really think it is a show for all to see when the realities of todays economic crisis starts stressing you out and you need to laugh at others misfortunes instead of crying of your own. This show and I hope the movie will provide me give me at least an hour and a half of escape from all the bull we see on TV and puts a smile on my face. Go Repo and take those cars from those deadbeats!
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twi16093721 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
If anyone was was wondering if this show was real or fake, it has been answered. The newest member of the cast, "Frankie", played by of Yaniv Madmon, who is a movie producer and low budget actor is one of the most unbelievable characters ever. Yes he is poorly disguised with a mustache, glasses and a hat, but the bad shines through. Was he needed for comic relief? Lets see some of what has been on the show and ask if it's real...

A man dressed as a ninja wielding nun chucks. A psychotic midget out for blood. An older man/cowboy wielding a tazer. A man who throws a bowling ball at a car. Frankie pulling out a bottle of liquor and drinking it in camera view. A man who gets in a repo car as it's being towed (where was he going.

This is a joke of reality TV.
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I caught the series on TruTV...TOO FUNNY!!
mscinnamon22 July 2008
I don't like to make light of anyone's misfortunes, but the series for this movie was hilarious! I work in the auto finance business and have interacted with many people trying to avoid repossessions by any means necessary. To avoid ugly scenes as depicted in the show, customers should be pro-active and contact the lender BEFORE any payment is missed. It's possible the lender may be willing to work out an arrangement or defer the payment, depending on circumstances. Unfortunately, people try to "hide" their vehicles or become combative and confrontational when the repo man shows up. The lender just wants its money, much as any employee expects his/her paycheck after working for 2 weeks. It's not an unreasonable expectation; the desire to be paid goes both ways. No, I don't always take the side of the lender. But it's possible a lot of repos can be avoided if only the registered owner of the vehicle maintains dialogue with the lender and keeps promises to make payments when the schedule has been adjusted to accommodate the customer's financial situation. I hope this series and movie demonstrate how NOT to act in these situations.
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watched 5 minutes of this show
rms_150021 July 2008
All I can say about this show is the goofy guy with the dumb mustache is a jerk. He walks right up to some place where they are repossessing a bike and just takes it. Doesn't say anything about who they are or shows any documentation. The guy probably thinks he's getting robbed and resists...So the stupid mustache guy starts using force and threatening mace. What an jerk. I would never watch this show again unless I hear of him getting his ass kicked. He sits there and talks about of tough he is. I guess when you go around picking fights with people your whole life you can't deny your a jerk. This show is horrible, and I don't recommend it. Actually I recommend it to be kicked off the the air.
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Can't believe this is getting it's own movie
james-299823 September 2009
Such a stupid show, how can they be getting a movie now? If you want to see a repo show, watch Jacked...they're actually legit people running a legit business and most importantly are NOT spreading falsities about what repo people can and cannot do.

Reposessors can not engage the public in violence, they can defend themselves but if someone thinks they're going to get tackled for no reason while their car is getting repossessed, that's dangerous...what if they end up bringing a gun and overreact? Can you believe people actually defend the legitimacy of this show?

My opinion of the general public gets worse and worse with shows like this but more importantly with people who ENJOY and defend shows like this thinking it's real.
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Love it!
riggsthecat100011 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Don't really care if it's fake or not! Love the show, Love to hate some of the "repossessors" (Sonia) LOL.

Love Luis, Matt, Froy. It's entertaining and I can't get enough.

The episode where Froy was beat up by bikers looked pretty real to me especially when he came on other episodes with a pretty mashed face.

If it's all fake, wouldn't they hire actors that are pretty and skinny like every other reality show out there? I think it's great that these people (actors or not) are not "beautiful" "skinny" and "perfect".

So if it's entertainment your looking for (isn't that what television is all about???) This has it!
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Love the show.
Joe Zingg1 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, so many people commenting on this are saying it's not real. I believe it is. Some are saying they don't even have paperwork when it's right in their hands. If the person doesn't believe them, they show them the papers. The reason most people don't think it's real is because of the disclaimer in the beginning of the show, when that only says that SOME of them are reenactments. And the way the people that are getting their car towed may make people not believe, but what would you do if your car is being repossessed? You're not gonna go into your house and walk out with some candy and a water bottle and say "Thanks for taking my car, have a nice day", now would you? I love the show and how Matt acts when someone gets violent. 10 out of 10 for me.
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