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An eccentric little comic thriller filled with enough laughs that I was mostly willing to overlook the fact that it makes virtually no sense as a thriller.
It's hard to tell what Wild Target is offering, besides the pleasure of its company.
The cast, though, includes a great bunch of Brit faves who have all done better work elsewhere.
Nighy is usually a treat to watch navigating life's bad turns, so it's especially frustrating that the filmmaker so often leaves him at loose ends.
The considerable wit, style, and skill that Mr. Nighy and Ms. Blunt bring to the project are squandered.
A talented cast keep some low-key action and tired gags from derailing this disappointing farce.
It's entertainment designed to resemble a good time without aspiring to provide one.
Jonathan Lynn's lamentable black comedy Wild Target again shows that attractive and charismatic actors can do nothing to save a movie that's charmless, pointless and witless.
Nearly every element here is wildly off-target, from Jonathan Lynn's ("The Whole Nine Yards") lazy helming and Lucinda Coxon's shambolic script to the embarrassed-looking perfs from usually excellent lead thesps Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt.
Village Voice
The whole time I was watching Wild Target, I was trying to figure out just how to explain its weirdly old-fashioned comedic tone. I could talk about its absurd plot...

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